Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

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1 Superman 64 Superman 64 Product Image

I've heard people note E.T. The Extra Terrestrial as the worst game ever made. It's not. E.T. is just forgettable. It isn't harmful. Just boring. I also hear people calling THIS the worst game ever made. It is. E.T. is boring and forgettable. This is broken and unplayable. I have never seen a game be so awful in everything it tried to do. There are games like Sonic 06 where you can master it and make it look like your average Sonic game. But, I don't think ANYONE can get enough practice or patience to master THIS piece of garbage. Anyone who has deserves an award, because that takes a LOT! If I did a review on this game, I would definitely give it a 0/10. NOTHING good comes out of this experience.

Flying through the rings is just a chore. Not only that, but you have to pick the cars up. Also, while you fly through the rings, there's a fudging time limit. You have to hurry up or else Lex Luthor will win. What a waste of potential.

Superman 64 is the bane of the DC gaming enterprises. Yes, even worse than Aquaman. The very first stage is a borage of rings that you have to fly through, but is extremely difficult because the controls are horrendous. Once you manage to get through the rings, the on-screen instructions flash for a split-second. You need to be a speed-reader in order to comprehend what was just displayed. Once you piece together what to do with those two cars from context clues, guess what? Another ring maze. There are a total of FIVE ring mazes in the first stage alone! Second stage? Glitchtastic. You WILL fall through the floor or go through a wall. And after that, oh yeah! MORE RINGS. You are inundated with ring flying throughout the entire game. It's basically a series of unimaginative mini-games and flying through rings. This tedious, boring, bland game is joyless and barren of any entertainment value. And I'll be honest with you. I never made it past the fourth stage. Most people after the ...more

Having only played this on an N64 emulator after reading all the negative hype it gets: it isn't really that bad. There are current-gen games less fun and versatile (and most handheld games are too), and the ring minigame is actually sort of fun if you like flying. My only complaint, recognizing that I didn't actually pay for this game (if I had I'd probably sing a different tune) is that mechanics and goals weren't explained well enough. The stages between flying levels are nearly impossible if you're not sure what you're supposed to be doing.

2 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Product Image

E,T is probably made by 1 guy in 5 weeks and he had to rush it. It should go to number 1 for causing the video game crash and believe it or not In an episode of the amazing world of gumball it made a cameo. It was called the biggest mistake and it deserves to be called that. Even I nearly suffered from nightmares that this game gives. WWE 2K20 was bad but at least playable. I think it should deserve a place in the XDimension were all mistakes and villains lived. Imagine if it tried to destroy all my sweet sweet library. If you see this game just throw it in the trash or do any other torchure to it. It is not as great as the movie if you buy it. These days, this is why atari was sccrewed till more mistakes came and they aregoing to be bankrupt soon

This game is horrible because 1. The essential instructions needed to understand any part of the game (like the enemies, or how to play) were inside the cartridge box, which at the time the game was released the box was thrown away immediately 2. The graphics were horrible 3. You fell into a pit every new area you traveled into and 4. It was glitchy. Also, the game was bad for the makers because for some reason, they made more game copies then there were consoles to play it on. What genius came up with that? Some people say this game even call the Video Game Crash of the 1980s, but although it isn't true, it did help cause it, with lots of other bad games and other various factors.

Guys, are you serious? This game wasn't that bad, I have a copy of it. It's only supposedly bad because it had no instructions; JUST LIKE ANY OTHER ATARI 2600 GAME! Don't try to give me like "Oh, the game had bad graphics. Buddy, go look at adventure, you didn't know what you were supposed to do then, and your character was a box. Yes adventure was badass, but the Atari 2600 could only do so much, it had like 500 KHz of cpu power. No, there is not 4 million copies of ET dumped in New Mexico, Atari dumped a whole bunch of games they couldn't sell back then okay? Most of the games were sold, and 4 million was an exaggeration, there were not even that many consoles around at that time. The video game market crash of 1983 wasn't entirely Atari's fault either, it was the amount of games that were bootlegged at the time, because people would copy roms onto other cartridges. Face it, you guys are blaming it for the crash of 1983 because you either don't have anything else to blame it on, or ...more

Hmm... Well, I understand why this game is on the list. It DID cause the video game crash of '83, but not singlehandedly. I personally like this game because of how unbelievably nostalgic it is. Think about it: nostalgia is a memory of an older item or moment in your life. This is nostalgia: it's bad reviews, gamer feedback, all those things. Hell, it's difficult, which I like. All that frustration, it's all part of memory. Yes, it's bad, but not the worst. At least it doesn't make you bored IMMEADIATLEY because of its two different challenges (Superman 64), make you wonder how the firetruck it's so broken despite so many developers working on it (Big Rigs), or make you feel dirty and offensive for playing it (Ride to Hell Retribution 1%). THOSE are the worst.

3 Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing Product Image

How is this only #10? At least the above games have rules, objectives, a PURPOSE. This game is what the 0.01 Alpha of a game should be. There is no challenge whatsoever. Can't stay on the road? No problem, you just pass through everything and go up 90 degree slopes no problem. Can't cope with stop momentum? You come to an instant halt when you let go of the up/down arrows? Got lost SOMEHOW? Well, then there's a dimension of nothingness if you go slightly off course. Tired of not being surprised because the back of the box tells you all about the game? You get NOTHING advertised on the back of the box. Throw in extremely non-varied tracks and vehicles, constant crashing, an AI that does NOTHING and glitches galore, and you get the worst game of all time. At least Bubsy 3D, Superman 64, ET and Shaq Fu, you could WIN and LOSE. There was CHALLENGE, RULES, OBJECTIVES. I repeat the question. HOW IS THIS ONLY AT 10TH PLACE?!?!?

