Full Fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Video Games

NuMetalManiak I really need to relegate my priorities, so I'm not gonna go over the top with this one. Instead, we'll just do one here. This should be a self explanatory list, but let's see how many items miss that mark.

1. You Were About to Beat a Video Game and Then the Power Goes Out.: This one should be self-explanatory. In a portable, your batteries run out, but for the console and PC users, when the WHOLE POWER GRID goes out, you really want to know what happened and why it happened to ruin your perfectly good run.
2. Little Kids Deleted Your Save File: AND this is why I don't have a younger sibling, other than the fact one wasn't conceived.
3. You Nearly Beat the Game and Your Save File Corrupts: This is why games need multiple save files. The creators of Pokemon really should do this.
4. Unskipable Cut Scenes: This being one of worst things that can happen ends up being unavoidable, so it's really worst things that DO happen. Bonus points if an incredibly tough moment happens thenafter.
5. You Throw the Wii Remote and Break the TV by Accident: One of the reasons I hate motion control.
6. Game Freezes: Should be pretty darn obvious.
7. Forgetting to Save and Dying: Game manuals say to save and save often. Many challenges lie in not saving and I ignore them.
8. Forgetting to Save: Okay so you just remove the last two words from the previous item and then this item is now conceived.
9. Have a Heart Attack: Okay now THAT would suck.
10. Bugs and Glitches: If it's game-breaking, where you are unskilled for a certain point OR if the game crashes, then this applies.
11. Game Crashes: Called it. Also there's a difference between crash and freeze.
12. You Can't Pause the Game.: Why don't you play a game where there is a pause feature instead of complaining about it? This item doesn't even count
13. Loading Time: Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 in a nutshell. This item doesn't count either since it's bound to happen all the time.
14. Your Friends Are Watching You Play a Video Game: Um, okay?
15. When You're About to Kill a Hard Boss, He Heals Himself and Gets More Power: Of course.
16. Thank You Mario, But Our Princess Is In Another Castle: Honestly, what will you expect after clearing a castle without the numbers 8-4. Seriously. This doesn't even come close to the list topic. Thanks Mario fanbase, but no thanks.
17. Having to Use the Bathroom During a Boss Battle: If it is an emergency it counts, otherwise, JUST PAUSE IT. Oh yeah, of course, you can't pause your precious game.
18. Losing Connection On Online Games: Please get this higher. It is a legitimate thing that COULD happen.
19. Quick Time Events: Dragon's Lair in a nutshell. Need memorization and good reflexes. Then again, not every game has this.
20. Magikarp In a Master Ball: This is something that would only be legitimate on your list if you have a sibling or someone do it without you knowing. Otherwise, if you did it yourself, it's your fault.
21. 343 Killing the Halo Series by Making It Look Bad: Your item is bad and you should feel bad.
22. Your Favorite Video Game Never Gets a Sequel: That's bad but really now?
23. Falling to Your Death After Being Hit by a Flying Enemy: Prioritize those enemies when you can, they can be the worst.
24. Going Negative In Any Call of Duty: Well I don't know much about COD gameplay, but I imagine it sucks.
25. You're About to Beat a Game and Your Console Overheats and Shuts Off: Better open up the shutter, get a toothpick out, then dig out all the dust off of the darn thing. That's what I do to get rid of the dust from my PC. It works, trust me.
26. You Fall Off of a Clift by an Enemy: A clift? This is most likely Dark Souls in a nutshell anyways.
27. The Game Console Blows Up: Hypothetical, but not realistic.
28. Lagging During a Firefight: One other reason I don't play online games.
29. Scary Maze Game Scares You and You Have a Heart Attack.: A list about what could happen in video games. Plural. Maybe people should stop taking this prank as something legitimate.
30. Xbox Gets RRoD: The dreaded three red curved lines. So is it really unfixable? I never owned a 360 but I heard about this.
31. Being Stuck In a Vrmmorpg: Why don't you take off the VR helmet and get a life?
32. Good Game, Terrible Final Boss/Ending: Hah true, but it doesn't count for this list.
33. Running Out of Ammo In Resident Evil 4: Ammo conservation is a tactic you got to learn.
34. Bloody Escort Missions: Resident Evil, Tachyon, Freespace, heck even some tactical RPGs like Growlanser have this.
35. Bubsy 3d Gets On VC: Fun fact, I was watching Top 20 Worst Games EVER on Youtube when I got to this item, his list has Bubsy 3d as #1. Also apparently the virtual console does not support Playstation games.
36. About to Beat Magolor and Die: So this is a Kirby's Return to Dreamland boss. Okay then.
37. You Discard Something by Accident: Never discard things. Sell them.
38. You Fall Into the Void As Soon As You Killed the Enderdragon: What's with Minecraft's Ender Dragon thing anyway?
39. Your Favorite Game Developer Goes Down.: So many of the good ones are still around. Better not be drawing any sexual harassment charges against their best employees.
