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21 People are Easily Brainwashed by Politicians

Um, other countries have done this. North Korea, Nazi Germany, etc. - Metalhead1997

That goes for all trumptards and libertards equally.but, sadly...

22 They Don't Respect Other's Beliefs and Cultures

No one writing this list does either.

Not always true, people have no problem driving around displaying their flag of origin. Let's see that happen in most other countries.

Look at the mess between Christians and atheists, vegans and meat eaters, different cultures, etc.

Hinduism is insulted so many times it makes me sick

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23 Barack Obama Barack Obama Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney.

Wow don't you think your over exaggerating

Perhaps the anger should be directed at the do nothing Congress. We pay them a lot to be against everything.

Blame the Republicans that make up the majority of Congress who won't let Barack Obama undo the damage to America. Also, at least Barack Obama is making the right choices with healthcare (although it could be improved upon), good foreign relations, good education, and improving our country a lot from the damage George W. Bush started in the first place. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Wasn't his fault. The Republicans wouldn't push anything he did through because they're racists. - Metalhead1997

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24 Lil Kids On Xbox Live Thinking They Have Skills

I don't know if this is true but its hilarious thank you

I mean really, go play Scooby doo or something. Jeez let the big kids have their fun, go to the park and be a kid of a day.

We should blow up there house along with the Xbox - MikeCooney

Mainly in Call of Duty, but yeah. - Metalhead1997

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25 Poor School System

In year 6, I really didn't learn anything because the teachers don't know how to teach a class. And plus, my school system is so poor, we have to raise money 2 YEARS before 6th grade, just to go on, like 2 field trips. Back to the teachers, the only class I really learned in was in math, which means none of the other teachers are doing their jobs! My ELA and Science teacher lets kids swear, throw food, eat candy, and just roam free! In Social Studies (SS) we did like 10 projects, that would be due in less than 1 month! School systems are SO BAD - kaitlynrad11

I agree, but the reason you weren't learning anything may not be because of the teachers, but instead because of the common core system, the reason why most people in america don't know about the hollow earth theory, which is likely true. - LargeDemon

TRUE. This is why homeschooling is getting so popular here.

Not free school for higher education

Public School is horrible! Long live homeschooling.

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26 They still think Germans are Nazis, although there are more Nazis in the US than in Germany

That's so true!
I am from Germany and I don't know how often this dirty Americans have me considered as a Nazi, shame on you!

I am German myself and when I went to America the guy in the airport who looked in my passport said "don't go killing no Jews now" I was so upset! I had another incident when I arrived in New York where two men heard me with a German accent and proceeded to Nazi salute me!
The American attitude towards German people is so utterly wrong and Racist! I had nothing to do with the war! The people in the United Kingdom are so much more friendly it has never happens to me once there!

People don't understand that the war was over 70 years ago. It is in the past. Not all or almost any Germans are Nazis! And me saying this, I'm not even German! I just believe this is very wrong.

In Germany, it's actually illegal to be a Nazi nowadays. - Metalhead1997

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27 Complaining

Complaining that we work too much? Don't even get me started. Half of us are LAZY. I guarantee you every other country in the world works 10 times harder than we do. - Metalhead1997

Adults in the United States whine more than children. They are too lazy to come up with solutions to their problems

28 Corruption

Corporate corruption is probably one of the biggest problems this world faces.

29 They try to police the world

Take care of our self and see how quick the world changes

The US is the cause of most thing wrong with the world

They claim they are better than every body else. I may be American my self but...

Who made us the policeman of the world?! NO ONE! - Metalhead1997

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30 The Republican Party

Greedy, racist, ultra-Christian bastards, the lot of them. - Metalhead1997

Just get in the way of progress.

Demacrats are retarded, stupid, and gay. They should go rethink their lives. Republicans are smart, funny and straight #RonJohnsonForPresident2017

Vote All Democrats! Young... Fresh... Smart!

31 Lack of Education

If every American made it their personal responsibility to get a decent education. None of the things on this list would exist.

I may not be smart but there is one person that I know may be smarter then some others my mom is really smart I'm not just saying that


32 Rock Stars Don't Ever Get On the Billboard Hot 100 Anymore

I like rock stars. This is a stereotype for Americans and teenagers. - gamingfoeealzs

Because they suck. And how is this a reason to hate a whole country? I can sense a 90s kid put this on hereā€¦ - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This one is unnecessary. - Metalhead1997


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33 Death Penalty

I trust government to make certain the law is equitable and applied equally to all. We all know this not the case. A black man down south may receive a harsher punishment under the law than a white boy in California for committing the same crime. As far as the death penalty is concerned, it should be applied as a consequence for certain crimes -- murder, treason. I just wish there were a national system in place to make certain the correct punishment fits the crime and is applied equally across all 50 states. This will probably never happen, but it should.

