Top 10 Things that Should Be on Deviantart

Here is some stuff I would like to see on Deviantart.

The Top Ten

1 Hating Blaze-Banjoper

Whoever added this to the list deserves a thousand dollars! - Powerfulgirl10

Haha... the guy who added this deserves a cookie - Neonco31

2 Beverly Hills Teens genderswap
3 Less Voltron: Legendary Defender fanart

The shippers annoy me so much!

4 No more Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi support

As I am currently in an Ami and Yumi phase, I personally like fanart of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, although I don't like the embarrassingly inappropriate stuff. There are so many potentially great ideas for AmiYumi fanart that I have yet to see that I wish would surface. I could always do some of these ideas on my own, myself, as I do draw as a hobby. - giddyjoker

5 More Yuri
6 Hating BB-8 from Disney's Star Wars Saga
7 Less Bashing of Teen Titans Go!
8 Pictures of Blaze the Cat and Colette the Mouse together.

Look everyone has their sexual kinks/ fettishes but you should keep that to yourself instead of sharing it with the entire internet.

I think you should keep this stuff to yourself so you can avoid humiliation. - Powerfulgirl10

How is this higher than getting rid of Fetish Art - YourWaifuSucks

9 Blaze the Cat dying
10 Catrine DeMew inflation art.

That's disgusting

NO INFLATION ART! - BlazingParasol

The Newcomers

? AOTU World Fanart

The Contenders

11 Colette the Mouse inflation art.



12 Less Lion King/Guard Fanart

Or better yet, NO TLK or TLG content at all.

13 Less Support of Overappreciated Characters
14 Less Sonaze.
15 Art that has to do with the Turbo Dogs.
16 Strawberry Inflation

It fine to have a fetish. Haters need to avoid deviantart or the entire internet if they don't like it.

The cringe is too strong...

17 More Raccoon Art.
18 Less Inflation Pictures

This should be number one - Neonco31

19 No More Tagging Journals
20 More Stuff that Has to Do with the Ridonculous Race
21 Bloatoons that involve Blaze the Cat.


22 A confession note where Blaze Banjoper admits he has a prison obsession and leaves the internet forever
23 A Nsfw ban like what Tumblr did

This would save the internet.


It really needs to happen, then DA will be back to it's glory days again, with no fetish fanart of any kind! - VioletParr89

24 More Blaze the Cat inflation in GMod (No Popping).

*Shoots myself*

25 Less Pornographic Pictures
26 More Picture Manipulations

Photoshop is AWESOME!

27 More Good Video Game Fanart that Has Nothing to Do with Drama and Rants
28 Inflation Art of Jessica the Cat (from the Bremen Avenue Experience).

Where's the nearest pit of lava? I want to jump in it now...

29 No Pictures of Sexualized Children

Finally, I am so sick that 16 Year old characters can be sexualized on DeviantArt - YourWaifuSucks

30 Less Fetish Drawings

Same as Less Inflation Pictures. This should be number one - Neonco31

Look everyone has different things that get them erect but not everyone shares these with the creator of this list - Phillip873

31 Less Sonic Fanart
32 Less Crossover Art
33 More Um Jammer Lammy Porn
34 No more fetish art

This should be #1!

All of it must be purged from our great society once and for all, and these freaks say that fetishes were born the very moment Adam met Eve, which is completely false!

Fetishes became a thing in the late 80s/early 90s (back when cartoons were full of it), it's only popular now is because of the internet!

This is why I now support the world's governments on Internet restrictions! - VioletParr89

35 Less Fanart
36 Less Anime Fanart
37 More Realistic Art
38 Less Unaltered Screencaps
39 More Bondage

Hello? NSPL (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline)? Its me again... - Katildalover93

40 More Anti-Crossover Ship Stamps
41 No Lion King Crossovers
42 No Lion Guard Crossovers
43 No Kingdom Hearts Crossovers
44 Less Taiream
45 More Anime Fanart
46 Simba Dying
47 No Crossover Shippings

Only do crossovers if the two series have something in common. - Katildalover93

48 Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh Getting Cancelled

Nobody cares!



49 More Disney's Hercules Fanart
50 More Zak Storm Fanart

Why we haven't seen enough fanart of this underrated show?

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1. Beverly Hills Teens genderswap
2. Less Voltron: Legendary Defender fanart
3. More Yuri
1. Beverly Hills Teens genderswap
2. No more Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi support
3. Less Unaltered Screencaps
1. Hating Blaze-Banjoper
2. Blaze the Cat dying
3. Less Inflation Pictures

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