Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

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1 Superman 64 Superman 64 Product Image

I've heard people note E.T. The Extra Terrestrial as the worst game ever made. It's not. E.T. is just forgettable. It isn't harmful. Just boring. I also hear people calling THIS the worst game ever made. It is. E.T. is boring and forgettable. This is broken and unplayable. I have never seen a game be so awful in everything it tried to do. There are games like Sonic 06 where you can master it and make it look like your average Sonic game. But, I don't think ANYONE can get enough practice or patience to master THIS piece of garbage. Anyone who has deserves an award, because that takes a LOT! If I did a review on this game, I would definitely give it a 0/10. NOTHING good comes out of this experience.

Superman 64 is the bane of the DC gaming enterprises. Yes, even worse then Aquaman. The very first stage is a borage of rings that you have to fly though, but is extremely difficult because the controls are horrendous. Once you manage to get through the rings, the on-screen instructions flash for a split-second. You need to be a speed-reader in order to comprehend what was just displayed. Once you piece together what to do with those two cars from context clues, guess what? Another ring maze. There are a total of FIVE ring mazes in the first stage alone! Second stage? Glitchtastic. You WILL fall through the floor or go through a wall. And after that, oh yeah! MORE RINGS. You are inundated with ring flying throughout the entire game. It's basically a series of unimaginative mini-games and flying through rings. This tedious, boring, bland game is joyless and barren of any entertainment value. And I'll be honest with you. I never made it past the fourth stage. Most people after the first ...more

I shot myself playing this awful video game but only after I broke my joysticks thanks to those stupid rings then my paddle then the ps2 then the T.V. then the room I played the game in the burned the gamestop where I bought the game from then the the manger of that game stop house then the manger himself then my kids my wife the dog burned there bodies in the house I lived in with the yard that is when I shot myself before I forgot to kill the makers of this game if the bugs even allowed It to be a game. Went a bit overboard but that around how I feel about this disgrace of videogame.

Having only played this on an N64 emulator after reading all the negative hype it gets: it isn't really that bad. There are current-gen games less fun and versatile (and most handheld games are too), and the ring minigame is actually sort of fun if you like flying. My only complaint, recognizing that I didn't actually pay for this game (if I had I'd probably sing a different tune) is that mechanics and goals weren't explained well enough. The stages between flying levels are nearly impossible if you're not sure what you're supposed to be doing.

2 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Product Image

This game is horrible because 1. The essential instructions needed to understand any part of the game (like the enemies, or how to play) were inside the cartridge box, which at the time the game was released the box was thrown away immediately 2. The graphics were horrible 3. You fell into a pit every new area you traveled into and 4. It was glitchy. Also, the game was bad for the makers because for some reason, they made more game copies then there were consoles to play it on. What genius came up with that? Some people say this game even call the Video Game Crash of the 1980s, but although it isn't true, it did help cause it, with lots of other bad games and other various factors.

The real ET would never approve of this crazy excuse for an Atari 2600 video game. Worst... Video... Game... EVER!

The only reason people have voted up perfectly adequate or even fun games like Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft (seriously what? ) and Call of Duty, is because they've never played true horror.

This is the true, terrifying result of no quality control on a rushed movie tie-in.

Every thing before had a rezone but this THIS is just murder of mental health

3 Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing Product Image

The epitome of crappy video games. In my opinion, this one is flat out the absolute worst. Starring the trucks in their escapades to drive into the RACE, this game is fat middle finger to the people who loves video games, particularly car fans. Not only that, but this game implies and practically teaches that you are in the right by driving into the race. Like, are you for real!? Nothing is more insulting to me than driving like a joke! Screw this game! Just screw this...

