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281 Shrek

"This game's rated T for teen"

Don't you mean

"This game's rated T for TERRIBLE! " - BlastZER0

The first Shrek movie wasn't kid friendly anyway.

This game's rated T for teen.

Somebody once told me this game sucked, on their forhead, and this game sucks and it can't stop sucking - VideoGamefan5

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282 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

How is this below batman: arkham knight, Grand Theft Auto 5 and san andreas, and the legend of zelda? , I've lost faith in humanity for the better - VideoGamefan5

The death of the pro skater series bump it up. - htoutlaws2012

Another game that should be higher - ikerevievs

This game at launch was a demo - ikerevievs

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283 Minecraft: Story Mode

This game is lit! - HondaCivic

I love this game.

Yeah, I can kind of see that. It's a bit lackluster in my opinion.

It's sad

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284 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing is amazing! Why is it on the list!? - HondaCivic

Animal Crossing is awesome! WHO PUT THIS HERE!?

This Game Is Great - VideoGamefan5

This is a great game! Amiibo festival is the bad one!

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285 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team




It's really fun and entertaining. The only problem is the crappy tutorials you can't skip. The bosses are hard to make it fun. Hard = fun. So take it off - TeamRocket747

286 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan

This game was a BIG disappointment! It has repetitive combat and a very short campaign. We don't even get enough open world. I bet Telltale Games can nail this and give this a bigger campaign with a LOT of episodes!

Oh sorry what? I didn't hear you! This game ruined the whole franchise!

It has Activision all over it, so it Sucks - VideoGamefan5

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287 Yooka-Laylee

Actually it's pretty fantastic - Retroman64

It isn't Even Out Yet Punk - VideoGamefan5

288 Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

Yep that ugly cat is back to make more crappy games we don't need - ikerevievs


289 James Bond 007: Nightfire

Who ever put this here is so stupid because this games 2 player was the best. They just are not good at enny video games what so ever losers. And so stupidly a loser in life. Unless it was B. K than I will not stop poking you in the back.P. S This is Daniel.

Why this? Nightfire rules!

290 LOL: Never Party Alone

Nothing more then A pictochat clone, worst game ever to be on Earth. just use pictochat, because its free

It's Pictochat. They're seriously selling Pictochat... This game is not a joke, look it up.

Are you serious Nintendo...

You don't need to buy pictochat, it comes with the DSI system, this is a rip-off of pictochat

291 Kabuki Warriors

Tell a 3 year old child to press the red "A" button over and over and over. He will win.

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292 Jaws

I like this game because at least they got the rating right for a concept like this. This game was rated M for mature, the movie was rated PG.

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293 Extreme Paintbrawl

The only game IGN rated as "disaster" (0.7/10). - SelfDestruct

Braindead AI, faulty game mechanics and the stupidest music Ever.

Ugly graphics,terrible A.I, I recommend using whiskey while playing this game. - htoutlaws2012

294 Hungry Pumpkin

This deserves to be on here - Ghostcreeper123

Terrible graphics.

It is a great meme though

Welp this is a meme - lincolnloudness

295 Scribblenauts

This game, other than the crappy touch controls, is extremely fun. You can do hilarious things and show them to people. You can solve confusing puzzles. This game has countless possibilities, so it doesn't belong here.

This game owns every other game that ever existed in any universe of any dimension.

Quiet you dolt of a person, I loved adventure time stakes

Ima spawn a gun - top10epic

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296 Aliens: Colonial Marines

Hey listen, this game has been trading hands for 15 years by over 75 companies. Gearbox was the only one who would have been able to finish it in four months, which was all sega gave them to make it, otherwise the game would have died. Gearbox loves the alien series, so they don't want the game to die, sure the game doesn't have everything promised but at least it got finished

The game that Gearbox PROMISED us was gonna be awesome ended up being heartbreakingly bad! Giant slap in the face to fans of Aliens franchise!

This should be number 4, not 293 - VideoGamefan5

One word for this, fail. - AlienKing

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297 Ethnic Cleansing

WORST game of all time! Even worse than Superman 64!

Why? I tell you why! The game is absolutely racist. You play as either a member of the KKK or as a neo-Nazi skinhead and go around killing Mexicans, Jews, and Afro-Americans (who look very stereotypical by the way, go figure). Add annoyingly awful Neo-Nazi music, ugly graphics and a VERY limited view of distance and you have it: THE WORST GAME OF ALL TIME!

You want a game where its nothing, but a race war this is that game. Highly offensive for anyone who see this travesty. - htoutlaws2012

If the developers weren't the product of ten generations of inbreeding, the game might not crash so much.


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298 Ocarina of Time

Oh yeah, the highest-rated game ever is apparently bad? I never knew that. I thought it was amazing.

It's has good graphics for it's time it has a good plot that's why it's bad.

Apperently it sucks because it's good

For some reason it makes me vote for it to comment anyway a speech for PS lovers.

1. This is the best game maybe you could try playing Nintendo once in a while you noobs
2. You are probably so brainwashed by Call of Duty that you can't even get out of Link's house
3. If it's the person who says it sucks cause Mario is not in it here's message for you I like Mario games but not every game needs Mario try having a variety of Nintendo games to play not to be rude.
4. I love this game it's a little challenging but it's the best
5. If it was an accident I forgive you but look at the lists next time.
6. I guess apparently saving the Triforce from Ganondorf is not as fun as killing other people with guns FOR NO REASON.

299 Star Fox Zero

At least Adventures and Assault didn't rehash 64.

The controls are awful - ikerevievs

Weaker Than Adventures And Assualt, Also One Of Nintendo's biggest Disappointments, Put This In The top 50 - VideoGamefan5

300 Fallout 4

You guys suck. It may not be your favorite sequel, but it was still good.

Really reviewer really yu make very bad lists for everyone

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