Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

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1 Superman 64

this game just ruined my whole life - anthonybecerra831

It's flying through rings while being timed! That's all it is.

Just flying threw stupid rings and being timed, that's all people, that's all, one of the worst video games ever, it's like a group of video game creators left the work to the laziest, workers, to create the game, and we ended up with this, hunk of crap.

The Reason it stinks is because a few whiners didn't want Superman to fight real people, if the developers didn't listen to them, it would be a great game.

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2 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

This game is horrible because 1. The essential instructions needed to understand any part of the game (like the enemies, or how to play) were inside the cartridge box, which at the time the game was released the box was thrown away immediately 2. The graphics were horrible 3. You fell into a pit every new area you traveled into and 4. It was glitchy. Also, the game was bad for the makers because for some reason, they made more game copies then there were consoles to play it on. What genius came up with that? Some people say this game even call the Video Game Crash of the 1980s, but although it isn't true, it did help cause it, with lots of other bad games and other various factors.

The real ET would never approve of this crazy excuse for an Atari 2600 video game. Worst... Video... Game... EVER!

The only reason people have voted up perfectly adequate or even fun games like Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft (seriously what? ) and Call of Duty, is because they've never played true horror.

This is the true, terrifying result of no quality control on a rushed movie tie-in.

This game is at number2?! Superman 64 WAS definitely terrible, but after nearly destroying the video game industry, this deserves number 1!

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3 Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing

How is this only #10? At least the above games have rules, objectives, a PURPOSE. This game is what the 0.01 Alpha of a game should be. There is no challenge whatsoever. Can't stay on the road? No problem, you just pass through everything and go up 90 degree slopes no problem. Can't cope with stop momentum? You come to an instant halt when you let go of the up/down arrows? Got lost SOMEHOW? Well, then there's a dimension of nothingness if you go slightly off course. Tired of not being surprised because the back of the box tells you all about the game? You get NOTHING advertised on the back of the box. Throw in extremely non-varied tracks and vehicles, constant crashing, an AI that does NOTHING and glitches galore, and you get the worst game of all time. At least Bubsy 3D, Superman 64, ET and Shaq Fu, you could WIN and LOSE. There was CHALLENGE, RULES, OBJECTIVES. I repeat the question. HOW IS THIS ONLY AT 10TH PLACE?!?!?

This game is so notoriously bad, it's good. Just look at the cover: it shows a police car (which doesn't exist in the game), says "18 wheels of thunder" (no 18-wheelers in the game), says "over the road" (you go anywhere but over the road: off road, THROUGH the road bridges, out of the gameworld entirely), and calls it "racing" (the opponent doesn't move so there's no race).

The entire cover is a lie. But it's a must-play to see exactly what a broken 'game' is like.

I made my own list, which has this game at #8 due to being a guilty pleasure of epic proportions, but that doesn't excuse all the stuff in this game at... EXISTS. Gravity...what's that? Collision detection = nonexistent. Get lost, and end up in a void of nothing! Sick of game being hard and difficult, and, you know, games? Well, the AI in this game does nothing, so explore around this glitchy, programmed-in-two-days game that shouldn't be put in a dumpster, but should be either ignored, or you can just mess around with all the different way to break the game and have fun! It's like a party with only you invited due to everything being dumb, and I love it so much! But it's still a monstrosity.

This game should be #1 of "The Worst Video Game In The History". But no, other game are worse than this. Anyway, let's talk about the box first, It's a lie. And the menu, Select truck mistaken into car. And finally, the gameplay. You play start with the truck you chose. You can get through houses and buildings. You also go to the mountains without slow you down, really? This against collision detection law! Anyway, you always win, even the latest version when other truck can move to race. When it almost come to the finish line, it stops. And what happens when you finish race in 1st place? "You're winner! " caption appears. A mispelled victory caption is unacceptable. When you drive backward, you go faster than forward. And when you go backward fast enough, you go to an empty space that make you lost and can't find the way out. And finally, the most unacceptable ingredient for the game that is required. That is... Where is the challenge? No challenge, no fun. Why are they have to sell ...more - TheRegular1227

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4 Bubsy 3D

Star Fox from the SNES had better graphics
than this. Now THAT's pathetic. Combine that with the worst voiceover job of all time and a worse story than an M. Night Shylaman film (Oh snap! ), and you have the second-worst video game of all time.