40. Getting Trolled by Voice Trollers: Mute your headset.
41. Sonic Dies In Sonic 06: Um, this is something that DOES happen, not something that COULD happen.
42. You Beat a Game: Okay, you've run out of ideas. Or in the case of actually beating up your game, you have issues.
43. Saving a Game Right Before You Die: You have to save in a safe spot.
44. Hackers: You shouldn't be playing with such cheaters.
45. Stuck On the Very Last Level: Could understand this one, either a tough scenario or puzzle can really make things bad.
46. You Are About to Finish the Final Boss Then Mom Tells You to Do Homework: If she turns it off then it's bad.
47. Cat Jumps On the Keyboard and Breaks Off One of Your Keys You're About to Use: How does a cat break a key? It can walk on the keyboard, but not outright break a key.
48. SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Glitches: Can you not list specific games?
49. Disk Freezes: As in the disk itself? If so, that might be your fault for putting it in a freezer.
50. Your TV Dies: Yep, you come up with unrealistic ideas now.
51. Your Hated Video Game Has a Sequel: That's Bubsy for ya. Also stop crying.
52. Too Scared to Beat Last Boss: Hahahahahaha
53. You're Playing a Really Hard DS Game, the Battery Dies and You Forgot to Save: Although specific, this one combine several higher items.
54. You Get This Awesome Power Up and Then 4 Seconds Later You Die: Item-baiting is an annoying video game cliche.
55. You Run Out of Credit While You're Online: Hmm, wouldn't know much about this one.
56. Lose Your Data: Always back your files up. Always.
57. Sanjay and Craig and the Breadwinners Block Your Screen So You Can't See the Screen: Alright COME ON ALREADY.
58. Emulator Stops Working: Admittingly this happened a few times with some RPGs, like Xenogears and Thousand Arms.
59. Cramp: So this pertains to Wii games and all those motion control things. They pretty much have turned gaming into a physical education thing, but once you get a cramp, you may not want to play again.
60. Bowser and Peach Making Out: Top 100 Reasons the Mario Fanbase on TheTopTens Needs to Shut Up.
61. Dying at the End of a Good Speed Run: Oh yes, of course.
62. When You're About to Kill Landia and You Die: That's the second time Kirby's Return to Dreamland gets specifically mentioned. Okay then.
63. Forget to Take Care of Your Moshi Monster: Alright, who here has actually heard of this?
64. Ridiculous Boss Battles: There's plenty of them, but given many are unfortunately mandatory this item may not count.
65. You beat the last boss and you're at the credits, however you turn the system off when it's at the credits: Don't do this or you miss out on New Game+
66. A lot of glitches in Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL for the Wii: Seriously? See #48
67. About to Beat Ganondorf In Zelda and You Go to the Bathroom and Forget to Pause: Hmm, you can pause in those games, so it's your fault.
68. Nabbit Turning Into a Giant Dragon/Turtle Thief Guy: Alright Mario Fanbase, you've had your fun.
69. Cops Get You In Grand Theft Auto IV: Love how this one is at #69.
70. Superman 64 Released On Virtual Console: You know what? If a game is so terrible don't play it and stop paying attention to it.
71. Creeper Blows Up Your House: From your TV/PC?
72. New Console Has Many Issues: Now would you be specific with this item.
73. DRM Games: Urgh.
74. Copyright Claims: Isn't this how DRM comes in?
75. You Go to Save Your Game, and the Power Runs Out Beforehand: Whoever turned the power off must've known.
76. All of Your Efforts Were for Nothing: Ugh, go away Mario fanbase.
77. Justin Bieber Creates His Own Video Game That You Must Play: And go away Justin Bieber haters.
78. You Die: Hello Dark Souls my old friend...
79. Building an Amazing House and Someone Griefs It: Great, now learn to not play with trolls.
80. Noobz: Come on, I can't accept that this is an item.
81. Losing Endless Times to an Extremely Annoying and Hard Boss: Endless Times? Also stop duplicating items and stop whining.
82. When Your Controller Brakes When You Rage Quit: Learn to recognize homophones and retake English class. Also it's a game.
83. You Realize You're Playing a Pirated Game: Well now, most of those suck, and others are actually going to screw you over.
84. Bad Music While Using Headphones: Remove your headphones or mute the music. How hard is it?
85. Bad Respawn: Yep.
86. You Are In a Really Important Part of a Game and the Game Crashes: Likely an unskippable cutscene too.
87. Getting Homesick In Earthbound: Once I play Earthbound I will realize just how bad this one is.
88. PVP Lag: In the opponent's favor.
89. You Get Morphed Into Something: Referring to in-game or out of game? If it's the latter...
90. Having to Hear Princess Peach's Voice: It's time to stop.
91. Getting Too Scared to Fight a Very Big Enemy: Please stop being a wuss.
92. Online Trolls: Do I need to get started on this?
93. Get a New Game and It Has Issues and Doesn't Work: Guess this was No Man's Sky.
94. Adventure Time's Stupid Scene: This...doesn't even have anything to do with a game.
95. When a Ps3 File System Goes Corrupt and All Data Is Lost.: Yes, yes.
96. You Put a Boss Down to a Very Tiny HP Then It Uses a Health Restore Thing In Any RPG: Hmm, this doesn't happen THAT often in RPGs. Believe me, I've played a lot of them.