Life in prison is the perfect punishment, but whether someone should live or die is God's decision.

I have mixed reactions on the death penalty. I'm not sure if the lives of criminals should be decided by law officials. Plus, a fraction of those on death row are actually innocent, but were framed. However, it ensures political control and gets rid of the murderers, spies, terrorists, and other people who are ripping society apart. Sometimes life in prison isn't good enough. - ethanmeinster

How is this bad? There's still 30 countries that practice it. - Metalhead1997

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34 Greed

I'm so surprised this isn't higher on the list. When the Apple corporation has twice as much cash in its reserves than the us government, we have a problem.

Actually it's not our problem, it's the WORLD'S problem. - Metalhead1997

35 George Bush Was Elected President

He sucked, enough said

How did he ever get anywhere near politics. When I look at george bush I think of an inbreed half retarded monkey running a country into the ground. - Bturlik

In fact both George Bushes... Neither of them was any good and they were the petrie dish for the crazy tea party people Yikes.

He was arguably the worst president we ever had, but Trump is about to take that spot. - Metalhead1997

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36 High Taxes

Come on guys I thought that this would be # 1

37 The Ku Klux Klan

They are very racist people and it would be bad if they joined the Nazis. - Skullkid755

OK yeah but it's bad but that's like saying Germany's bad because Nazis LIKE BOTH are dead now

38 Increasing Irreligion

It's perfectly fine to be either religious or non-religious! We have our own beliefs and I stay away from religion arguments for a valid reason. Though I am a Christian, I follow the Bible very loosely. There's also different levels to how religious people are, like I'm religious, but not bound very deeply to Christianity. Some people aren't religious at all and that's perfectly fine, too. Everyone believes different things, and forcing religion on everyone is sort of like forcing everyone in the country to marry to the opposite gender beliefs and feelings in religion and sexual orientation are NOT choices people suddenly make. What we DO need is for people to stop bashing other religions because they're "incorrect". - Turkeyasylum

Why is this a bad thing? Everyone should have the freedom to choose their own belief. There are both religious people and non-religious people promoting their belief/disbelief aggressively. There are both religious and non-religious people that commit terrible crimes such as murder. Don't be the type of person that hates someone else for their belief/disbelief, let's all dance in sunshine and rainbows!

Honestly, I don't follow much of a religion, but I'm apart of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (Rainbow Girls) and we basically worship the Bible. And apparently, we according to some ritual we perform, we should "Follow some sort of religion". I just don't care about religion, even when I go to church, I get bored - kaitlynrad11

What idiot put this on the list? Religious freedom is in our Constitution!

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39 Obamacare and Other Things That Rob the Middle Class

Every other country in the world has national health care. Obamacare certainly isn't everything Obama wanted, but was the most he could get from a hostile congress. It's not enough to say you hate Obamacare. Come up with something better, or shut up.

Obama is a dick


First off I hate Obama, second I also hate Obama-care

40 Abortion

Basic SCIENCE tells us that from the first moment of fertilization, a human zygote (and later, fetus) is alive, human, and a unique human being separate from his or her mother. (From the first moment of fertilization, the zygote meets all 8 criteria** for scientifically qualifying as a human being. The DNA in every cell of a zygote, fetus, infant, and baby (those names are just names for stages of development, like toddler and teenager) is human DNA, and from the first moment of fertilization, the genetic code of the new human is different from that of his/her mother, and every other person on the planet.)

So, yeah, the fact that we allow thousands of these human beings to be killed every day in our nation bothers me a lot, because I hate genocide. 54 million people have been legally killed by abortion in the U.S. 6 million were killed in the Jewish Holocaust. I want that to end. I'm American and I believe that every person, born and unborn, has the right to life, liberty, and ...more

People need to stop acting like rape is a yes or no question, and actually educate themselves on the topic. If you're pro-life or whatever, you better be damn sure you know all of the facts because people are beginning to lose the respect for another person's choices.

Put it this way. If you were pregnant and didn't want the baby, you wouldn't get an abortion (obviously), so you put the baby up for adoption. But would you let an 18 or 20 year old girl adopt your baby? Would you say that she isn't responsible enough to have a child? Because if that's the situation then she should have full right to get an abortion.

Well, like most issues, abortion is all about Fundamentalist Christians tying to influence government legislators to make laws telling folks how to live their lives. If those legislators don't do what the Fundamentalists want, the Fundamentalists don't fund their election campaigns. How is the issue of abortion that much different than the issue of gun control. Sure both issues involve life and death, it's just one involves life and death before birth and the other involves life and death after birth.

My boyfriend's older sister is getting one tomorrow. - IcetailofWishClan

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