I'm pretty sure that I've seen better graphics being created by a two-year old. - FineDough

On the box it shows people who gave COMPLIMENTS to this game. They probably strapped video game critics to a chair and made them say something good about the game. All you pretty much do in this game is collect atoms and jump on platforms and kill enemies that don't move. When you get hit by a enemy the camera looks at you in the face and you keep getting it and you can't get out of it. Another thing the graphics are some of the worst graphics I have ever seen in my whole life. There were like 10 3d games made before this and the graphics were probably better then this. I want this game burried in the desert with the E. T cartridges. CAUTION: DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

This game makes

No wonder why Bubsy died. Who would want to play this when they could play Spyro or Crash Bandicoot. Or if they had a Nintendo 64, they could play Super Mario 64! - EvanWellens

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5 Action 52

I downloaded a ROM for this game and it's bad. Not ALL the games are bad, but most of them are. This is a full list of all 52 games.

1. Fire-Breathers: The only game on the cartridge that's for two players only, it only has 8 levels and it's very boring. All you do shoot your opponent and that's about it. Very boring. Next.

2. Starevil: One of the many space shooters on this cartridge, this game is mostly notorious for having an obstacle immediately at the start of the first level. Other than that, it's easy and boring. Also... It's a vertical space shooter.

3. Illuminator: A game where you kill vampires. Would be OK if not for the fact that the room is dark for most of the game, and you only get 1 second of brightness when you defeat a vampire. Moving on.

4. G-Force Fighters: The second space shooter on this cartridge, this time a horizontal shooter. Collision detection is very bad here. Don't play.

5. Ooze: A game that was probably special to the ...more

The dollar sign goes before the 200. It looks weird the other way around. - PeterG99

"Safety pins as enemies in a video game? " Right after the Angry Video Game Nerd says this in his review of Action 52, we see his impression of a video game programmer - specifically the Laughing Joking Numbnuts who gave us Action 52. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

The worst NES game ever, this game includes 52 games...ALL OF WHICH INCLUDES MAJOR GLITCHES! Some of the games aren't even finished! Most of games are shooters and platform games, but one game has you playing as fingers...and the word "time" appears whenever someone dies...what?

What kind of a name is 'Action 52'? - MarioBros11

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6 Custer's Revenge

WHY did this game even get published!? How could anyone possibly not be offended by this?

All Custer does is rape Indian woman. Now, that is racist

Why is this 13th and Grand Theft Auto is fifth? This game is rascist, sexist, and possibly the flat out worst idea for a game ever.

The game is probably for people with some weird problems

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7 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties


Are you serious? This game is only at Number 10? Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is so bad that it shouldn't be classified as a game.

No. 1 puh-lease! This failure of an excuse of a video game is indescribably TERRIBLE! If you ever manage to get your hands on an existing copy your local game store didn't throw out in disgust, please don't play it, for the sake of your future experience in video games. (Seriously, after playing this, Minecraft's graphics will seem heavenly and all other games on this list will be like an irreplaceable offer from the Greek god of video games, or something. ) In other words: This is bad.

No, just no...this game is like Telltale Games on alcohol. It is a game, but it's a stupid one at that. "TAKE YOUR," do I wanna finish that sentence?

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8 Ride to Hell: Retribution

This game is a reminder that being in a biker gang, having awkward sex with unusually easy women and shooting thousands of idiot bikers who charge at you, isn't what its cracked out to be. In fact, most people who played this probably got up prayed mercilessly to their gods, then found the nearest soup kitchen to help their community hoping that they won't ride to hell for playing such an awful creation. So in a way its probably helping mankind realize their mistakes and give back to the world while become productive individuals to society in the process.

If this crazy joke is a video game then walking under a ladder brings good luck, the Sun revolves around the Earth and Carrot Top is the president of the United States!

Most other games on this list are barely even games (ET and Superman 64). This is one of the only games on the list that just makes you feel horrible inside. Other games on the list are just buggy or unfinished, or just has kinda lazy game play, but it gives you more of a "meh" feeling, whereas this just makes you want to jump off of a bridge.

