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181 Lack of Respect Toward Those Who Don't Have English as Their Native Language
182 America Didn't Really Investigate 9/11

America really didn't investigate 9/11. They spent more money on Monica Lewinsky than they did investigating the worst terrorist event in history. That speaks volumes about how much America wanted to find the truth. It also speaks volumes about who really did 9/11. The only time you don't investigate is if the truth leads back to you. The world knows America did 9/11. I am sorry to say this but it is true. Travel outside the country and you will see exactly what the world is saying and it isn't what you here on CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, or CNN.

183 America Profits Off of Prisoners and Then Sets People Up

America profits off of prisoners and then sets people up constantly. Incarceration is business in America. It is the worst country in the world for incarceration.

184 No Regulation on Youth Advertising/Product Placement

Childrens minds are being polluted by brands/corporations ruining the next generation. !

185 Britney Spears
186 East St. Louis
187 American Men Traveling to Foreign Countries Known for Women and Child Abuse

I often wondered why the US never question when single men go to foreign countries that abuse women and children. For example Thailand is known for having children for sale and sex toys as well as women but from what I see I have never seen these men stopped at the airports. Some of these men go upto 2 to 3 times a year. If it's illegal here shouldn't we prevent it overseas as well. What type of government let's these men get away with it. Some of these men work for the government or big businesses and use the excuse that they are there for vacation or business but we all know the truth. When we will start questioning these men and put them on a watch list.

188 Lack of Education

If every American made it their personal responsibility to get a decent education. None of the things on this list would exist.

I may not be smart but there is one person that I know may be smarter then some others my mom is really smart I'm not just saying that

189 Still Uses Imperial Measuring System (Inches, Feet, Etc.)

Hurry up and switch to the metric system! - Harri666

190 No Single Payer Healthcare System

It would save pain... Money... Stress... Fraud! Lets have it!

191 Paying for College
192 Rednecks

You would feel differently if you actually knew how intelligent they were! Listen to the song country boy love it is life fo real!

193 Too Many Sports Fans
194 Too Many Directioners

The world has them, too. But in all seriousness, 1D SUCKS. - Metalhead1997

195 They Try to Be a Global Police Force by Getting Involved In Other Conflicts Around the World
196 Hypocrites
197 Mario/Pac-Man characters go there instead of Canada V 1 Comment
198 They Start Wars Sometimes

Well you know Adolf Hitler started WW 2 but this is awful I do love USA but I could rather be Canadian and speak American

V 2 Comments
199 Brutal law enforcement

Police brutality. - Metalhead1997

200 Keep talking about how they have so much freedom even though they have as much freedom as any other country
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