The thing about Big Rigs: Over The Road Raving, is that unlike every other game on this list, you seriously can't play it. In Big Rigs, it is literally impossible to lose. Your opponent is frozen solid at the starting line, making you win by default. Along with that, the game is unfinished. Your truck is a ghost that can go through everything, you can drive up 90 degree angle hills without losing any speed, and you can drive out of boundaries without any effort. And even if the game had no glitches, you still wouldn't want to play it. The tracks are uninteresting, there's no different stats for the trucks you drive, and there's no music other than the sound of your engine. Although "You're Winner", Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing "Is Loser".

This game should be #1 of "The Worst Video Game In The History". But no, other game are worse than this. Anyway, let's talk about the box first, It's a lie. And the menu, Select truck mistaken into car. And finally, the gameplay. You play start with the truck you chose. You can get through houses and buildings. You also go to the mountains without slow you down, really? This against collision detection law! Anyway, you always win, even the latest version when other truck can move to race. When it almost come to the finish line, it stops. And what happens when you finish race in 1st place? "You're winner! " caption appears. A mispelled victory caption is unacceptable. When you drive backward, you go faster than forward. And when you go backward fast enough, you go to an empty space that make you lost and can't find the way out. And finally, the most unacceptable ingredient for the game that is required. That is... Where is the challenge? No challenge, no fun. Why are they have to sell ...more

This game was released in PRE-ALPHA stage. Nothing is correct in this ridiculously awful game, apart from the fact that it runs. All the other are wrong. Just wrong. Graphics? Roads and ground textures mix up together. The maps don't have limits and you can literally drive off the damn game and keep on driving until the truck leaves the entire third dimension and gets lost to a parallel universe! Physics? Non-existent. Your truck is able to drive through bridges, houses and can drive straight up 90 degrees walls. Also try reserving and you can reach speeds bigger than the light. Music? Sounds? There's some idiot credited for sound but there are no sounds! It's clear that the developers made this as a joke. AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS!

4 Bubsy 3D Bubsy 3D Product Image

This game should be number one. It is without a doubt, the worst video game of all time. It's so bad that it makes Superman 64 look like Super Mario Bros. 2. The graphics are terrible. Being made in the 90s is no excuse, either. There were 3D games made before this that were much better. I will admit: Bubsy wasn't really anything special in the first place, but it was much better than this. The graphics and colors are all too bright, and the designs are terrible. You would get much more out of staring at a dull wall. The controls are terrible as well. You know how hard it is to use chopsticks for the first time? This is how horrible the controls are. Not to mention Bubsy's voice is so annoying. He sounds like Dot Warner on her period.

On the box it shows people who gave COMPLIMENTS to this game. They probably strapped video game critics to a chair and made them say something good about the game. All you pretty much do in this game is collect atoms, jump on platforms and kill enemies that don't move. When you get hit by an enemy the camera looks at you in the face and you keep getting hit and you can't get out of it. Another thing, the graphics are some of the worst graphics I have ever seen in my whole life. There were like 10 3d games made before this and the graphics were probably better than this. I want this game buried in the desert with the E.T. cartridges. CAUTION: DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

If you ask me, even the Magnavox odyssey has better graphics than this, and it's just a bunch of squares on a T.V.. This thing is like Dex Dogtective from Foodfight took the biggest crap in history and digging through the turds to find this creature so he could sell it for $300 a pop. The controls are like trying to eat ravioli using a single chopstick. And Bubsy's voice, ohh that voice. It is totally irritating. I'm not talking
" Freddy Krueger nails on a chalkboard" irritating, I'm talking " Rubbing a ballon while listening to random foreign people singing Justin Bieber in different languages through a megaphone" irritating.

I never, in my entire life, played a videogame that is, by the literal meaning of the word, "Painful". There is no love put into this, not even in the cover.
The fact that someone has to draw this annoying Sonic cat mockbuster is already painful to think.
Bubsy was never good, nor bad, going always in the "bland" category.
The 1993 T.V. pilot was horrible, we all know that and we think that after that animated atrocity (Ninja Reference), the creators lurn the lesson and never put "bubsy" and "T.V." in the same sentence ever again. That doesn't mean that the Bubsy franchise was getting better or was the same. Due to the incredible hit that was the PlayStation and his 32 bits 3D graphics, they decided to create the right hand of SuperMan 64, "Bubsy 3D"
1: Fake advertisement such as the Gold X Award for something and fake critics.
2:Horrendous polygonal and unfinished graphics, able to be runned in the SNES polygonal 3d engine (Star Fox).
3:Annoying and stupid acting, ...more

5 Action 52 Action 52 Product Image

With games that crash, hideous jumping controls, random characters, microscopic sprites, a mass array of horrible space shooters, dying in mid-air, problems with proportion, misleading titles, misleading power-ups, embarrassing weapons, seizure inducing backgrounds, lack of enemies, games you can't win, games you can't lose, games that make no sense whatsoever.

That's what the Angry Video Game Nerd said about this game! Why is it only number 16!? The top 10 should be E. T, Superman 64, Big Rigs Over The Road Racing, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, Sonic '06, Action 52, The Wand of Gamelon, Custer's Revenge, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Bubsy 3D!

And do you know what makes this game the most deserving of the Top 10? It was $199 dollars! Have you ever seen a new game cost THAT MUCH!? You might as well just shred up that money or anything else really! Doing ANYTHING else with $199, especially donating it would be a much better idea than getting this pile of dump!