Game Informer review excerpts:
"A new contender for worst game of the generation"
"Everyone's necks are horrifying, and everything else looks like it's from 2004"
"Driving controls are terrible, gunplay is loose, checkpoints are inconsistent, awful quick-time events abound, environments are riddled with glitches and pop-up, enemy AI is mindless, and the story is terrible"
"At one point, my entire body disappeared and I was nothing but a floating miner's cap wearing a gun"
"Ride to Hell: Retribution is awful, broken, offensive, ugly, poorly written, and a never-ending source of unintentional humor"
There, that should sum it up.

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9 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

The Angry Video Game Nerd says this is the worst game he has ever played.
And he owns like over 100 games, and he reviews the worst ones.

That man on the box art is creepy - protobro

I've played a newer version of this game and it was pretty good

You can die from bombs that explode like 40 feet away from Dr. Jekyll. Wow that's totally fair. (Sarcasm)

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10 Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

Gameplay is terrible, graphics are mediocre, and the cutscenes are flat-out ridiculous (but they are often used in "Youtube Poops" on Youtube).

This is half the reason YouTube Poops exist. I only like it for that. - protobro

I didn't even know this game existed until I saw this list!

The single reason that this is the worst game is that it is Zelda. The legend of Zelda is the greatest video game series of all time; this is a disgrace to the series that made gaming

Debatable. I've grown up with the series, played probably 90% of the games, but I wouldn't give it THAT much applause. Xenoblade is where it's at. - poncho531

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The Newcomers

? Super Mario Party
? Pokemon Sword and Shield

This hasn't even come out yet and I'm already not looking forward to it at all. - PerfectImpulseX

The Contenders

11 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Story, glithces, level design, and it's almost like a Sonic Adventure 3. The only good thing about this game is the music. And you don't even have to buy the game in order to hear it. Just buy the soundtrack, because this is an absolute joke of a game. People try to defend this game because Sonic Team didn't have time to finish it. BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER! They might have been able to get it done on time if they didn't waste so much development time. There weren't even supposed to be nine playable characters. It was just supposed to be Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Good thing Sonic Colors brought Sonic back, though.

Do you wanna know whats worse sonic boom rise of lyric and schoolhouse - ikerevievs

This should be in the top five. The game was released in 2006, a long time after most of the other games here were made, and by then you'd think game companies would be able to make games that are at least playable. But that's not the case with Sonic 06. The game was rushed to be released for sonic's 15th anniversary and it was full of glitches that made the whole thing unplayable, a story no one really cared about, and loading screens that take an eternity to get through. Even though the soundtrack is good, that isn't nearly enough to help the game have some redeeming factors. Worst sonic game ever made and one of the worst games of all time.

This game is a garbage pile of glitches and bad story this was the first game that sega had made as a third party developer and it shows

I only played a little bit of it on my cousin's playstation and its story was too melodramatic and it doesn't make sense. The romance between a hedgehog and a human was unnecessary and disgusting. Elise being told to never cry because it releases flames is unhealthy. And I hate endings where everything that happened in the story is erased. - Pinkarray

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12 Shaq-Fu

Yeah, what's better than a black guy looking at you like this and saying "Hey, give all your money and I won't shoot your balls".

this game looks stupid rofl... -. -

You need some help - SkyRimLegend21

Shaq looks like thanos in the cover art - oofoff

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13 Hotel Mario

This is why YouTube Poop was invented - MinusTop10

I know right! I wonder if people like YouTube Poop. You are so right! This is where YTP was before the Internet was invented & before YouTube was invented.

You know what they, all toasters toast toast. - Hellohi

It bring nothing but YTP materials like spaghetti, enclosed instruction book and all toaster toast toast

Probably the worst Mario game in existence but it made the only meme that'll never die and that is "YouTube Poop" and those are fun to make and watch - Peppapigsucks

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14 Desert Bus

Every single one of these games has at least playability! Superman 64 was bad, ET was horrible, Action 52 was mediocre, but way too much, Bubsy 3D felt like it wasn't finished, Call of Duty isn't bad, it's just the fan base of it, Wand of Gamelon and Sonic '06 were poorly designed and full of bad aspects, but at least they had appeal. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties was so bad, it shouldn't even have counted as a game and Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing had no rules.

