Top Ten Things We Have Learned from the Jurassic Park / World Movie Series


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1 Dinosaurs and Zoos Don't Mix

Jurassic park is pretty much A. Dinosaur zoo, and it never goes well, they break out and eat people. But they aren't monsters, they are just animals getting food and defending themselves. - RustyNail

I hope if dinosaurs are ever cloned in real life they NEVER EVER do this. It will go terribly. - SammySpore

It took 3 solid movies for the bad guys to find out that it was a bad idea

2 Never Made a Dinosaur Hybrid

In my opinion, this is one of the stupidest ideas scientists have made. It's already bad enough to have a T. Rex get out of control on an ISLAND and I think it's even dumber to make a much more strong and cunning version of the T. Rex (the Indominus Rex). Time and time again I just wonder how long will it take for scientists to learn their lesson before 60 people get eaten alive?

If you watch Jurassic world, the Indominius rex is made up of all sorts of animals and dinosaurs. Including raptors and t-rex. - RustyNail

3 Never Take a T-Rex's Baby
4 Spinosaurus Can Kill a T-Rex

Well yes, Spinosaurus could beat T. Rex, but T. Rex could also beat Spinosaurus. The fight could go either way.

This is debatable, spino is thought to eat fish. Look it up. And the rex and spino battle could go anyway. - RustyNail

5 Raptors Are Very Smart

Not really...

This isn't true. Yes, they are smarter than most dinosaurs, but they are dumber than ostriches, the dumbest bird. They are NOT smarter than dolphins, whales, or primates.

The velociraptors weren't that big though, they were actually a little bit bigger than a chicken. The raptors in the film were modeled after the Deinonichus. But were smart. - RustyNail

6 Dinosaurs Can't Be Tamed Completely
7 If You Have a Park With Dinosaurs In It, Don't Have It On an Island

Wouldn't it be worse to have one on the mainland because dinosaurs could escape and people couldn't track them down. Or they could destroy a town. - SammySpore

Just don't haven oe in general. - AnonymousChick

8 Don't Parasail/Parachute Near a Restricted Island
9 Indominus Rex Is a Pure Monster

Watch Jurassic world, it is all about killing. It kills people, and other and all dinosaurs, FOR SPORT. And is a EXTREMELY EXTREMELY SMART. - RustyNail

10 We Deserve a Better Jurassic Park Sequel

The lost world: disappointing
Jurassic park III: horrible
Jurassic world: meh

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11 Don't Take a Raptor's Eggs
12 Most Movies Are Not 100% Scientifically Accurate


13 Dinosaurs Are Cool
14 One Bad Run In With Dinosaurs Can Completely Change Your Outlook On Them

In the first Jurassic Park movie Dr Alan Grant showed his love for dinosaurs "They're not monsters, they're animals". But after being attacked by them he goes on to call them monsters in Jurassic Park 3.

15 Don't Go to the "Lady's Room" When the Guy Nearby is Wearing Headphones
16 Don't Plan Another Park After What Happened in the First Film
17 Don't move a muscle
18 Third Installments Can Be So Disappointing
19 We All Want a Pet Raptor

I want a pet raptor... Yes... Yes I do.

20 Running From Dinosaurs Will Just Make The Dinosaur Go Faster
21 Don't open the hatch on a cargo ship with a T-Rex in it
22 Don't Turn on a Flashlight When a T-Rex is Nearby
23 Don't Make Dinosaur Hybrids
24 Don't Run in High Heels
25 Don't kidnap a paleontologist and take him to a place he does not want to go to
26 Jeff Goldblum is Amazing
27 Don't Try to Pet a Dinosaur with a Cold
28 Don't Steal Dinosaur Embryos
29 Turn the Light Off
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1. Dinosaurs and Zoos Don't Mix
2. Never Made a Dinosaur Hybrid
3. Never Take a T-Rex's Baby
1. Dinosaurs and Zoos Don't Mix
2. Spinosaurus Can Kill a T-Rex
3. Never Made a Dinosaur Hybrid


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