Aside from maybe Meong (an at least playable memory game) and Dam Busters, all 52 games are trash. There are games you can't win (underground), games you can't loose (shooting gallery), games where the boss doesn't appear (Star Evil), and games that are self-conscious about how bad they are, so they don't load (Alfred N The Fettuc... ? And Jigsaw). There are also games that make your eyes and ears bleed (Critical Bypass), games that have the most awkward jump ever (Ooze), games that make no logical sense (all of them), and games that have changing titles (Haunted Halls, Operation Full Moon, Bubblegum Rossie). Let's not forget the games where the weapon is completely embarrassing (Lollipops), or the games that you can't see a thing (Crazy Shuffle), or the games that consistently crash (all of them), or the games with pathetic enemies (Fuzz Power), or the games that make you want to shove nails into your spleen (again, all of them).

Oh lord, Action 52. This piece of crap is one of the worst games ever. Many games crash, the games that actually work are just god awful, there are games which you can't win, can't lose, can't play, full of glitches, boring gameplay, bad graphics, a load of space shooters and some really dumb things, like:
- In one game, you play as a lobster
- In another game, you play as a pair of fingers
- In another game, you play as a pacifier that shoots at safety pins
- Spaceships scream when they explode
- You die in mi-air in so many of the games
Oh, did I mention that this disaster costs $200? Yeah, you heard me, 200 dollars! This monster costs as much as a videogame console. I'd rather throw all that money into a trashcan instead of buying this abomination. And the 52nd game, Cheetahmen, has its own sequel. I don't know which one is worse. They are both full of glitches, and you can't play past level 3.

How is this #12?! With Superman 64, you can at least have good gameplay once it/ mastered! With this game, it has crappy gameplay, awful music (except for the Cheetahmen theme and the Time warp Tickers theme), games that you can't win, others you can't lose, some make no sense at all, uninspiring characters, horrid controls, and this game is so terrible that words can't even express it. This game needs to be #0! NOT #1, #0, because on the top tens, it starts at #1, so #0 is higher than that! THAT'S HOW INDESCRIBABLY CRAPPY THIS GAME IS!

6 Custer's Revenge Custer's Revenge Product Image

It's quite funny how this is only number 6. It should be be number one because the whole reasons this game was created was to promote sexism, and racism. It's not even a game, it's just made to cause controversy. It even has terrible graphics, music, and colors. E.T., and Big Rigs are a googlplexian times better than this pile of ass. The owner of this game deserves to get 15 punches in the face, and I am not even joking.

This is the stupidest, most sickening game on Atari. Basically, the objective of the game is to control General Custer (who has a visible pixelated erection, you read this right) and make sure you save your thing-a-ding from getting scewered with an arrow (I know that sounds wrong, but pretend you didn't read it) just so you can have sex with a Native-American woman tied to a pole. How wrong does this seem, guys? Pretty wrong. If you think the gameplay alone is bad, just look at the instructions that come with the game. Wow, Atari. I know it's an adult game, but why would they let it even go through and actually have copies? The most sickening Atari game in the world, ever. Believe me when I warn you, do not, I repeat, DO NOT play this game. You're gonna wish you didn't.

Let me explain why this is the worst by explaining why the other games aren't.
Minecraft - Love it or hate it, there is a reason it is getting so popular.
Sonic 06 - Take away the glitches and it isn't terrible.
Big Rigs - Same as Sonic 06.
Call of Duty - Don't get me wrong, I dislike Call of Duty. But they are still well made games.
Now let us look at Custer's Revenge. The entire point is racism and sexism. You don't even do anything! The only reason anyone would publish this was to show how racist they R. It's sickening. It really is.

I'm suprised if you got here because there is a lot of comments on this game and most are very similar but I agree that this game is bad And I mean this with all seriousness, unless you plan on depressing and disapointing your self,or if your a rasisct/perv, don't play this! if you look past its wrong storyline, its incredibly boring to play since the only obsticle is easy to avoid arrows! On top of that, its also a bad stereotype to western people and cowboys thank you for not advising this game please help native americans and cowboys by not playing this.

7 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties Plumbers Don't Wear Ties Product Image

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is basically a movie with a menu every five-or-so minutes to affect the choices of the characters. I'm not sure if you would even CLASSIFY it as a movie, because everything after the opening cutscene is a picture, yet The box classifies it as a FMV (Full Motion Video). Random filters are applied everywhere for no reason, and the characters have no personalities whatsoever. The story doesn't make much sense, either. What's even worse is that it PDWT was released for the Panasonic 3DO, a $700 (at the time, adjusted for inflation in 2014 would be $1,149.64) system that had very few good games. Unless you're a collector, don't ever buy this game.

No. 1 puh-lease! This failure of an excuse of a video game is indescribably TERRIBLE! If you ever manage to get your hands on an existing copy your local game store didn't throw out in disgust, please don't play it, for the sake of your future experience in video games. (Seriously, after playing this, Minecraft's graphics will seem heavenly and all other games on this list will be like an irreplaceable offer from the Greek god of video games, or something. ) In other words: This is bad.

Ugh this isn't even a game. The closest thing to actual gameplay is "deciding what happens next." The development team for this were probably drunk after the party they just had and realized the next morning that they had a game to work on. They found a price of poop they forgot to flush and decided to turn it in to their boss.