But Desert Bus was ground breaking. Technically it wasn't a real game, because it was actually just a mini game on a game called Penn and Teller's: Smoke and Mirrors. There's NO pause button, so you can't go and take a poop or go and eat dinner in another room. Unlike the Terminator, you cannot hold the button down and leave it there because the bus swerves to the right and then the truck tows you ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE START! Seriously, why couldn't the truck just pull you out of the sand? Why couldn't it save the game. ...more - BlazikenBro

Great time waster and life waster - SkyRimLegend21

They set out to make a bad game, and they succeeded. - EvanWellens

Guys, this game was made as a joke. It's not supposed to be a real game. - MaxPap

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15 Hong Kong 97 Hong Kong 97

Anticommunist propaganda

I don't get the big deal. This game is a masterpiece of graphics, level design, story, and especially the elegant loop of the same three lyrics from a song they probably didn't have the rights to use, as well as the backgrounds, including a Coca Cola logo they *definiely* didn't have the rights to use. There's also the tasteful game over screen treating you to a delightfully compressed image of an actual dead body. - regularshowman

Sorry about my other review, I accidentally pressed the post button. Anyway, there's a single song, or shall I say two lines of a song?! Yes, only two lines! And, well, they refer to Chinese people in a rather... interesting way. What is that way, you ask?

Ugly reds.

No, it's true, they actually call them that. Also, as others have pointed them out, they advertise themselves. Now, other companies do advertise themselves in their own game, but all they do is to just stick their logo into a random object. Also, why would someone would sell Happysoft's trash at their own store?

Now, about the game, it is RIDICULOUSLY HARD. There are dudes in gray and red. The red ones? They are annoying as HELL. They sway around, and when they touch you... Instant game over. There are cars that try to run you over as well... Sometimes, when you defeat those gray or red dudes, they drop white things.

"That's a powerup! "

Is what everyone thought when they first ...more - ChocoMint

Cover image looks terrible. - MarioBros11

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16 Crazy Bus

Where do I even start with this game?. This game can barely be considered a game, Simply drive left and right and honk the horn. While a crunched image of an bus is in the background while riding on a see through checkerboard floor, The only sprites (The buses) Look as if they were done in ms paint and even then: You could make a better looking bus. This game doesn't even look finished. It looks like it was made in 10 minutes at least. The only song there is a song that... I'm not even sure if it's a song, It barely has any pattern, It's just a bunch of bleeps and bloops that will scatter windows, Honestly if you corrupted a song, It would likely have more of a beat than whatever the soundtrack in crazy bus is. There's no excuses for this game, Desert bus was a game made to critique how parents often ripped on games for being too violent, Big rigs despite not being anywhere near a finished state, Is at least funny. This game isn't even a game you can laugh it, There's nothing to laugh ...more

Here's a challenge, play this game and the song Crazy Bus (from Arthur) and play the game for 10 minutes and if Crazy Bus (song) ends, reset it.

No redeeming qualities and it has easily the worst music I've ever heard in my life, if you want to even call it's title theme music. - EvanWellens

The awfulness of this game has to be seen to be believed, It is a game for Sega genesis made in Venezuela in 2004 where everything you do is drive left and right, yes that's it, YOU CAN'T EVEN COMPLETE THE GAME

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17 Pac-Man (Atari 2600)

TERRIBLE. The sound effects are awful and they wont get out of your head. They almost make you sick. The maze is very dull and the point system is just retarded. They could have at least made the cherries red. The ghosts are glitchy and you don't know when they stop blinking because of a glitch. You must experience this rushed abomination.

I hope nobody has made a creepypasta out of this.

There was a pac man for atari? How could it be bad? - SkyRimLegend21

When you rush a game so you release an unfinished prototype. - EvanWellens

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18 Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

This was named the worst gamecube game of all time, the controls are poor, the camera position itself on its free will, and the graphics are bad, I don't think this should even be called a game

Mario Party 7 is the worst Gamecube game of all time, not Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis. Even if I found Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis to be very underrated, I wouldn't have really liked this game anyway.

I remember when I was 5 this game was cool but when I found it in the attic and played it I realized how bad the controls were and the bad camera so I took my hammer and broke it

Admit it, EVERYBODY hates water levels. The one in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES really ticked a lot of players off. So, it was decided to make an entire game based around the concept. Not only does suck, but the bad camera angles just make the gameplay worse.