97. When You Die, You Have to Restart the Mission: From the very beginning. Screw that. Having an escort mission is worse.
98. Losing: BOO HOO.
99. Justin Bieber Gets an Xbox Live Account: Ugh, worthless items everywhere.
100. Someone Gets In the Way and Interferes the Controller Signal: Should not happen unless they chew the wires.
101. Busted In Need for Speed: You can get specific, but sometimes I don't know about the games you talk about.
102. When You Are About to Become Whatever Highest Level In Destiny, But Then the Internet Goes Down for Maintenance: Heh, a 500 internal server error. That's truly bad.
103. Fighting Xemnas In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Fighting a boss is a worst thing that COULD happen now?
104. Becoming a Jill Sandwich In Resident Evil: Now let's take the memes into effect! Because I can't think of a good item to add.
105. Parental Controls: Thanks middle-aged moms and worrysome school districts.
106. You beat your all time favorite and decide to play it again and find out you can't play anymore: Over what?
107. You Get Banned On Roblox Because You Did Something Nice: That makes absolutely no sense.
108. Your Diamond Sword Turns Into a Golden Sword: Pretty sure this doesn't happen.
109. There's a Night Trap 2: Alright, stop.
110. Running Out of Ammo In Bioshock 2: It's called ammo conservation, people, not hard.
111. You Are About to Save Your Game and You Get Killed by an Enemy: How many duplicates have I seen so far?
112. Game Becomes Corrupt After Playing It: Immediately afterwards? I have a feeling you did something.
113. Mewtwo Faints: Or any legendary.
114. You Press the Wrong Button On a Fatality: Easy to have happen.
115. Bob-Omb (Bomb) Error In CD-Rom Game for Macintosh: Um, no idea.
116. EA Buys Your Favorite Series: And starts their insane transaction again.
117. Lag: Enough with the duplicates.
118. Disney Cancels Star Wars 1313: So many items so far on this list don't count. Also welcome to the list, butthurt Disney fans.
119. Killstealers: Bleh. Hate them.
120. Destroying Your "Masterpieces" On Minecraft: Come on, already on here.
121. Thousands More Games With Ride to Hell: Retribution-Level Awfulness Hit Shelves: Oh joy. But that assuredly will NEVER HAPPEN.
122. Getting Spawn Killed by Noobs: Avoid that server then.
123. You Lose to a Hard Boss and Have to Go Back to Level You Last Saved: One of the worst.
124. Get Upset In a Sports Game: Cry harder.
125. A Raging 6 Year Old Screams So Loud That It Hurts Players' Ears: Don't play with them.
126. Attempting to Time Your Jumps: One of the reasons I hate platforming in, say, Doom.
127. Corruptions: Don't overmod your game or something.
128. You Hit Your Girlfriend In the Head When You Are Playing Skyward Sword: Maybe she should stay in the other room.
129. Cops Ram Your Car and Pursue You: In GTA. In real life? Well I'd have to ask what you did.
130. You Are About to Beat This Really Hard Level and Then You Get a Cyber-Virus: Oh wow.
131. You're 5 Seconds from Defeating the Final Boss. Then the Power Goes Out. Power outages, save corrupts, little kids, beating tough bosses, forgetting to save, that's the whole list.
132. Dog Shuts Xbox Off With Its Nose: Your dog must be well-trained by your parents to be a parent.
133. Dog Poops On Console: Alright you are disgusting, hopeless, and awful individuals.
134. Your Favorite Thing Gets Removed from the Game: Probably doesn't happen in retro games.
135. Being Spotted No Matter Where You Hide: Through walls?
136. Having to Fight Endless Waves of Enemies: In an arcade game, that's the point.
137. You Get a Bad Ending That Permanently Taints the Good Ending: More like doing something wrong in-game and unfortunately not being able to head back to get that good ending.
138. Going Head on with Mig-15bis While Flying a Piston Engined Fighter in War Thunder: What is this?
139. Your Mom Calls You to Do Chores in an Exciting Part of the Game: Why didn't you do them sooner?

This list in a nutshell: Power goes out, corrupted save files, annoying siblings or idiots online, things about dogs and moms, raging or getting scared, Mario fan base getting butthurt, game consoles failing, Internet failing, forgetting to save, and being bad at fighting tough bosses. That's the real top ten, the rest are mostly duplicate items and things that don't matter.


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