I love the angry video game nerd and when I watched the episode plumbers don't wear ties I was speech less this isn't even a game. The back says "feels like a movie plays like a game" bull the game doesn't do either of those things this game is the worst by far if you can even classify it as a game

8 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Product Image

This piece of crap right here. What the hell?! What does this have to do with the Sonic franchise?! It's stupid, and it's never to be made. It was made for the 15th anniversary of Sonic. It was rushed and no effort was putted into it. The framerate is terrible. The glitches and bugs are some of the worst I have seen. Depends on your view, the graphics in the in-game cutscenes were in a low quality, but not really. And Dr. Eggman's design in this, oh God, it shouldn't look this realistic, as if it could fall into the Uncanny Valley. Princess Elise is by far, the worst character of the Sonic canon. Speaking of this, she falls in love with Sonic in one gross romantic scene. I haven't played it yet and I don't want to. Even if you're a fan of Sonic, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MONSTROSITY AT ALL COSTS!

This should be in the top five. The game was released in 2006, a long time after most of the other games here were made, and by then you'd think game companies would be able to make games that are at least playable. But that's not the case with Sonic 06. The game was rushed to be released for Sonic's 15th anniversary and it was full of glitches that made the whole thing unplayable, a story no one really cared about, and loading screens that take an eternity to get through. Even though the soundtrack is good, that isn't nearly enough to help the game have some redeeming factors. Worst Sonic game ever made and one of the worst games of all time.

Story, glitches, level design, and it's almost like a Sonic Adventure 3. The only good thing about this game is the music. And you don't even have to buy the game in order to hear it. Just buy the soundtrack, because this is an absolute joke of a game. People try to defend this game because Sonic Team didn't have time to finish it. BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER! They might have been able to get it done on time if they didn't waste so much development time. There weren't even supposed to be nine playable characters. It was just supposed to be Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Good thing Sonic Colors brought Sonic back, though.

Worst Sonic game ever! The graphics aren't that good for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, plus the graphics look like it should be on PlayStation 2. The level designs are mixed some are good but some are bad, the storyline has its moments, Mephiles should be in more games, it's not sonic adventure 3 if it were than there won't be any glitches, the glitches are everywhere, The voice acting is alright no masterpiece, princess Elise is in the game thank god you don't play has her but the part that ruined everything about this game is that after sonic was stabbed by Mephiles and... Princess Elise (you get the idea), the only good thing about it is the music. The music is awesome especially the mephiles whisper one I LOVE that track. Bottom line worst sonic game ever

9 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Product Image

The controls here are sluggish. Dr. Jekyll’s cane has zero uses except for killing bees and defusing bombs. When he becomes Mr. Hyde, he’s able to punch and use the psycho-wave to kill the enemies and get his stress down. However, the projectile fires out in an unpredictable pattern, making it difficult to hit anything with, plus, Dr. Jekyll moves and jumps really slow, making the game tedious to play. Unlike the Japanese version, the North American version has fewer levels (two levels removed from the Japanese version were replaced with repeats of earlier levels) and the level order was shuffled around. The barrels in level 6 are completely random. The blast radius of the bombs and how much damage/stress they give to Jekyll seems completely random. Coins can only be collected when playing as Hyde (at least in the North American version) and their only purpose is to bribe the tone deaf Elena McCowen to shut up. As quoted from the Angry Video Game Nerd: “ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON, ...more

Birds that crap out huge dog turds, ladies that run at the speed of sound and crash into you, young boys that use a slingshot against you, guys that put bombs in your way, spiders that descend form trees, bees that fly around and a completely useless cane that literally doesn't hurt anything make this game one of the worst games ever. When you transform into Hyde, you start shooting balls at brains with legs, baby demons and other weird monsters, but when you reach the end ¡SURPRISE! a lightning bolt strikes you and you die. What a fantastic game (sarcasm intended).

Even LJN made better games, I think Bandai is a bad version of LJN, chances are they have the same founder/employees. Either way, LJN hasn't made games broken like this. But I think it's somewhat better than a few NES games, though it's hard to compare since it's for different reasons.

This game should seriously be on the top five! So many people voting some good games in this list just because they couldn't pass any single level.. but seriosly.. Being objective... THIS IS AN AWFUL GAME.. one of the worst ever created... AVGN approves..

10 Ride to Hell: Retribution Ride to Hell: Retribution Product Image

Game Informer review excerpts:
"A new contender for worst game of the generation"
"Everyone's necks are horrifying, and everything else looks like it's from 2004"
"Driving controls are terrible, gunplay is loose, checkpoints are inconsistent, awful quick-time events abound, environments are riddled with glitches and pop-up, enemy AI is mindless, and the story is terrible"
"At one point, my entire body disappeared and I was nothing but a floating miner's cap wearing a gun"
"Ride to Hell: Retribution is awful, broken, offensive, ugly, poorly written, and a never-ending source of unintentional humor"
There, that should sum it up.

This game is a reminder that being in a biker gang, having awkward sex with unusually easy women and shooting thousands of idiot bikers who charge at you, isn't what its cracked out to be. In fact, most people who played this probably got up prayed mercilessly to their gods, then found the nearest soup kitchen to help their community hoping that they won't ride to hell for playing such an awful creation. So in a way its probably helping mankind realize their mistakes and give back to the world while become productive individuals to society in the process.

You go around screwing women and watch hilariously bad sex scenes because they still have their clothes on, you do bike missions and I swear, it feels like you are on ice. You also get to do fighting missions, and they're crap. You spam 1 button over and over again. You even get to do FPS missions. The enemy AI is so bad. WOW, this is truly the best game in existence, it's better than Mine craft and Skyrim.