Who would want to even play this abomination! - htoutlaws2012

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19 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Let me explain to you why this is worse than Sonic 06:

1) Boring ass story. Sure, Sonic 06 had a bad story, but this takes the cake in bland. Sonic 06 had overlapping stories, this just has 1 bland story...

2) The bland hub. Sonic 06 (whilst I dare cry my eyes out) had a bad hub world. It was bland, but it wasn't BAD. THIS GAME has the issue of moving slower than a snail. You can't go across hub worlds fast enough, and they're so confusing...

3) The game-breaking glitches. Yes, sonic 06 had these too; but they weren't as bad as this. One glitch allows you to skip 90% of the game. NINETY PERCENT!

4) The slow pace. Hoo-boy, I thought sonic was fast. Guess he broke his legs.

5) Why do I say he broke his legs? Because the characters all wear BANDAGES. Oh, and sonic's taller. Again. Knuckles looks like he's on steroids as well.

6) Knuckles' personality. He's become an idiot.

Yes, I am a new member, and yes, I do get pissed off and rant a ...more - mattstat716

Worse than sonic 06, Shadow the hedgehog, and all sonic boom sequels

Two words: wolf sonic - GleamingShadow

Sonic and the rest make a good team play it.

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20 Flappy Bird

Stole Mario's Warp Pipe assets - protobro

It is the definition of cancer

I like it. Am I the only one? - MarioBros11

Nothing changes just a stupid bird flying

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21 Fortnite: Battle Royale

Overrated pile of trash.

So damn overrated! Such a waste of time

This game is so great all you do is join a game and wait for about an hour and then you jump off a bus and build and kill people then you die and wait another hour to join another server very fun! *sarcastic*

This game is gay and has little to no original ideas. It is a shooter for 2 year olds, and it deserves no love at all. Call of Duty BO4 is way better.

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22 Link: The Faces of Evil

Such a shame to the Zelda's franchise.

Huh link vs the faces of evil whats next star vs the forces of evil

Can we get this higher? - MrCoolC

More Like Lick The Feces Of Devil

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23 Dark Castle

The Speedrun videos are 3 minutes or 2 minutes long.

I'd rather go to White Castle every day for the rest of my life than go to Dark Castle

I had hard times playing this stupid game!

This is a huge rip-off of Donkey Kong, and Castlevania combined. The controls are the worst controls I have experienced on a Sega Genesis so far.

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24 Daikatana

Daikatana is not just bad, but it's so abysmal that it split up Ion Storm and destroyed the friendship of one of the best gaming duos in the 90s. What made Daikatana so awful is you cannot see a thing (except for the revolting green lake). The palette is full of mucus like greens, oily oranges, and it uses bodily fluid colors a lot. The character models are really bad. By right, they were supposed to be humans, but I don't know what their species are. The voice acting is performed so badly, so obnoxiously abysmal, that I felt annoyed and disappointed. Daikatana is simply a guide of what not to do when you are a game designer, and it really really deserves that place. Out of 10, -25. - tqpreviews1211

An awful generic FPS with terrible graphics that destroyed John Romero's reputation

Even John Romero Called it Abysmal - Aguythatpeopleignores

It Needs To Kick Itself To The Top 15 - VideoGamefan5

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25 Minecraft

NO Who would put this on here? This is the best game EVER!

Well, it does have some effects on children and teens. I do agree it's incredibly entertaining, but it is a time waster in some cases and causes some to stay on it for hours on end, leading to vitamin D deficiencies, obesity, and more. I would keep going but I don't want to get on anyone's bad side. I want to stay on the neutral side of things for this. - username34

What this game is awesome I mean there is so much to do and it is always getting updated

Minecraft is so epic. Screw you!