How is this only #10? At least the above games have rules, objectives, a PURPOSE. This game is what the 0.01 Alpha of a game should be. There is no challenge whatsoever. Can't stay on the road? No problem, you just pass through everything and go up 90 degree slopes no problem. Can't cope with stop momentum? You come to an instant halt when you let go of the up/down arrows? Got lost SOMEHOW? Well, then there's a dimension of nothingness if you go slightly off course. Tired of not being surprised because the back of the box tells you all about the game? You get NOTHING advertised on the back of the box. Throw in extremely non-varied tracks and vehicles, constant crashing, an AI that does NOTHING and glitches galore, and you get the worst game of all time. At least Bubsy 3D, Superman 64, ET and Shaq Fu, you could WIN and LOSE. There was CHALLENGE, RULES, OBJECTIVES. I repeat the question. HOW IS THIS ONLY AT 10TH PLACE?!?!?

The thing about Big Rigs: Over The Road Raving, is that unlike every other game on this list, you seriously can't play it. In Big Rigs, it is literally impossible to lose. Your opponent is frozen solid at the starting line, making you win by default. Along with that, the game is unfinished. Your truck is a ghost that can go through everything, you can drive up 90 degree angle hills without losing any speed, and you can drive out of boundaries without any effort. And even if the game had no glitches, you still wouldn't want to play it. The tracks are uninteresting, there's no different stats for the trucks you drive, and there's no music other than the sound of your engine. Although "You're Winner", Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing "Is Loser".

I made my own list, which has this game at #8 due to being a guilty pleasure of epic proportions, but that doesn't excuse all the stuff in this game at... EXISTS. Gravity...what's that? Collision detection = nonexistent. Get lost, and end up in a void of nothing! Sick of game being hard and difficult, and, you know, games? Well, the AI in this game does nothing, so explore around this glitchy, programmed-in-two-days game that shouldn't be put in a dumpster, but should be either ignored, or you can just mess around with all the different way to break the game and have fun! It's like a party with only you invited due to everything being dumb, and I love it so much! But it's still a monstrosity.

4 Bubsy 3D Bubsy 3D Product Image

If you thought Sonic was meh in 3D, and ruined the reputation of good games, this game ruins the already awful reputation of already bad franchise. This game somehow looks worse than the blue spheres stages in Sonic 3. I love those stages, but not this game. Don’t play it, ever.

On the box it shows people who gave COMPLIMENTS to this game. They probably strapped video game critics to a chair and made them say something good about the game. All you pretty much do in this game is collect atoms and jump on platforms and kill enemies that don't move. When you get hit by a enemy the camera looks at you in the face and you keep getting it and you can't get out of it. Another thing the graphics are some of the worst graphics I have ever seen in my whole life. There were like 10 3d games made before this and the graphics were probably better then this. I want this game burried in the desert with the E. T cartridges. CAUTION: DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

This game should be number one. It is without a doubt, the worst video game of all time. It's so bad that it makes Superman 64 look like Super Mario Bros. 2. The graphics are terrible. Being made in the 90s is no excuse, either. There were 3D games made before this that were much better. I will admit: Bubsy wasn't really anything special in the first place, but it was much better than this. The graphics and colors are all too bright, and the designs are terrible. You would get much more out of staring at a dull wall. The controls are terrible as well. You know how hard it is to use chopsticks for the first time? This is how horrible the controls are. Not to mention Bubsy's voice is so annoying. He sounds like Dot Warner on her period.

If you ask me, even the Magnavox odyssey has better graphics than this, and it's just a bunch of squares on a T.V.. This thing is like Dex Dogtective from Foodfight took the biggest crap in history and digging through the turds to find this creature so he could sell it for $300 a pop. The controls are like trying to eat ravioli using a single chopstick. And Bubsy's voice, ohh that voice. It is totally irritating. I'm not talking
" Freddy Krueger nails on a chalkboard" irritating, I'm talking " Rubbing a ballon while listening to random foreign people singing Justin Bieber in different languages through a megaphone" irritating.

5 Action 52 Action 52 Product Image

I downloaded a ROM for this game and it's bad. Not ALL the games are bad, but most of them are. This is a full list of all 52 games.

