Best Thomas and Friends Episodes from Season 17

These Thomas and friends episodes where made in 2013.

The Top Ten Best Thomas and Friends Episodes from Season 17

1 Bill or Ben?

I disagree, this I thought was the worst episode of Season 17 EVER. Why is it even Number 1! It should be number 17. I feel that Last Train For Christmas is the best episode of Season 17. It should be Number 1, NOT BILL OR BEN!

2 The Afternoon Tea Express
3 The Phantom Express

Just a remake of Halloween only with James tricking Percy but In the end He says sorry for scaring him and Percy forgives him for scaring him

4 The Smelly Kipper
5 Calm Down Caitlin

Caitlin should takeover the express from Gordon and Gordon should be scrapped and replaced and she would much better at it then Gordon ever did and she goes much faster then Gordon also because she's a streamlined engine also

6 Percy's Lucky Day
7 Not Now, Charlie!
8 Too Many Fire Engines
9 No More Mr. Nice Engine
10 The Frozen Turntable

The Contenders

11 The Thomas Way
12 The Missing Christmas Decorations
13 Gordon Runs Dry
14 Away from the Sea
15 The Lost Puff
16 The Switch
17 Luke's New Friend
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