Personally I love this game. Its got creative gameplay and an awesome selection of things to do. The only complaint I have about this modern masterpiece is that YouTube completely destroyed it in my eyes. All those cringy overrated Youtubers who put memes and crappy music over this game to lure little kids in, get a view and a bit of revenue, manipulate them into subscribing, and take advantage of them at every given turn. So this wouldn't be a problem if kids these days were educated better. I know its been psychologically proven that kids can't tell when their being scammed, but that crap just isn't true. In fact I'm a kid and I'm aware of the shammies like Logan and Jake, DanTDM, and Ali A. They manipulate kids just to get an extra view and it's sick. Sorry for going way off topic, but I just can't talk about Minecraft without bringing up this issue. I give it a consist 9/10

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26 M&Ms Kart Racing

As somebody who loves the candy, even I admit that I hope that whoever thought this game was a good idea got fired sometime after it got greenlit/released. - PerfectImpulseX

Why does this exist

WOAH I was just thinking I was gonna add this game to the list at 15 and then I SAW IT! It's actually the worst thing anything has ever had to do with anything- EVER! (Not including bin laden, crabsticks and I Got A Rocket. Man that show sucked. )

Terrible. Doesn't work.

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27 SQIJ!! (ZX Spectrum)

It had been 'apologetically' remade in 2018. - Sprightly - Sprightly

Ok people, be real. Which would you rather play:

An open world where you can create anything you want in blocky 3D graphics.
A game that's so glitchy you literally can't do anything. Not even move. If you hack it so you can move, you die when you exit the level and the game crashes.

Hard decision, I know.

This makes Hong Kong 97 look like Virtual-On: Ontario Tangram! - PerfectImpulseX

This game is truly an experience. It allows you to look deep into your soul, and realize what has to be done. You must destroy every last surviving copy of this game- wipe it from existence with the burning flames of a thousand suns. Call all to curse upon its grave-...but realize that you can't do any of that because you can't move. - poncho531

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28 Ninjabread Man

This game can be beaten in 30 minuites. I hate this game. - MarioMaster101

This is a real game, and now I kind of wanna play it.
Lesson Learned: No one takes weed when devolping game ideas.

It sucks because it has 4 levels and weird controls like move your wii nunchuck to jump and you know what it's a horrible game, it shouldn't even be a game

Most of these terrible games would be good if they were made by valve or Nintendo, at least they know what they're doing. - Harri666

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29 Zelda's Adventure

It makes me sad that the title characters first game was this. - EvanWellens

The game is overpriced and you can only hold one weapon. It takes forever for the screen to load. When you buy stuff in other Zelda games you go select the items on the item screen. In Zelda's adventure you have to bring up the menu screen, select the rubies, pick the item you want and you get your item and it takes too long. It's better than link the faces of evil and Zelda the wand of gamelon but not by a whole lot. I wouldn't recommend buying this game.

Not as bad as Faces Of Evil, Wand Of Gamelon and Hotel Mario. But it's not good either, also LJN never published/made this, so shut up to whoever said "Laughing Joking Numbnuts. - Gehenna

This crazy traveshamockery is one of three Zelda CDi joke games too many. What were the Laughing Joking Numbnuts who gave us this dumb farce thinking... No, What's on second!

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30 Rambo: The Video Game

This game is awful, it should be in top 10

No sonic boom was worse

Sonic Boom was better

The worst game of 2014 - htoutlaws2012

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31 Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo!

When I was much younger, me and my siblings pretended that we were all in moshi monster land or something like that, and we all picked monsters to be. it started out good until one of my siblings decided that since her and someone else were both devils then they should be able to kill people with fake swords. Of course, everyone else objected to that, but they didn't care. It went from a nice little society game to an all out war. You could write letters in crayon to other peoples "houses" (a room they chose) and slip it underneath a door. My sister and that other guy decided that if there is a small plastic bush looking thing in the note, then once you open it up, they can come in and kill you. I wanted to just blow everything up with a rocket I was so pissed... this happened when I was 8 or 9 by the way, so this isn't recent. - username34

It isn't even a game its annoying and its for babies - iinfinityscoot

I remember this in a commercial and its pretty boring and stupid. - dkomoko


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32 Dancing With The Stars

The wii had a lot of crappy games didn't it? - EvanWellens

Go dance with hitler idgaf - SkyRimLegend21

Boring! Just throw this crappy game in the trash and let's play Guitar Hero!

Whoever thought of this game should be shot in the face. - lukestheman4

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33 Mario Is Missing!

