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Self-Explanatory, Best Pantera songs ever!!! R.I.P Dime.

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1 Cemetery Gates - Cowboys from Hell

the guitar is killer: the intro, the solo, the ending!
R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell - rock2metal

lyrics from hell... as the pantera fan you will never regret
amazing score... none can chastise em' bcuz they are at their best. the founders of heavy metal rise form hell to wake up the demons

Simply amazing. I always get the chills whenever I listen to it, but those of the good kind.

Never go to way into Pantera. But this song is just way too good

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2 Cowboys from Hell - Cowboys from Hell

Dimebag... Amazing guitar riffs and solo... Pantera rules... Simply a masterpiece... Simply awesome...

first song I heard by pantera and the best!

Simply amazing. Unique, hard, and badass.


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3 Walk - Vulgar Display of Power

the distortion of the riff is just unbelievable... so heavy and so sick

one of the best solos in the history of metal and the whole song is absolutely amaizing

Can't believe how simple this song is to play. I love how the solo fades out then goes back into the intro riff. that's sick.

We all love the strong iconic opening riff

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4 Floods - The Great Southern Trendkill

Single most amazing solo that has ever graced my ears

R.I.P. dime - aids-666

I whole heartedly agree fav dime solo eva

R.I.P... long live the king

Just Amazing on that Solo great techniques and And R.I. P Dimebag Darrell, you inspired me to the guitar and I thank you, your music will live for ever-FLOODS

Floods is the best song by Pantera in my opinion. It has a chilling vibe, but also captures you and takes you for a ride. It hits you with a chilling intro, then tells you a chilling story through and through. Afterwards, you get hit with the first part of a very very powerful breakdown (surprisingly I only saw one comment on it), then a scerenading solo that leads to the second part of the breakdown, and it finally finishes off with the outro, qhich is the best aprt of the song

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5 5 Minutes Alone - Far Beyond Driven

One of the heaviest and greatest songs you will ever listen to. I literally want to mosh every time I hear it. - YaleMetal

One of the heaviest songs of all time. Gets me pumped up to do whatever it is whether its running or tying my shoes!

5 minutes alone is the grooviest pantera song ever. come on guys vote for it! It deserves the number 1 spot. Just 4% is not good enough for such a great song!

Its just badass

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6 Mouth for War - Vulgar Display of Power

Brutal metal, with a positive message in the lyrics. Love rocking' out to this one!

This song pumps me up every time I listen to it. Brutal song, easily one of Pantera's best works. Dimebag's solo is amazing.

Not only Pantera's best song, one of metals best riffs. Awesome song.

This should be just behind Cemetery Gates.

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7 I'm Broken - Far Beyond Driven

This song gets me pumped... damn now I'm broken!
R.I. P Dimebag Darrell

The music is simply awesome truely the gratest song of pantera rest in peace dimebagg I think the best song of pantera must be I m broken truely the best pantera song ever been recorded

ohh!! dimE awsome in this song

This song grooves harder than any other Pantera song

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8 Domination - Cowboys from Hell

the outro is one of the sickest things I've ever heard

The best riff ever... And the solo is also amazing too bad Dimebag is dead and won't compose more epic riffs like that... R.I.P Dimbag

This song puts an evil wry smile on my face like ALL Pantera songs... I could put 25 of their other songs in its place and not feel upset about it... I think of this live video when I hear it. killer song. I miss these guys...

My favorite PaNtErA song

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9 This Love - Vulgar Display of Power

Yess. My favorite other than cemetary gates. These people have amazing taste in bands. I love the whole song from start to finish, The Frontman phil is something to be respected.

Amazing' drumbeat startin' from low to high which makes the head bangers party go crazy like hell...

It contrasts from quiet to full on groove metal. YOU KEEP THIS LOVE! - gemcloben

So good, even doom 2 used it.

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10 F****** Hostile - Vulgar Display of Power

Pure rage and power.
Stimulates your heavy metal senses!
Will and still is kicking every other band's asses!

How is this 13? This song has everything Pantera is good at. Killer grooves, thrashy tone, insane vocals, and an awesome instrumental. To me, this is a defining Pantera song and should be placed way higher then 13. It should be in the top 5 in my opinion.

In only 4 seconds you feel the power and rage!