1. Fire-Breathers: The only game on the cartridge that's for two players only, it only has 8 levels and it's very boring. All you do shoot your opponent and that's about it. Very boring. Next.

2. Starevil: One of the many space shooters on this cartridge, this game is mostly notorious for having an obstacle immediately at the start of the first level. Other than that, it's easy and boring. Also... It's a vertical space shooter.

3. Illuminator: A game where you kill vampires. Would be OK if not for the fact that the room is dark for most of the game, and you only get 1 second of brightness when you defeat a vampire. Moving on.

4. G-Force Fighters: The second space shooter on this cartridge, this time a horizontal shooter. Collision detection is very bad here. Don't play.

5. Ooze: A game that was probably special to the ...more

The dollar sign goes before the 200. It looks weird the other way around. - PeterG99

"Safety pins as enemies in a video game? " Right after the Angry Video Game Nerd says this in his review of Action 52, we see his impression of a video game programmer - specifically the Laughing Joking Numbnuts who gave us Action 52. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

The worst NES game ever, this game includes 52 games...ALL OF WHICH INCLUDES MAJOR GLITCHES! Some of the games aren't even finished! Most of games are shooters and platform games, but one game has you playing as fingers...and the word "time" appears whenever someone dies...what?

With games that crash, hideous jumping controls, random characters, microscopic sprites, a mass array of horrible space shooters, dying in mid-air, problems with proportion, misleading titles, misleading power-ups, embarrassing weapons, seizure inducing backgrounds, lack of enemies, games you can't win, games you can't lose, games that make no sense whatsoever.

That's what the Angry Video Game Nerd said about this game! Why is it only number 16!? The top 10 should be E. T, Superman 64, Big Rigs Over The Road Racing, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, Sonic '06, Action 52, The Wand of Gamelon, Custer's Revenge, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Bubsy 3D!

And do you know what makes this game the most deserving of the Top 10? It was $199 dollars! Have you ever seen a new game cost THAT MUCH!? You might as well just shred up that money or anything else really! Doing ANYTHING else with $199, especially donating it would be a much better idea than getting this pile of dump!

6 Custer's Revenge Custer's Revenge Product Image

WHY did this game even get published!? How could anyone possibly not be offended by this?

All Custer does is rape Indian woman. Now, that is racist

Why is this 13th and Grand Theft Auto is fifth? This game is rascist, sexist, and possibly the flat out worst idea for a game ever.

This crazy joke doesn't really qualify as a video game!

7 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties Plumbers Don't Wear Ties Product Image

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is basically a movie with a menu every five-or-so minutes to affect the choices of the characters. I'm not sure if you would even CLASSIFY it as a movie, because everything after the opening cutscene is a picture, yet The box classifies it as a FMV (Full Motion Video). Random filters are applied everywhere for no reason, and the characters have no personalities whatsoever. The story doesn't make much sense, either. What's even worse is that it PDWT was released for the Panasonic 3DO, a $700 (at the time, adjusted for inflation in 2014 would be $1,149.64) system that had very few good games. Unless you're a collector, don't ever buy this game.

No. 1 puh-lease! This failure of an excuse of a video game is indescribably TERRIBLE! If you ever manage to get your hands on an existing copy your local game store didn't throw out in disgust, please don't play it, for the sake of your future experience in video games. (Seriously, after playing this, Minecraft's graphics will seem heavenly and all other games on this list will be like an irreplaceable offer from the Greek god of video games, or something. ) In other words: This is bad.

Ugh this isn't even a game. The closest thing to actual gameplay is "deciding what happens next." The development team for this were probably drunk after the party they just had and realized the next morning that they had a game to work on. They found a price of poop they forgot to flush and decided to turn it in to their boss.