Then why is Mario right behind Luigi on the cover? - MarioBros11

no - SkyRimLegend21

This is one of those "educational" games. You see Mario getting kidnapped by getting a bag thrown over him? Is there a hole in the bottom? No! Because he is in the bag! That's only the title screen! You play as Lugi but he couldn't even get in the title! He gets his own "game" and can't even be in the title! The goal is to get items from around the world and take back to their rightful places because the Koopa took them. King Kong is one of the things you take back to NY. You get items from "money bags". Kong's picture makes him look 1500 feet tall! What?!? It's too bad to go on about. It's all I can take.

This should be renamed to "Quality Is Missing! "

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34 LJN Video Art

Should this even count? - EvanWellens

HEY MA I DREW A LINE - SkyRimLegend21

Even the Intec Interact and the Wireless 60 are better consoles than this Microsoft Paint ripoff brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts!

The 2nd worst gaming console ever. Right under the R - zone

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35 The Legend of Zelda

Whoever put this here is obviously a Call of Duty fanboy or something like that.

I guess its someone who worships SMK who claims that Zelda is a rip off of Minecraft. - Hellohi

Who are you and where do you live - SkyRimLegend21

Okay, yeah, sure, one of the best games on the NES is one of the worst games of all time. Yeah, I totally understand. All sarcasm aside this game, while not perfect is a load of fun and totally worth every penny. - EvanWellens

This is actually good. - MarioBros11

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36 I Wanna Be the Guy

What is this? What the hell is this? - MarioBros11

I wanna die. That would be a better tidle - SkyRimLegend21

There is a difference between "Bad" and "Made you to piss you of in purpose".

Hey denferok it's your least favorite guy game on the list

On a more serious note, I do SEE how people would dislike this, but hey, it's not as bad as it's position on this list may tell, it's actually a kinda decent adventure game. Sure, it crashes a TON (and by that I mean like every 15 seconds or so) and the engine works poorly (at least when compared to more refined guy games). There's also many, many traps, but hey, even though they may be unfair at first, you can BEAR them and it's not like there are traps like every 2 seconds. If people who voted for this actually had experience playing guy games, they'd reconsider this.

But hey, it's just an opinion. Just keep scrolling if you like. - letcreate123

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37 Mindjack

Other than its concept that they tried, (even if it was poorly done) Its very generic. - htoutlaws2012


Wow, you have been mindjacking all game, and you realize that you can mindjack 3/4 through the game, combined with the bad gameplay, this game suck


38 LittleBigPlanet 3

This game was pretty good from what I heard. - EvanWellens

I heard many good things about this game, don't know why it's here - B1ueNew

Aw, come on! Of all the games, why Littlebigplanet?! - redhawk766

Got boring after a while. - Nevatopart

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39 Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

The Kinect killed this game. Gee, no wonder you should trash it. - jdramirez

This is the 4th worst game ever made - Thepassingzone

What where you expecting? It's a Kinect exlusive.

We would rather press a lot of buttons than the controller and the kinect.

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40 Call of Duty

This game ain't cool! the only reason kids play it is because they wanna act like their cool! - Peppapigsucks

The old ones were better. hype for Call of duty: Modern warfare though! - Zer0TheAssasion

You are gey

There's too many games they've made - iinfinityscoot

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41 SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge

I'm not going to try

Replace 'Spongebob' with 'Kitchen Sponge'. - MarioBros11

The PlayStation port was definitely amazing but the GBA port is boring - jwaughtal

This game was good

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42 Mario Kart Wii

There are some serious balance issues with this game, but it's still a fun time. - EvanWellens

Wow you have horrible taste - GleamingShadow

What this game should not be on this list (neither should it be on best games)
Whoever put this here is probably just a whiney baby who can't win a race
With the typical wii graphics and catchy theme songs (we're looking at you coconut mall), and rewarding, well rewards. This game will make you jump around when you win (even if you win all the time) and still keeps you coming back for more

What? - Jasmine21064

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43 Five Nights at Freddy's

This is not the worst game ever. Why? IT BARELY COUNTS AS A GAME. This disgrace to gaming "tries" to be a survival horror game. But due to the games’ popularity, I’ve seen the jump scares a hundred times before I even played the game. Jump scares are the worst form of horror, may I add. Second, the “game play”, if you can even call it that. Here’s an accurate summary of the “game play”. You sit. Two minutes later, you close a door and open it again shortly after. A minute later, you close that door again. Sometimes you look through a security camera. They tried to give this game a creepy atmosphere, but I saw right through its disguise. It’s a WAITING SIMULATOR dressed as a horror game. There’s nothing else but nothingness. The “characters” have literally no personality, there’s no plot, just vague scraps of information people think are lore (keyword: THINK), there’s not even any music besides ambient fuzz and a licensed song. It’s almost like the ...more

