Full-fledged List Analysis: Most Annoying Things About the Internet

NuMetalManiak Are we just gonna go full circle and describe basically every type of thing that the Internet has that will trigger any kind of individual? I just know it's gonna do. I haven't made any analyses on the positive lists, but because most of the time, people don't complain with bad reasoning on those kinds of lists.

1. Viruses: Whether or not they are real or scares, they are annoying enough. I keep Windows Task Manager open just in case I find suspicious activity on my computer. In the end, it works out. Stay away from unknown sites most of the time.
2. Pop-ups: *Opens page* "Pop-up blocker blocked a pop-up" *clicks anywhere* *pop-up shows up anyways. *insert Jackie Chan meme*.
3. Porn: Most of us shouldn't care.
4. Advertising: Why wikia is total garbage, and why most news sites are almost impossible to read.
5. Anonymous/Internet Tough Guy: Especially if they are a transgendered one.
6. People can't spell/use proper grammar.: If you have problems with this, you need to shut up.
7. Fanbases: Have ruined MANY good things.
8. Cyber-Bullies: " I bet these cowards would be too scared to come out from behind their computer screens and say cruel things to someone's face."
9. People who hate on something without even trying it or watching it: You cannot have an opinion on something you know nothing about.
10. Trolls: Some of them even RUN decent sites.
11. Screamers: Forget about these, you would generally avoid them. What's actually annoying are their fanbase, they tell you to play this maze game, making sure the volume is high, and then watching just to see your reaction to something that's not funny.
12. Nostalgiatards: The future is NOW, old people.
13. Dumb Users: Unless they don't want to improve, they aren't really annoying.
14. Littlest Pet Shop videos: Who is this annoying to?
15. Blocked Videos on YouTube: There you go, something that's actually annoying. People can't view what they want.
16. Fan art: It should be pretty obvious to steer clear of certain artists or subjects.
17. Connection Problems: #1 most annoying thing ever.
18. Memes: And they get worse and worse. Ugandan Knuckles is the new Rick and Morty fanbase, except worse. And the Tide Pod challenge, you Internet gurus need to realize reality.
19. People take it too seriously.: But then again, people who don't take it seriously are just as bad.
20. Slow Loading: "Waiting for (insert totally useless part of web page here)" 20 seconds later "X took too long to respond".
21. CAPTCHA & reCAPTCHA: The word ones aren't that bad. The picture ones are awful though, especially when some of the requirements are idiotically small and hard to see. Do you want people to not use your site?
22. PewDiePie: No
23. Annoying Internet Girls: What really sucks is that sometimes they can get away with bullying by pulling a "girl" card. I've seen happen before and it's honestly unfair treatment of an actual minority of people
24. Parental Controls: More like School controls.
25. Lies: Well, read #19.
26. Facebook: Created a platform made for idiots to get into fights. Surprised Myspace managed to beat them for a small bit.
27. Error 404 : Not Found: This is only an issue if you make a mistake in typing a link. It's the 500 you have to worry about.
28. Dan and Phil: Who cares.
29. Stupid Websites: Inb4 someone says this website is stupid.
30. Random Errors: Pertains to other items here.
31. Metallica apparently sucks.: No
32. Pop ups that say you won a million dollars: LIES
33. Rick Roll: One of the only true memes that doesn't suck.
34. Racial and Prejudiced Comments: Prejudiced should be Privileged.
35. Twitter: Still not a fun platform
36. Web sites that you frequently visit that suddenly upgrade and you find it harder to use now.: Not usually the case.
38. Surveys: Useless.
39. "Funny and Cute" Animal Videos: Whoever put this item up probably is a meathead.
40. Haters: Only bad if they start abusing their hatred everywhere
41. Jake Paulers: Should this list really have specific fanbases?
42. Jejemons: Filipino Leetspeak? Okay then.
43. Furries: Like, seriously.
44. How Addictive It Is: This item is so meta.
45. People who use hashtags outside of Twitter: #getoverit.
46. Selfies: Ugly.
47. Flame wars: Most of them are started due to nitpicks. Blame the nitpickers for those.
48. Vine: What's that?
49. People who always compare unrelated shows: We've had some terrible comparison lists here.
50. SammyClassicSonicFan: Is frick even a word? Spell check says it isn't.
51. TheHyenasSBE: Who are these people?
52. MLG: This crowd sucks.
53. People who use autism as an insult: Albert Einstein was autistic. So was Abraham Lincoln.
54. HowToBasic: Between fanbases and Youtubers. Why not combine all these lists together?
55. DeviantArt: Or websites.
56. Getting banned: If it is because the trolls who are running the website are trolling and you are trying to find a good ground, then I can see how annoying this is.
57. Spelling mistakes: Oh, GET OVER IT.
58. Nobody takes anything seriously: Or someone takes things too seriously. Then again, the less serious people who harass others with memes and anti-national propaganda are intentionally triggering others.
59. Arrow to the Knee: This isn't relevant anymore.
60. Spam: At times, I wonder if spammers are even annoying anymore. It has to do with the context they are in.
61. Disgusting Videos: Why don't you not watch them?
62. Malware sites: Why don't you avoid them?
63. Using numbers as a replacement for letters: You are not eLeet.
64. Fixbee: So this is some kind of fake optimizer. A.k.a. malware.
65. Subscription Fees: Especially monthly ones that will drain your card easily.
66. Plagiarism: Things should be properly quoted.
67. FiFA: This game series exists outside the internet.
68. Creepypasta: "This is why girls obsess over killers." Well then, if it gets rid of the idiotic female population, then it's natural selection at its finest.
69. Hackers: On online games I presume? Or how about those OTP scams?
70. Fake End of the World Videos: Anything about the end of the world simply cannot be believable.
71. Lag: Pertains to Internet Connection and a duplicate item.
72. Biased People: "Use this and not this because this is made by the fairy godmother and that was made by Republicans".
73. Chain Letters: Don't read this because it actually works. You don't have to post this, but if you read it word for word, you will realize how annoying things get on the Internet, and you will feel smarter too".
74. People who think the internet gives them the right to be rude: Saw someone offering peace to others on a forum, immediately get turned down by the resident douchebag mock-up trolls who seem to get away with everything.
75. Posers: Mmm.
76. Frozen: I wish you Disney fans and haters would get a real life.
77. Server Errors: I am sure I was the one who added this item long ago.
78. YOLO: So don't kill yourself by eating laundry detergent. You hear that?
79. My Little Pony: Shut up, pony haters.
80. Justin Bieber being everywhere: This used to be the case.
81. Beliebers: Blah
82. People using the word "hater": Using it to describe others may not be that annoying.
83. Facebook Comments Plugin: TheTopTens really did not need this.
84. Broken Links: One of my studies found that some links on an archive have a 404, so this applies.
85. Sign Up to Read This!: NEVER
86. New Rule In Daly City, Ca: This is WAY too specific.
87. Childhood ruining videos: Most likely clickbait.
88. BuzzFeed: Like WatchMojo, their lists lack substance.
89. Depressing Content: I didn't come on the internet to be depressed.
90. Vandalism on Wiki Sites: Since I edit an actual wiki, I will say this is truly annoying, and an unregistered user I seem to be familiar with is spouting false information about a few administrative users.
91. Rule 34: Actually, what's annoying about this is it became a "rule".

More list analyses on things that are to be complained about coming soon.


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