I love the angry video game nerd and when I watched the episode plumbers don't wear ties I was speech less this isn't even a game. The back says "feels like a movie plays like a game" bull the game doesn't do either of those things this game is the worst by far if you can even classify it as a game

8 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Product Image

Story, glitches, level design, and it's almost like a Sonic Adventure 3. The only good thing about this game is the music. And you don't even have to buy the game in order to hear it. Just buy the soundtrack, because this is an absolute joke of a game. People try to defend this game because Sonic Team didn't have time to finish it. BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER! They might have been able to get it done on time if they didn't waste so much development time. There weren't even supposed to be nine playable characters. It was just supposed to be Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Good thing Sonic Colors brought Sonic back, though.

Do you wanna know whats worse sonic boom rise of lyric and schoolhouse

This should be in the top five. The game was released in 2006, a long time after most of the other games here were made, and by then you'd think game companies would be able to make games that are at least playable. But that's not the case with Sonic 06. The game was rushed to be released for Sonic's 15th anniversary and it was full of glitches that made the whole thing unplayable, a story no one really cared about, and loading screens that take an eternity to get through. Even though the soundtrack is good, that isn't nearly enough to help the game have some redeeming factors. Worst Sonic game ever made and one of the worst games of all time.

Worst Sonic game ever! The graphics aren't that good for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, plus the graphics look like it should be on PlayStation 2. The level designs are mixed some are good but some are bad, the storyline has its moments, Mephiles should be in more games, it's not sonic adventure 3 if it were than there won't be any glitches, the glitches are everywhere, The voice acting is alright no masterpiece, princess Elise is in the game thank god you don't play has her but the part that ruined everything about this game is that after sonic was stabbed by Mephiles and... Princess Elise (you get the idea), the only good thing about it is the music. The music is awesome especially the mephiles whisper one I LOVE that track. Bottom line worst sonic game ever

I saw Angry video game nerd's video on this game and I think It should be called Sonic O loading screens You get more loading screens than world you have to go through to face Dr. Robotik

9 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Product Image

The Angry Video Game Nerd says this is the worst game he has ever played.
And he owns like over 100 games, and he reviews the worst ones.

You can die from bombs that explode like 40 feet away from Dr. Jekyll. Wow that's totally fair. (Sarcasm)

In addition to absurd gameplay, the face on the cover is a ripoff of Freddy Krueger as well as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. What were them Laughing Joking Numbnuts thinking!

Nothing. Wanna know why? Because they never made this you imbecile.

Probably the worst video game based on a 19th-century licensed property...

10 Ride to Hell: Retribution Ride to Hell: Retribution Product Image

This game is a reminder that being in a biker gang, having awkward sex with unusually easy women and shooting thousands of idiot bikers who charge at you, isn't what its cracked out to be. In fact, most people who played this probably got up prayed mercilessly to their gods, then found the nearest soup kitchen to help their community hoping that they won't ride to hell for playing such an awful creation. So in a way its probably helping mankind realize their mistakes and give back to the world while become productive individuals to society in the process.

If this crazy joke is a video game then walking under a ladder brings good luck, the Sun revolves around the Earth and Carrot Top is the president of the United States!

Game Informer review excerpts:
"A new contender for worst game of the generation"
"Everyone's necks are horrifying, and everything else looks like it's from 2004"
"Driving controls are terrible, gunplay is loose, checkpoints are inconsistent, awful quick-time events abound, environments are riddled with glitches and pop-up, enemy AI is mindless, and the story is terrible"
"At one point, my entire body disappeared and I was nothing but a floating miner's cap wearing a gun"
"Ride to Hell: Retribution is awful, broken, offensive, ugly, poorly written, and a never-ending source of unintentional humor"
There, that should sum it up.

You go around screwing women and watch hilariously bad sex scenes because they still have their clothes on, you do bike missions and I swear, it feels like you are on ice. You also get to do fighting missions, and they're crap. You spam 1 button over and over again. You even get to do FPS missions. The enemy AI is so bad. WOW, this is truly the best game in existence, it's better than Mine craft and Skyrim.

