Top 10 Things that Should Be on Deviantart

Here is some stuff I would like to see on Deviantart.

The Top Ten

1 Hating Blaze-Banjoper

Whoever added this to the list deserves a thousand dollars! - Powerfulgirl10

Haha... the guy who added this deserves a cookie - Neonco31

2 Pictures of Blaze the Cat and Colette the Mouse together.

I think you should keep this stuff to yourself so you can avoid humiliation. - Powerfulgirl10

Look everyone has their sexual kinks/ fettishes but you should keep that to yourself instead of sharing it with the entire internet. - Grunger92

They ARE BFFs, after all. - ConnorBanjoper

How is this higher than getting rid of Fetish Art - YourWaifuSucks

3 Catrine DeMew inflation art.

That's disgusting

I would like to see a picture of Catrine DeMew inflated. - ConnorBanjoper

4 Colette the Mouse inflation art.

I'd like to see Colette get inflated. - ConnorBanjoper

5 Less Sonaze.

Blaze the Cat is MINE! Not Sonic's. MINE! - ConnorBanjoper

6 Art that has to do with the Turbo Dogs.

Like inflation, pregnancy, swimsuit wearing, and bank robbing. - ConnorBanjoper

7 Strawberry Inflation

I'd like to see characters (especially Sonic Characters) turn into strawberries. - ConnorBanjoper

8 More stuff that has to do with the Ridonculous Race.

I would like to see that. - ConnorBanjoper

9 Bloatoons that involve Blaze the Cat.

I like it when Blaze the Cat gets inflated. - ConnorBanjoper

10 More Blaze the Cat inflation in GMod (No Popping).

I want to see Blaze get inflated in GMod (as long as you don't pop her). - ConnorBanjoper

The Newcomers

? More Realistic Art
? Less Anime Fanart

The Contenders

11 Blaze the Cat dying
12 More Raccoon Art.

I LOVE RACCOONS! - ConnorBanjoper

13 Less Inflation Pictures

This should be number one - Neonco31

14 Less Fetish Drawings

Look everyone has different things that get them erect but not everyone shares these with the creator of this list - Phillip873

Same as Less Inflation Pictures. This should be number one - Neonco31

15 Inflation Art of Jessica the Cat (from the Bremen Avenue Experience).

It just came to my mind! - ConnorBanjoper

16 Less Pornographic Pictures
17 No Pictures of Sexualized Children

Finally, I am so sick that 16 Year old characters can be sexualized on DeviantArt - YourWaifuSucks

18 Less Sonic Fanart
19 Less Crossover Art
20 Less Lion King/Guard Fanart
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1. Pictures of Blaze the Cat and Colette the Mouse together.
2. Catrine DeMew inflation art.
3. Colette the Mouse inflation art.
1. Hating Blaze-Banjoper
2. Blaze the Cat dying
3. Less Inflation Pictures

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