Garbage and overrated. And if you are gonna even TRY to look up it on google images or youtube, you will need bleach for your eyes after what you will see. - Zer0TheAssasion

This is the best game ever, I will actually clap anyone who disagrees. I will nuke the world if this isn't removed immediately!

This is probably one of the worst games ever. You can hardly call it a game and it is meant to be scary and it isn't. My little brother is ridiculously addicted to this game. So addicted it makes me want to commit suicide. I wish this game was never created. Every time I see this game I want to be sick. - HyperWhirl

How is this lower than Minecraft

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44 Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Look into Freddy's eyes... - MarioBros11


Better than the original and has slight replay value. - EvanWellens

Not bad same as I said for FNaF 1

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45 Terraria

Just bad. Its sucks

HOW STUPID ARE THESE PEOPLE MINECRAFT GEEKS STOP PUTTING GAMES THAT ARE BETTER! THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I LOVE IT! I'm so good at it! It's so much fun! Bosses are tough (especially the wall of flesh and those hard mode events like the frost and pumpkin moons) the game is evenly balanced plus it's better than Minecraft! People were drunk when the added this to the list!

Why is this on here? The only people who put this on here were probably Minecraft fans who think a game with a similar premise is automatically a ripoff! - AlienKing

Starbound is better

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46 Just Dance

For the wii there's a Michael Jackson dancing game, at least the Michael Jackson game he's better songs, since just dance is full of modern hip hop that pisses off people

Mom and dad think I should be girly so they get me this! I want to throw it out the window!

Ogh! I think some people locking in their room all day shooting things on a screen who are pepped up with rabid testosterone and fear social interaction don't want to promote something that forces it, wouldn't you think so? - Dr_Sandvichius

Someone really hates dancing my sister made me dab during this AND SHE RECORDED IT! My social is now out the window... (I'm so lonely now =( )

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47 New Super Mario Bros. 2

This game is hard, yet rewarding

Was my first game, doesn't deserve anywhere near the top 100. Only Hotel Mario and the Mario edutainment should be the Mario games in the top 100. - computerfan0

While easily one of the weaker Mario games New Super Mario Bros. 2 is still a fairly fun time, especially for those getting into Mario. It doesn't do anything wrong, but nothing really great either. - EvanWellens

99% of it is collecting coins. It's fairly stupid.

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48 Cheetahmen II

Why is the image for this game a bottle of some product? - EvanWellens

Its just a bottle

Wait you can play pill bottles now sweet. - regularshowman

Why is there a image of body oil? - ToddHoward

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49 Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet

My old friends almost gave this as a joke gift for another kid we were friends with. - EvanWellens

A kids game for the PS2? What kind of drugs did they take!?

No one wants to get their hands on this garbage. - jdramirez

Dora is not just for 3 year olds its up to the age of 7.
Preschool shows are normally 1-7
Anyway the aliens don't look as ugly as the stereotype.

That's it a pruple planet leed by a autistic spanish girl and a monkey - SkyRimLegend21

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50 Finding Nemo

I have this game and I got it for the Gamecube when I was around 5 or 6 maybe younger. It is SO boring and although it does have both an accurate storyline that does portray what happens in the movie and some of the cutscenes are from the movie its self, it just isn't the game people would want to play. Also, the movie may seem action-packed but the only problem is, it's too, dunno how to put this, movie-ish for a game to be made out of it. Most of the levels are repetitive and most don't even happen in the storyline. Although the situations happen in the movie its self, the levels they make off of that part are not too accurate. - username34

I got this game on PS2. The graphics are alright for PlayStation 2 but my problems are that its boring and hard. I used to get stuck on that minefield level and now I'm up to the submarine level and it's hard and boring I played for about 34 minutes straight just to find one of the last switches and up to the puzzle part I just switched it off

Why did this have to be a game?

I love this game it really defines next gen gaming

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