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? Niga and Nelle Make a Cabin
? Aura Kingdom 2

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11 Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon Product Image

Gameplay is terrible, graphics are mediocre, and the cutscenes are flat-out ridiculous (but they are often used in "Youtube Poops" on Youtube).

I didn't even know this game existed until I saw this list!

The single reason that this is the worst game is that it is Zelda. The legend of Zelda is the greatest video game series of all time; this is a disgrace to the series that made gaming

Debatable. I've grown up with the series, played probably 90% of the games, but I wouldn't give it THAT much applause. Xenoblade is where it's at.

When a game is so terrible it becomes a meme, you know something is wrong.

12 Crazy Bus Crazy Bus Product Image

The worst soundtrack in gaming history. I'll let a cat walk on my keyboard and I would create a masterpiece of a soundtrack compared to this.

You just drive to the other side of the screen! Can you even consider this a game?

Where do I even start with this game?. This game can barely be considered a game, Simply drive left and right and honk the horn. While a crunched image of an bus is in the background while riding on a see through checkerboard floor, The only sprites (The buses) Look as if they were done in ms paint and even then: You could make a better looking bus. This game doesn't even look finished. It looks like it was made in 10 minutes at least. The only song there is a song that... I'm not even sure if it's a song, It barely has any pattern, It's just a bunch of bleeps and bloops that will scatter windows, Honestly if you corrupted a song, It would likely have more of a beat than whatever the soundtrack in crazy bus is. There's no excuses for this game, Desert bus was a game made to critique how parents often ripped on games for being too violent, Big rigs despite not being anywhere near a finished state, Is at least funny. This game isn't even a game you can laugh it, There's nothing to laugh ...more

The awfulness of this game has to be seen to be believed, It is a game for Sega genesis made in Venezuela in 2004 where everything you do is drive left and right, yes that's it, YOU CAN'T EVEN COMPLETE THE GAME

13 Shaq-Fu Shaq-Fu Product Image

Yeah, what's better than a black guy looking at you like this and saying "Hey, give all your money and I won't shoot your balls".

this game looks stupid rofl... -. -

Dear Shaq-Fu,

This game sucks. It is just shaq trying to be cool. Even though shaq had big balls. Thus game still sucks. One out of ten this game is a 0.1. Did I mention that the graphics are okay. They are not as bad as Mine craft.

Sincerely, Anonymous...

When random screens pop up detailing a skeleton army that is never mentioned or seen in-game, or when you have casual conversation with people you then proceed to kick in the face for 3 minutes straight only to beat the game in 10 minutes and (spoiler alert) ball up with a hell demon as a final slide, you know shaq fu is easily the best game ever made 10/10 IGN

14 Hong Kong 97

This game looks like it was made by Logan Paul because of that dead body in the game over screen.

Sorry about my other review, I accidentally pressed the post button. Anyway, there's a single song, or shall I say two lines of a song?! Yes, only two lines! And, well, they refer to Chinese people in a rather... interesting way. What is that way, you ask?

Ugly reds.

No, it's true, they actually call them that. Also, as others have pointed them out, they advertise themselves. Now, other companies do advertise themselves in their own game, but all they do is to just stick their logo into a random object. Also, why would someone would sell Happysoft's trash at their own store?

Now, about the game, it is RIDICULOUSLY HARD. There are dudes in gray and red. The red ones? They are annoying as HELL. They sway around, and when they touch you... Instant game over. There are cars that try to run you over as well... Sometimes, when you defeat those gray or red dudes, they drop white things.

"That's a powerup! "

Is what everyone thought when they first ...more

Do you want to prevent yourself from wanting to commit suicide? Then STAY THE FREAK AWAY FROM THIS GAME, IT'S CURSED

I'm happy to see this is down lower, because it looks to me like not many people know about it. That's a good thing. Do not ever try to play it, let alone get a copy. (If one even exists) you will want to kill yourself. I'm not kidding. The one song in the entire game is meant for torture. It will get stuck in your head, and the song is awful

15 Desert Bus

Every single one of these games has at least playability! Superman 64 was bad, ET was horrible, Action 52 was mediocre, but way too much, Bubsy 3D felt like it wasn't finished, Call of Duty isn't bad, it's just the fan base of it, Wand of Gamelon and Sonic '06 were poorly designed and full of bad aspects, but at least they had appeal. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties was so bad, it shouldn't even have counted as a game and Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing had no rules.