Poor gameplay is one thing, and this game has plenty of that, with awful combat, odd button choices, terrible driving segments, but how about adding some horrible cutscenes? lack of sound, impact, and choppy animation is being generous. The story, is bland. Guy wants revenge, so he goes on a rampage. that's what it boils down to. It was a hubworld, for some reason, padding probably. Boring characters, with an attempt at voice acting, probably recorded in a bathroom without sound-proof foam. This is all awful, but the absolute worst part of this game isn't any of this. This game, is offensive. Women are used as literal sex objects. Any female you help, no matter what, gives you sex as a reward. no matter what, for no reason. This had no reason to even exist. its not even good.

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? Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Product Image

I've been a fan of the M&S series since it came out (Beijing 2018), and all of their games were enjoyable. This one is, in my opinion, the most disappointing game I've ever played. Where are the Miis? Why are there fewer characters than the last game? Why are there only 3 dream events? Why not like 10 of them like in the London 2012 one? This game has a lot of flaws and is very repetitive, even if you have Nintendo Switch Online. The worst part of this game is the story mode. I was surprised when I saw this game had a story mode, since the other games didn't have one, unless they were released for the DS, so I was pretty excited to play the story mode. BAD IDEA. It was like 90% dialogue, 10% events. And the dialogue looked so bland. Even 1990s games had a better dialogue than this. I liked the idea for story mode (Mario, Sonic, Bowser, and Robotnik transported to the Tokyo 1964 olympics), but it was badly executed. In my opinion, the only good things about this game were the graphics ...more

? Shin Megami Tensei Shin Megami Tensei Product Image
The Contenders
11 Crazy Bus Crazy Bus Product Image

It's crazy that someone made a game that you have to play for 8 hours straight. This is the most boring game ever. There's nothing to keep your attention. The background is always the same, there are no passengers on the bus, there is no music and what you get when you reach the end? 1 point. 1 miserable point! And if you doze off while playing, the bus steers to the right on purpose and gets stuck. Then, a tow truck brings you back to the start. In real time. And then you have to do the 8 hours again, from the beginning. This is just outrageous. Did I forget to mention that you can't pause nor save the game? That's "Crazy" bus for you.

Where do I even start with this game?. This game can barely be considered a game, Simply drive left and right and honk the horn. While a crunched image of an bus is in the background while riding on a see through checkerboard floor, The only sprites (The buses) Look as if they were done in ms paint and even then: You could make a better looking bus. This game doesn't even look finished. It looks like it was made in 10 minutes at least. The only song there is a song that... I'm not even sure if it's a song, It barely has any pattern, It's just a bunch of bleeps and bloops that will scatter windows, Honestly if you corrupted a song, It would likely have more of a beat than whatever the soundtrack in crazy bus is. There's no excuses for this game, Desert bus was a game made to critique how parents often ripped on games for being too violent, Big rigs despite not being anywhere near a finished state, Is at least funny. This game isn't even a game you can laugh it, There's nothing to laugh ...more

Superman 64 is only at the top for how well known it is, which is the core problem when you have people voting for "best of" or "worst of". I truly believe that Crazy Bus is the 2nd worst game of all time, only beaten by Hong Kong 97. Superman 64 shouldn't even make the top 50. Yeah, it's a terrible game by all means, but it should be nowhere near the top ten, never mind number 1. That game is a masterpiece compared to the top ten worst games of all time. Heck, compared to Crazy Bus, Action 52 is "a good game". This is "The Room" of video games, almost as if Tommy had made it himself.

Everyone listen, I know the graphics, and the sounds (It's not even music) are terrible and so is the whole game itself, but the creator probably did this on purpose. The game-play is useless, yes, that's the point. Just move the bus side to side. What he or she is trying to tell us is that once we play the game we think "Why am I doing this? " "I should just do something with my life than playing this.". That's the whole point, stop doing the useless and start doing the beneficial..

12 Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon Product Image

A great game where you have to sit through the best cutscenes in the world! Doesn't watching them want you to be proud that your a Zelda fan? Also, go ahead and Defeat gannon by putting him in a book, the most epic way to end a legend of Zelda game! Also, they released TWO versions of this game! So you can have to go through all of that ALL OVER AGAIN with a few tweaks! Also using a state of the art controller that sometimes will spazz out of control! Yay! So buy your copy and CDI add on today, and make sure you also play Zeldas adventure, hotel Mario, and the faces of evil for even more torture... I mean... Pleasure? Yeah, I don't understand how the project that makes the PlayStation can also make this utter garbage!

When you give the licensing of your video game character to another game developing group who ends up making their own console instead, this is what you get.

I've watched the gameplay of this "Zelda" game. It was beyond terrible. This was nothing like the Zelda series. The animating was stupid, the plot was terrible, and the pause button was the crouch button.

I'm just glad it wasn't Nintendo who created this monstrosity but it was dumb for them to give the licensing to someone else.

This is my personal favorite Zelda title and My 2nd favorite game of all time! the graphics and gameplay were amazing when it first released, and the music is still outstanding. I felt like every step of my quest was part of a fairy tail, and I would gladly give this game a 10/10. It's simply fantastic... what? This isn't Ocarina of Time? Then what was I just talking about? The Wand of who-melon? Oh, that game sucks, I give it a 1/10 at best; best CDI game out there.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most BADASS and EPIC series, but it isn't fair to hate on it because of this's not even canon nor official. Anyways, this is one of the worst games in history, if not the worst...I'm surprised it's not higher up the list. Watch the cutscenes on youtube yourself, laugh out loud.