This song is so F****** awesome

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11 Hollow - Vulgar Display of Power

You posers want to look tough by voting for all the heavy stuff. If you even paid attention to the lyrics and how Phil screams this song out, this song would be number one. It's got the heart, and the balls to say, "Hey, I'm allowed to cry too. My best friend is dying here and there's nothing I can do about it. " It's not about the heavy riffs, even though Pantera was the heaviest out there. It's about how the music grabs you, and if Hollow doesn't grab you, you're just another poser.

Defenetly goes before 5 minutes alone but both great songs - GodsNameIsDime

I can't believe this is so low if you havnt heard it go listen to it now so awesome should be in top 3 - djperth

I am crying after listening this song...

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12 Revolution is My Name - Reinventing the Steel

This song has to be higher, this song is dimebag the lyrics are completely true for any metal head, and its just amazing. Yeah pantera has a lot of other good songs, but this one is the best.

Brutal album... the only band who has gone harder, and harder... and this song is culmination...

One of their top 5 songs, no doubt about it! Come on people give this song a chance and you won't regret it! M/

The breakdown solo just has the perfect combo of screaming guitar and thunderous bass.

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13 Drag the Waters - The Great Southern Trendkill

Killer song through and through! Best off of the southern trendkill album classic pantera!

Drag the waters is a underrated song isn't it just listen to the lyrics top 5

This is top 10 without a doubt

Should be # 1

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14 Psycho Holiday - Cowboys from Hell

Awesome opening and continuing riff. The vocals work really well with the groove and flow. An easily overlooked song

Why is Psycho Holiday so low on the list?

Definitely had to be in the top 10, it was so chilling the first time I heard that chorus

This, Cowboys From Hell, Domination and 5 Minuets Alone ARE THE BEST!

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15 A New Level - Vulgar Display of Power

This is a tough list to do I love em all. But I remember when this album came out laugh out loud wish they were still tearing it up. I seen far beyond driven at the panel room in Chicago when I was younger, them and slayer have the greatest moshes. Pantera is the greatest ever. RIP dime we miss you

Probably Pantera's most complex song which is probably why it was rarely played live. Bass line is beyond sick.

Definitely one of the heaviest Pantera songs.

One of Dime's most chaotic solos is in this song. Also the main riff is crushing.

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16 The Sleep - Cowboys from Hell

Underrated song off the album, it has a chilling acoustic riff in the intro, as well as one of Dimebag's best guitar solos ever! - petrucci75hammet

People keep voting hit-songs that were accepted on MTV that doesn't mean these songs are their best songs. Listen to the structure of this song, the melodic intro, the amazing solo, the deep lyrics about responsibility...

This song really shows off Phil's powerful and dynamic vocals. The rest of the guys obviously the best at what they did and still do to true metal heads today. Amazing song

Half the song is a solo, and people say it is the best solo ever composed.
That's all you need to know.

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17 Slaughtered - Far Beyond Driven

I listened through all of Pantera's albums in 1 very long sitting. There was one song that stood above the rest. It was "Slaughtered." The opening riff/verse is like a jackhammer, the chorus riff is like a chainsaw, and the interlude is like being surrounded and shot at by a firing squad armed with a vast assortment of different guns. There is no solo and for this song, and this song alone that's a good thing. This is basically Texas Chainsaw Massacre the song.

Song is epic! That riff is A class please help it get in the top 20

Because it's their heaviest/hardest song!

This was always my 2nd favorite Pantera song behind Hostile... can't figure out why it's so unrecognized by fans, best chorus by far!

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18 Suicide Note Pt. II - The Great Southern Trendkill

Live and learn, rape and turn... The guitar, these pitches, the vocals a anthem to break your neck.

Such a brutal song

Maybe one of the greatest songs in history it s deserve at least top 3

19 Becoming - Far Beyond Driven

The main riff is one of Dimebag's grooviest riffs ever made. - cjWriter1997

31, are you serious?! This needs to be in the Top 10!

Awesome song when they played it live


Should be in top 15 or 10

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20 Primal Concrete Sledge - Cowboys from Hell

Easily one of the top five songs. Super fast shredding, ripping vocals, and just awesome overall rhythm. Why is this as low rated as it is?

Best drumming from Vinnie Paul ever that double bass just kicks ass

Short but one of the best Pantera songs ever written

Pantera's must underrated song. Deserves a top 5 spot.

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