But Desert Bus was ground breaking. Technically it wasn't a real game, because it was actually just a mini game on a game called Penn and Teller's: Smoke and Mirrors. There's NO pause button, so you can't go and take a poop or go and eat dinner in another room. Unlike the Terminator, you cannot hold the button down and leave it there because the bus swerves to the right and then the truck tows you ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE START! Seriously, why couldn't the truck just pull you out of the sand? Why couldn't it save the game. ...more

Who... The heck... Thought that THIS was a good idea for a game? The only redeeming factor I can see in it is that there aren't any whiny kids screaming in the background, but aside from that... GOD. You're driving a bus at 45 mph from Tucson to Las Vegas in REAL TIME, and at no point can you stop playing because the bus veers slightly to the right, so it will crash on the side of the road (which is completely lacking in scenery), and you'll have to get towed AALL the way back to Tucson, also in real time. Some bad games are at least somewhat playable for at least a few seconds, but Desert Bus has absolutely NOTHING going for it. It has no redeeming factors. It has absolutely no quality. It is the worst game of all time.

The aim of this game is to get from Tucson, Arizona from Las Vegas, Nevada. It takes 8 hours just to get back and forth and you only get a point just for going. What's worse if you spin out of control into the gravel on the side of the road you have to wait for a tow truck to come to take you back to the start. You can't pause the game, there aren't any cars that come towards you, there are no passengers in the back and you can only go 45 miles per hour. Now that it is what I call the worst game in all mankind!

360 miles divided by 45 mph = 8 so it would take 8 hours just to get 1 point and the game had to do with penn & teller but also while you're driving you hear this annoying noise and no PAUSE button so you can't take no bathroom breaks during the 8 hour span so yeah this has to be #1 so yeah and at least bad games like superman64 action 52 etc etc are bad games like I said but involve at least playability like the dude said below me.

16 Hotel Mario Hotel Mario Product Image

This is why YouTube Poop was invented

I know right! I wonder if people like YouTube Poop. You are so right! This is where YTP was before the Internet was invented & before YouTube was invented.

Terrible game with terrible cutscenes, but at least we got some funny YouTube Poops out of it.

When the name springs to mind, I just end up cringing at the fact that all that happens is you shut a door. Puzzle game? Yeah right, a puzzle game without the puzzle more like.

I'm sorry but I can't consider this a game at all, it's just pathetic - a joke on paper, because I think 3 year old children could and maybe would come up with a better game, idea and concept.

I finish my point with this: What is a game, without an objective?

I want to see if this is any good. Someone get me a Phillips CDI with this inside.

17 Pac-Man (Atari 2600) Pac-Man (Atari 2600) Product Image

TERRIBLE. The sound effects are awful and they wont get out of your head. They almost make you sick. The maze is very dull and the point system is just retarded. They could have at least made the cherries red. The ghosts are glitchy and you don't know when they stop blinking because of a glitch. You must experience this rushed abomination.

Yes it was the best selling game on the console, but that was only because it came with the box. The game has sound effects that are just horrendous. The sound that it makes when Pac-Man eats a pellet sounds like your toddler is pressing a button that makes a duck quack constantly. The ghosts also glitch and double so it looks like two are coming for ya. This game's a total glitch it self.

I think it was decent, but there still were a few things that could've been improved.

This is a prime example of why you don't rush games. The creators were so determined to get the game released in time for the holidays that they went and released the prototype. This is why the game turned out to be such a mess and played a part in the video game crash of 1983.