13 Shaq-Fu Shaq-Fu Product Image

Dear Shaq-Fu,

This game sucks. It is just Shaq trying to be cool. Even though Shaq had big balls. Thus game still sucks. One out of ten this game is a 0.1. Did I mention that the graphics are okay. They are not as bad as Minecraft.

Sincerely, Anonymous...

Yeah, what's better than a black guy looking at you like this and saying "Hey, give all your money and I won't shoot your balls".

I don't think CoD4 should be on here RE:5 or GTA4. RE:4 I actually think is one of the better RE games and GTA4 is just overrated and CoD4 is incredible. And I've never heard of "Shaq-Fu" it just sounds dumb

Sonic Battle & Catfight are even worse fighting games than this for multiple reasons...

Remember, I hate this game too, which is why I used "even worse". Do you have any replies?

14 Hong Kong 97

I wonder who's in this stupid game. The Embassy of Canada to Japan? What are they doing in this travesty? Well, actually, they never worked on this game since it was a joke. Oh, it's so stupid, that secret project called an ultimate weapon named Tong Shau Ping. Really?! You named an ultimate weapon Tong Shau Ping? Look at that ugly thing. That is a Transformers rip-off. And there's Chris Patten, for some apparent reason, he called upon Bruce Lee's relative, but in real life, he never did that. Look at the graphics, look at how ugly they look. I mean, does this even look like it's a good game in anyway possible? Oh, this game's just stupid. It makes no sense, it's lazy, it's predictable, it's insulting, it's pretty much everything in the dictionary to describe this monstrosity. The story doesn't make sense. The music is pretty annoying. The special effects are terrible. Also, there are no sounds. And the editing... oh my God, the editing is just horrible. Did a monkey edit it? You know ...more

Sorry about my other review, I accidentally pressed the post button. Anyway, there's a single song, or shall I say two lines of a song?! Yes, only two lines! And, well, they refer to Chinese people in a rather... interesting way. What is that way, you ask?

Ugly reds.

No, it's true, they actually call them that. Also, as others have pointed them out, they advertise themselves. Now, other companies do advertise themselves in their own game, but all they do is to just stick their logo into a random object. Also, why would someone would sell Happysoft's trash at their own store?

Now, about the game, it is RIDICULOUSLY HARD. There are dudes in gray and red. The red ones? They are annoying as HELL. They sway around, and when they touch you... Instant game over. There are cars that try to run you over as well... Sometimes, when you defeat those gray or red dudes, they drop white things.

"That's a powerup! "

Is what everyone thought when they first saw it. ...more

When you start the game, there is a message from the developers that says: "Games wanted! We will sell your original S-NES games. (1/3 of the gross profit will be yours). We welcome games of any kind so please send us your floppy. We will contact you after careful considerations. Would you like to sell our products at your store? We are looking for dealers worldwide. We will heavily discount orders for more than 50 pieces. Please ask us for details". This is just a failed attempt at advertising themselves.

This is the story of Hong Kong 97:

The year 1997 has arrived. A herd of ugly reds are rushing from the mainland. Crime rate skyrockeded! Hong Kong is ruined! Therefore, the Hong Kong government called Bruce Lee's relative "Chin" for the massacre of the reds. Chin is a killer machine. Wipe out all 1.2 billion of the red communists! However, in mainland China there was a secret project in progress! A project to transform the deceased Tong Shau Ping into an ultimate ...more

Those really are some nasty herd of ugly reds. Literally. The dark vibe that the grainy cover art image gives off will give the impression of what nightmares and 1990s Photoshop looks like just by staring at it. Now, one simply can’t look away because even if they do, those herd of ugly reds will be mentally knocking at their doors one moment, and will be forever implanted through the depths of their minds.

The eerily catchy Tiananmen theme song will also make you die internally of intense mindfricked agony, as well as cringe. The whacked out plot line, as well as the whacked out gameplay itself is incredibly whacked the fudge out, and should be avoided at all costs for the sakes, likes, and safeties of all of humanity.

15 Desert Bus

Who... The heck... Thought that THIS was a good idea for a game? The only redeeming factor I can see in it is that there aren't any whiny kids screaming in the background, but aside from that... GOD. You're driving a bus at 45 mph from Tucson to Las Vegas in REAL TIME, and at no point can you stop playing because the bus veers slightly to the right, so it will crash on the side of the road (which is completely lacking in scenery), and you'll have to get towed ALL the way back to Tucson, also in real time. Some bad games are at least somewhat playable for at least a few seconds, but Desert Bus has absolutely NOTHING going for it. It has no redeeming factors. It has absolutely no quality. It is the worst game of all time.

Every single one of these games has at least playability! Superman 64 was bad, ET was horrible, Action 52 was mediocre, but way too much, Bubsy 3D felt like it wasn't finished, Call of Duty isn't bad, it's just the fan base of it, Wand of Gamelon and Sonic '06 were poorly designed and full of bad aspects, but at least they had appeal. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties was so bad, it shouldn't even have counted as a game and Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing had no rules.

But Desert Bus was ground breaking. Technically it wasn't a real game, because it was actually just a mini game on a game called Penn and Teller's: Smoke and Mirrors. There's NO pause button, so you can't go and take a poop or go and eat dinner in another room. Unlike the Terminator, you cannot hold the button down and leave it there because the bus swerves to the right and then the truck tows you ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE START! Seriously, why couldn't the truck just pull you out of the sand? Why couldn't it save the game. ...more

The aim of this game is to get from Tucson, Arizona from Las Vegas, Nevada. It takes 8 hours just to get back and forth and you only get a point just for going. What's worse if you spin out of control into the gravel on the side of the road you have to wait for a tow truck to come to take you back to the start. You can't pause the game, there aren't any cars that come towards you, there are no passengers in the back and you can only go 45 miles per hour. Now that it is what I call the worst game in all mankind!

