Action 52


With games that crash, hideous jumping controls, random characters, microscopic sprites, a mass array of horrible space shooters, dying in mid-air, problems with proportion, misleading titles, misleading power-ups, embarrassing weapons, seizure inducing backgrounds, lack of enemies, games you can't win, games you can't lose, games that make no sense whatsoever.

That's what the Angry Video Game Nerd said about this game! Why is it only number 16!? The top 10 should be E. T, Superman 64, Big Rigs Over The Road Racing, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, Sonic '06, Action 52, The Wand of Gamelon, Custer's Revenge, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Bubsy 3D!

And do you know what makes this game the most deserving of the Top 10? It was $199 dollars! Have you ever seen a new game cost THAT MUCH!? You might as well just shred up that money or anything else really! Doing ANYTHING else with $199, especially donating it would be a much better idea than getting this pile of dump!

Aside from maybe Meong (an at least playable memory game) and Dam Busters, all 52 games are trash. There are games you can't win (underground), games you can't loose (shooting gallery), games where the boss doesn't appear (Star Evil), and games that are self-conscious about how bad they are, so they don't load (Alfred N The Fettuc... ? And Jigsaw). There are also games that make your eyes and ears bleed (Critical Bypass), games that have the most awkward jump ever (Ooze), games that make no logical sense (all of them), and games that have changing titles (Haunted Halls, Operation Full Moon, Bubblegum Rossie). Let's not forget the games where the weapon is completely embarrassing (Lollipops), or the games that you can't see a thing (Crazy Shuffle), or the games that consistently crash (all of them), or the games with pathetic enemies (Fuzz Power), or the games that make you want to shove nails into your spleen (again, all of them).

You have to give this game a bit of a pass. The NES was a console that came out in 1985 and making 52 games that work perfectly fine on one single cartridge for a gaming system that old was just impossible. However, I still can't fully give it credit because it's the Game Developers' for picking a number that big. If there was only 26 games, then maybe this could've been better.

How is this #12?! With Superman 64, you can at least have good gameplay once it/ mastered! With this game, it has crappy gameplay, awful music (except for the Cheetahmen theme and the Time warp Tickers theme), games that you can't win, others you can't lose, some make no sense at all, uninspiring characters, horrid controls, and this game is so terrible that words can't even express it. This game needs to be #0! NOT #1, #0, because on the top tens, it starts at #1, so #0 is higher than that! THAT'S HOW INDESCRIBABLY CRAPPY THIS GAME IS!

This game is atrocious. Horrible graphics, horrible controls, horrible scale. I feel bad for the person who wasted 200 dollars on this abomination. 52 horrible games is worse than E.T.

How is this lower than Minecraft?! Let alone lower than #1?!

The game has:

- Horrible graphics
- Bad music
- A mass array of terrible scrolling shooters
- Awful controls
- Sending you back to level 1 when you win or crashing
- 2 games that won't even work on most of the cartridges sold
- A price of $199!
- Quality worse than E.T. on the Atari 2600

Someone already listed all the games, so I suggest you look at that.

The greatest NES game of all time is Super Mario Bros. 3. Action 52 is the worst NES game of all time. Seriously? 52 games in one, and there is nothing good to play?! The control scheme is awful! The graphics, the music, they are all disgraceful to the video game industry.

Back in the day, there was no internet for reviews. So people were dooped into paying $200 dollars for this monstrosity. $200 for 52 games sounded like a good deal, but really, they were all garbage! If only those unfortunate enough to buy this game could've known. You'd be better off just getting 6 NES games for that price.

Instead of doing 52 AWFUL games, focus on 1 great game when you're making video games.

This game used to cost $200! And this game isn't even finished! How does that make sense? - Shadowman

There are 52 games on this cartridge. Out of all of them, two are playable; Meong (a memory game that's actually fun for the first 5 minutes of playing) and Dam Busters (a game where you play as a beaver thing shooting pregnant cows). The other 50 are glitchy, boring, laughable, and downright unplayable.

Games you Can't win, games you can't lose, games that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, games that crash, barf enducing graphics, horrible controls, and this game was sold for 199 US dollars. That is a crime

All 52 games, and absolute REFUND chant waiting to happen. - htoutlaws2012

I think the genesis version is a bit better than the nes version. I love the intro music in the genesis version. Oh, and the geneis version should actually be called "Action 51." The last game is just a harder version of th previous games.

It's good because it has 52 games in one cartridge? That's like saying a hornet's nest is a great toy because there is 52 of them in there.

Hey instead of 1 bad game, you get 52 HORRIBLE games! All for the price of $199.99! You get games that don't even work, and some games that crash! - JMaster90x

This game is less of a game than it is an incomplete experiment that was accidentally released.

This should technically not even be here, it's a BOOTLEG, no other bootlegs ever make it here so why THIS of all things? - DensestPotato

The real reason why this should when is that it was 200 dollars when it first came out. 52 games, and they're all terrible. Many crash. There was one game where if you finished, you had a chance to win money. But the game crashes before you can get to that screen. Probably was intentional.

It costs 199$ and its full of dumb games, This probably was a good video game back in the day, But its not worth it... - SandwichSWAT

This game is bad, but deserves #2 next to Hong Kong '97.

Are most of the games the same thing but just with different textures? - Harri666

This thing is a waste of space in planet Earth - TheTop10Man

I really think that making 52 games that don't even work is a waste of time. My guess is that it worked on the game console it was originally for, but doesn't work well on the PC like we would want it to. - username34

Four of the games crash without an emulator, so...false advertising? And it cost $200; I think Marx said 'the capitalists will buy the bad games that make them want to hang themselves' or something.