18 Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis Product Image

This was named the worst gamecube game of all time, the controls are poor, the camera position itself on its free will, and the graphics are bad, I don't think this should even be called a game

Mario Party 7 is the worst Gamecube game of all time, not Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis. Even if I found Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis to be very underrated, I wouldn't have really liked this game anyway.

I remember when I was 5 this game was cool but when I found it in the attic and played it I realized how bad the controls were and the bad camera so I took my hammer and broke it

Admit it, EVERYBODY hates water levels. The one in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES really ticked a lot of players off. So, it was decided to make an entire game based around the concept. Not only does suck, but the bad camera angles just make the gameplay worse.

Who would want to even play this abomination!

19 Flappy Bird

Yeah, you're right! Crappy Bird was a complete ripoff from Jetpack Joyride. They probably got it from the vehicle "Profit Bird". Which is why a ripoff.

Flappy Bird's probably the worst game, in existence. It's a disgrace to the video game industry.

This game has horrible graphics, and the lags are ridiculous. The bird falls way too fast.

This game is highly addictive but for all the wrong reasons. The graphics were stolen from super Mario on the NES, it's repetitive and a tons of other things, I could go in forever but you get the idea. I also heard the this game caused people to commit suicide I don't know if that's true

If you see the reason flappy bird was deleted, you'll see the creating of flappy bird was an accident. - XxAlexSavagexX

20 Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite: Battle Royale Product Image

I really do not get why this game is so popular to begin with. Most of the boys keep talking about it at school and in public. An actual good video game (such as Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Sonic the Hedgehog) keeps a story and makes it better, and that is not what Fortnite does. It just floated its way to fame because little kids were tricked with cheap, stupid cosmetics into getting lasered by tryhards and cheaters. I also hate how it runs out of ideas easily. The same stuff keeps appearing in the shops over and over and over again. And the guns; don't even get me started. Even a baby's toy does more damage than most of the guns in this horrible game. It doesn't care about its feedback either. It's like Teen Titans Go, only as a video game. I'm glad I got into high school before stuff for this game showed up in book fairs. It didn't deserve the fame it got and is definitely the worst multiplayer game of all time.

This Game is hard to keep up, Annoying as Hell and Destroyed my Life. This Game doesn’t need a Chapter 2 why just to get worst. Crossovers nobody asked for and Ruined Stuff.
I Wish that Every Fortnite Character/Player was send you my favorite game Super Smash Bros Ultimate so that way my favorite Characters can beat them right up or Better Yet I want a Black Hole in Fortnite and a Live Event Where everyone goes in the black hole and that black hole leads to hell and everyone falls in lava, monster eats there insights and Demons Put everyone in tourture Devices and Maybe burn everyone in a Fire.

I have played it and found it to be childish, repetitive, and annoying. All of the stupid skins and dances really annoy me. It is also full of micro-transactions for useless crap (micro-transactions are bad anyway). The fan-base is arguably worse than anime fan-bases. Little kids still seem to worship it but thankfully not as much as 2-3 years ago.

Fortnite is trash. This game is so boring you can build things so can you do in Minecraft. I'm sick of this trash getting so popular even though literally any other shooter is better or most games even. The fanbase is awful is awful. Just a bunch of kids screaming in mikes. And the gameplay is just bland you just are thrown into a random spot on the map and expected to find ammo and stuff. Just play TF2, Halo, Overwatch, or CoD instead. Don't play Fortnite.

21 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Product Image

Let me explain to you why this is worse than Sonic 06:

1) Boring ass story. Sure, Sonic 06 had a bad story, but this takes the cake in bland. Sonic 06 had overlapping stories, this just has 1 bland story...

2) The bland hub. Sonic 06 (whilst I dare cry my eyes out) had a bad hub world. It was bland, but it wasn't BAD. THIS GAME has the issue of moving slower than a snail. You can't go across hub worlds fast enough, and they're so confusing...

3) The game-breaking glitches. Yes, sonic 06 had these too; but they weren't as bad as this. One glitch allows you to skip 90% of the game. NINETY PERCENT!