Sometimes, reality hurts. So why the heck does there have to be a game about it? I wonder if one person ever said "I wanna play a game where you do nothing but drive for eight straight hours without obstacles or challenge." Video games are made specifically to be unrealistic. How would like playing Super Mario Galaxy and you die from asphyxiation five minutes into the game?

16 Hotel Mario Hotel Mario Product Image

It should be #2! This is an absolute disgrace to video games! Even though my Toxic Community sucks, it would obliterate the Philips HQ. Thanks Philips, for ruining my childhood, and Mario games for me. And to the developers, I hope every single one of you goes to hell.

My interpretation of the creation of this game:

A satanic ritual in Amsterdam, Philips HQ.

When the name springs to mind, I just end up cringing at the fact that all that happens is you shut a door. Puzzle game? Yeah right, a puzzle game without the puzzle more like.

I'm sorry but I can't consider this a game at all, it's just pathetic - a joke on paper, because I think 3 year old children could and maybe would come up with a better game, idea and concept.

I finish my point with this: What is a game, without an objective?

Who can make a better video game? the answer, ANYBODY. This game hardly even qualifies as a game. When playing the game, all you're doing is running around and shutting doors. Really? shutting doors? Could it be any more stock? How about the hideous controls and horrible jumping. When you're trying to stomp on enemies, you bounce up and get killed by enemies on the floor above you. Worst of all the cutscenes. No enclosed instruction book can help you with this horrible "game"

Ok, I take back the fact that Plumbers Don't wear ties is worse than this., I could create better stuff in 5 seconds. Whoever these producers were, should be kidnapped, brought to a Miley Cyrus concert, electrocuted 50,000 times, and then finally, when they beg for death, give it in the most painful way. All while you're clubbing them with a plunger.

17 Pac-Man (Atari 2600) Pac-Man (Atari 2600) Product Image

This was seriously one of the only games that gave me nightmares when I was little. I'm the kind of person who isn't scared by zombies, or man-eating plants. It's the open space. No sound. Darkness. I may sound like I'm insane, but even Boom-Blox and Chime scared me. Especially Chime. *shivers* This game gets monotonous after a while when you play with it by yourself, so it helps to have someone around. You can get really mad with the ghosts, too. There are a lot of glitches and definitely some things that could use improvement.

Yes it was the best selling game on the console, but that was only because it came with the box. The game has sound effects that are just horrendous. The sound that it makes when Pac-Man eats a pellet sounds like your toddler is pressing a button that makes a duck quack constantly. The ghosts also glitch and double so it looks like two are coming for ya. This game's a total glitch it self.

TERRIBLE. The sound effects are awful and they wont get out of your head. They almost make you sick. The maze is very dull and the point system is just retarded. They could have at least made the cherries red. The ghosts are glitchy and you don't know when they stop blinking because of a glitch. You must experience this rushed abomination.

This is a prime example of why you don't rush games. The creators were so determined to get the game released in time for the holidays that they went and released the prototype. This is why the game turned out to be such a mess and played a part in the video game crash of 1983.

18 Flappy Bird

This game is highly addictive but for all the wrong reasons. The graphics were stolen from super Mario on the NES, it's repetitive and a tons of other things, I could go on forever but you get the idea. I also heard that this game caused people to commit suicide, I don't know if that's true or not.

This game is crap. The only reason why people played this is that it is very addictive. Yes, very addictive, but very repetitive, very bad graphics, very hard, very pointless... Man, this game could be easily at the top 10!

Yeah, you're right! Crappy Bird was a complete ripoff from Jetpack Joyride. They probably got it from the vehicle "Profit Bird". Which is why a ripoff.

I don't get how people could like this: it's so bland and unpolished that listening to my cat meowing for 5 hours straight (she has a really high-pitched loud voice) would be more fun.

19 Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis Product Image

Admit it, EVERYBODY hates water levels. The one in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES really ticked a lot of players off. So, it was decided to make an entire game based around the concept. Not only does suck, but the bad camera angles just make the gameplay worse.

Mario Party 7 is way better than Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis.

I actually think this game is worse than Superman 64

Gamecube ahhh I love this system *looks at this game* I don't know what to say

20 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Product Image

This is actually worse than Sonic 06. The graphics here are bad. The gameplay is horrendous. The physics are useless. Like Sonic 06, it has many bugs and glitches. It could crash at times. The multiplayer modes are terrible. The framerate is abysmal. The story is unbearable. The new character, Sticks the Badger, barely appears and does nothing but give you a pointless sidequest. The sound effects are poor. I mean, this should be higher. Also, do you have Shattered Crystal on this list? That game is just as bad as this one over here.

At least 06 brought SOMETHING to the table (like Silver of Mephilles, and a good character arc for Shadow), but Sonic Boom is trash. The show in itself is ok, but the games are kind of a joke. Knuckles is potrayed as dumb (and I'm a HUGE Knuckles fan, so that makes me mad), Amy is unnescarily annoying (I actually love game Amy), Sticks is annoying, Sonic is too sassy/ Tails is the only character I don't hate in Boom, like jeez.

This game, oh God, no. Sonic 06 was just already bad enough. That game was so torturous. I heard the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed that game, but he should review this one.

