Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

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401 Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo

I hate all the putt putt games because they are stupid and I'd rather play TMNT Turtles In Time than play these pieces of crap.

Still this is better than smash bros?

It looks stupid. - HondaCivic

best game

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402 Mega Man X7

Trust me, almost everyone who has played the Mega Man X series hates this game VERY, VERY, VERY much. The controls are awkward, the bosses are annoying (I'm looking at you, Hyenard), you can't even play as X when you start the game (you unlock him by rescuing all the reploids), and the voice acting is just HORRENDOUS! Still not as bad as the Game Gear Mega Man, though...

Terrible Graphics, Bad plot, Weak Gameplay - VideoGamefan5

I just realized that this is already at 180 - ikerevievs

403 Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi

The worst star wars game I've ever played. So many second stringers in a star wars game. Some in which I've never seen before. - htoutlaws2012

You just hate it because you suck at the game

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404 Destroy All Humans

This game should NOT be on this list

It's fun but the second is better

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405 Duck Hunt

I Like This Game, It's Fun - VideoGamefan5

406 Bill and Ted (Nes)

At least the movie version wasn't ruined by the infamous Rainbow Of Doom brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts. Worst... NES... game... EVER!

Bad game based on... oh LJN of course! - htoutlaws2012

The worst NES game ever reviewed by the Angry Video Game Nerd (albeit with Action 52 a close second and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde a fairly close third)

407 Batman: Arkham Knight

Worst PC port ever!



408 Just Dance 2016
409 Shenmue II V 1 Comment
410 Splatoon

Why is this game here? Take it off this list.

This game deserves to be number one. No questions, I am 100% genuine. - ExxonWireless

You Are Worst You Very Bad Number 1 is worst games ever

Splatoon Is Worst Games Ever
Splatoon is 11/100 stars Bad

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411 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I just think it's really overrated. Still an okay game, though. - IcetailofWishClan


412 Ravens Cry

This game isn't the worst but its certainly somewhere! The game is highly incomplete! Another year of production would have made it a good game

Talk about glitchy mess this is it folk Don't even avoid it at all cost. - htoutlaws2012

413 Goat Simulator

I'm sorry but the thing is technically a mess and after looking at 400 entries and seeing games like Pikmin on here over Goat Simulator, it makes me sad. Goat Simulator is a game that was literally made only to get hype because of people like PewDiePie. Sure, you can have fun for 5 minutes but after the ridiculous nature of the game wears thin the welcome it came to, I see no reason for Goat Simulator to be seen as a good game. Goat RPG can be here too, but Goat Simulator started the mess and as such, it's what I'm nominating.

Why do people like this seriously? - htoutlaws2012

This game is underrated

please no

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414 Minion Rush

Ripoff of subway surfers - TeamRocket747

415 Donkey Kong 3 V 1 Comment
416 Fester's Quest

Gun upgrades that make your ammo go around enemies? Did the Addams Family program this game?

417 Castlevania: Erotic Violence (Pachinko)
418 Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu

Please vote this up one of the worst games ever - ikerevievs

No vote it as the best

All Dragon Ball things are boring unless they've got Justin Chatwin in them. So fit.
Maybe make a petition for a sequel to Evolution. Justin so gorgeous.

419 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Very bland game based on the film - VideoGamefan5

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420 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
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