4) The slow pace. Hoo-boy, I thought sonic was fast. Guess he broke his legs.

5) Why do I say he broke his legs? Because the characters all wear BANDAGES. Oh, and sonic's taller. Again. Knuckles looks like he's on steroids as well.

6) Knuckles' personality. He's become an idiot.

Yes, I am a new member, and yes, I do get pissed off and rant a ...more

I can defend Sonic 06, but I CAN'T defend this game. I could've made this game in a night with a dog chewing on my nuts! Its story is awful, it's got bad graphics, fhe designs suck, the dialogue SUCKS! Let me give an example!

Sonic: Look! Ramps!

(2 seconds later)

Tails: We can use these as ramps!

Great writing creators! They even got the MUSIC wrong. It's so generic that it's below average. Sonic's slow, Knuckles is an idiot, the villains suck, and it's just an awful game. You can go through WALLS too. I played this game at a Target due to my refusal to pay money for this abhorrent game and hated EVERY second of it. They REALLY did not care about making this game.

By far the worst Sonic game ever. They try to do something different, but nearly everything new they did was via subtraction! The only thing I can praise about this game is that the animations during cutscenes are great and the presentation of the voice acting is also great (but I can't say the same for the script the actors presented). Other than that, the game has nothing! Character designs are okay at best, the soundtrack is far more forgettable than Shadow's soundtrack, nothing is explained making the story pointless, gameplay for all three portions are awful.

Honestly I think this game is average. I mean there's some levels and bosses I enjoyed and I like the idea of a huge open world levels but unfortunate the graphics aren't very good even for a will u game. The story is crap. Forgettable music and lots of glitches. When you're walking in the hub world everyone just remodels is right behind you again. I really like the 2d sections and the shooting level. This game is really easy AND WHO THOUGHT GIVING BIG RED BUTTON TO MAKE THIS GAME WAS A GOOD IDEA. The speeding levels are fun but the camera is awful in it. I think Lyric is a cool villain and I like Eggman and Metal Sonic In this game. Overall I will give this game a 5.9/10. An okay game that could be made better

22 Mario Is Missing! Mario Is Missing! Product Image

Why is this educational? I mean Mario is not a learning game! To me this is a disgrace for using Mario! Nintendo probably copyrighted already. This game is too stupid.

This is one of those "educational" games. You see Mario getting kidnapped by getting a bag thrown over him? Is there a hole in the bottom? No! Because he is in the bag! That's only the title screen! You play as Luigi but he couldn't even get in the title! He gets his own "game" and can't even be in the title! The goal is to get items from around the world and take back to their rightful places because the Koopa took them. King Kong is one of the things you take back to NY. You get items from "money bags". Kong's picture makes him look 1500 feet tall! What?!? It's too bad to go on about. It's all I can take.

I tried to play this, but how the heck do you even complete the level! Not to mention your character is Mario so how do you find yourself?

What the hell happened to Mario. Somebody do something! Alert the authorities, ring the bells, light the beacon and god help us all in such time of disarray!

23 Link: The Faces of Evil Link: The Faces of Evil Product Image

More Like Lick The Feces Of Devil

This crazy joke is one of three lousy Zelda CDi games too many. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

I couldn't decided which of the 2 games I should add, so I included them both
First off, the graphics...are actually alright, but the gameplay is frustrating, the voice acting is awful, and the characters. Are. HIDEOUS!

Huh link vs the faces of evil whats next star vs the forces of evil

24 Dark Castle Dark Castle Product Image

This is a huge rip-off of Donkey Kong, and Castlevania combined. The controls are the worst controls I have experienced on a Sega Genesis so far.

Worst... Sega Genesis... game... EVER!

I'd rather go to White Castle every day for the rest of my life than go to Dark Castle

I rather play "Light Dungeon" if there's such thing...

25 Super Mario Bros. Special

Is this even a real game?

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