Honestly I think this game is average. I mean there's some levels and bosses I enjoyed and I like the idea of a huge open world levels but unfortunate the graphics aren't very good even for a will u game. The story is crap. Forgettable music and lots of glitches. When you're walking in the hub world everyone just remodels is right behind you again. I really like the 2d sections and the shooting level. This game is really easy AND WHO THOUGHT GIVING BIG RED BUTTON TO MAKE THIS GAME WAS A GOOD IDEA. The speeding levels are fun but the camera is awful in it. I think Lyric is a cool villain and I like Eggman and Metal Sonic In this game. Overall I will give this game a 5.9/10. An okay game that could be made better

21 Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite: Battle Royale Product Image

Put this at number one, it sucks because it's overrated, the graphics suck, it's nowadays is everywhere, and the fanbase is terrible, I'm going to be mad if this becomes more popular than Mario.

I really do not get why this game is so popular to begin with. Most of the boys keep talking about it at school and in public. An actual good video game (such as Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Sonic the Hedgehog) keeps a story and makes it better, and that is not what Fortnite does. It just floated its way to fame because little kids were tricked with cheap, stupid cosmetics into getting lasered by tryhards and cheaters. I also hate how it runs out of ideas easily. The same stuff keeps appearing in the shops over and over and over again. And the guns; don't even get me started. Even a baby's toy does more damage than most of the guns in this horrible game. It doesn't care about its feedback either. It's like Teen Titans Go, only as a video game. I'm glad I got into high school before stuff for this game showed up in book fairs. It didn't deserve the fame it got and is definitely the worst multiplayer game of all time.

All you do is loot the house, shoot people, build treehouses and repeat. This game led to little kids stealing their moms credit card to get 100 pound v bucks for only 10 skins, children being addicted and screaming the whole bloody house down just because they died. Literally, my friend is addicted to this game and now I’m forced to do this 2fa that I don’t give one about just to give her an ugly skin. If I don’t, then she ends the call and has an argument. If I also buy her dream skin, she does the same thing. Really I wish this game just wasn’t made and I’ll have the same opinion on it even though chapter 2 season 7 is here.

This game is hard to keep up with, annoying as hell and it destroyed my Life. This game doesn’t need a Chapter 2. Crossovers nobody asked for and ruined stuff.

I wish that every Fortnite character/player was sent to my favorite game Super Smash Bros Ultimate so that way my favorite characters can beat them right up or better yet I want a black hole in Fortnite and a live event where everyone goes in the black hole and that black hole leads to hell and everyone falls in lava, monsters eat their insides and demons put everyone in torture devices and maybe burn everyone in a fire.

22 Mario Is Missing! Mario Is Missing! Product Image

This is one of those "educational" games. You see Mario getting kidnapped by getting a bag thrown over him? Is there a hole in the bottom? No! Because he is in the bag! That's only the title screen! You play as Luigi but he couldn't even get in the title! He gets his own "game" and can't even be in the title! The goal is to get items from around the world and take back to their rightful places because the Koopa took them. King Kong is one of the things you take back to NY. You get items from "money bags". Kong's picture makes him look 1500 feet tall! What?!? It's too bad to go on about. It's all I can take.

Ohhh god I remember this. People of the internet, does this sound any familiar to you?

You wake up on Christmas morning, ready to tear open your presents on the spot! Clothes, TRASH! Underwear, GARBAGE! A brand new video game!?!? YASS! You begin the game within 30 seconds, so far so good! Mario fell down some hole and Luigi has to find him! You go through this mysterious red door, talk to some person, only to find every person tells you facts about Rome or something! Then it hits you- this game is EDUCATIONAL!

Why is this educational? I mean Mario is not a learning game! To me this is a disgrace for using Mario! Nintendo probably copyrighted already. This game is too stupid.

What the hell happened to Mario. Somebody do something! Alert the authorities, ring the bells, light the beacon and god help us all in such time of disarray!

23 Link: The Faces of Evil Link: The Faces of Evil Product Image

I couldn't decided which of the 2 games I should add, so I included them both
First off, the graphics...are actually alright, but the gameplay is frustrating, the voice acting is awful, and the characters. Are. HIDEOUS!

I've played this one, but not Zelda: the wand of gameleon, so I'm intrigued as to why that game ranked so much higher than this one.

Terrible cutscenes. Bad controls. Easy boss battles. You want it? It's yours my friend, As long as you have a barf bag.

This crazy joke is one of three lousy Zelda CDi games too many. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

24 Super Mario Bros. Special

This game is not special, the graphics can really hurt your eyes and the music can make ears bleed, I remember that a day ago, I downloaded a ROM of it on alongside a Sharp X1 emulator, played it and it's hard, it's like the lost levels, but much harder.

Is this even a real game?

25 Daikatana Daikatana Product Image

Daikatana is not just bad, but it's so abysmal that it split up Ion Storm and destroyed the friendship of one of the best gaming duos in the 90s. What made Daikatana so awful is you cannot see a thing (except for the revolting green lake). The palette is full of mucus like greens, oily oranges, and it uses bodily fluid colors a lot. The character models are really bad. By right, they were supposed to be humans, but I don't know what their species are. The voice acting is performed so badly, so obnoxiously abysmal, that I felt annoyed and disappointed. Daikatana is simply a guide of what not to do when you are a game designer, and it really really deserves that place. Out of 10, -25.

Even John Romero called it abysmal.

A game that could of had been better but was a huge flop for the N64,

It needs to kick itself to the Top 15.

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