Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

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441 Fester's Quest

Gun upgrades that make your ammo go around enemies? Did the Addams Family program this game?

442 Castlevania: Erotic Violence (Pachinko)
443 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Very bland game based on the film - VideoGamefan5

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444 Monster Hunter
445 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
446 Space Chimps

I hate Space Chimps so Much

447 Omega Quintet
448 Trick Shot
449 Pokemon Rumble Blast
450 Fallout Shelter V 3 Comments
451 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The fact that this made the list proves no one here knows anything about video games. This is an awesome game

Remember that realistic graphics =/= good gameplay. I love other games with realistic graphics, but this one is not really good in my opinion. I didn't put this on the list though.

Whoever put this on the list was on drugs

People are idiots these days...whoever hates this game has no taste well in anything... - spodermanfan1000

452 Kingdom Hearts II
453 Rapelay

The title makes me want to drink bleach - VideoGamefan5

Ironically a illusion on crack kinda game. - htoutlaws2012

Hate the title. More like Rape-Play.

454 Halo

The beginning of boring Halo series.

Ill agree for yu this time reviewer

First game kinda sucked

Halo rules - VideoGamefan5

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455 Bigfoot: Collision Course

Never seen and it looks deceiving from the cover already. - htoutlaws2012

Worst video game ever

This game is horrible lets go over the reasons this game is bad

1.the graphics
this game has the worst graphics I have ever seen its on the Nintendo Wii but it looks like it was on the Nintendo 64

2.the controls
the controls are probably one of the worst controls I have ever sen in any video game they make no sense when I first played this game I did not even know what to do I just kept crashing into walls nonstop it was not until a couple yeas later I figured out the controls but they are still messed up

3.the glitches
oh the gltiches in this game where do I even start one time I hit a monster truck out of the game it was hilarious,another glitch I found was when I got hit and got stuck up in a sign and a lot of the time it looks like my monster truck bounces in a weird way

4.the monster trucks
the monster trucks in this game are really weird like pink bigfoot

5.the menu and loading screens
the menu and loading screens are live action ...more

456 WWE2k15 V 2 Comments
457 Ruff Trigger The Vanocore Conspiracy - PlayStation 2

Oh, boy! A crappy Ratchet & Clank clone that plays more like a unlicensed Chinese bootleg more than a actual alternative! How incredible! (sarcasm)

When I first got the PS2 in my childhood, this was one of the first games I got along with it. And when I played it for real, oh boy, it was cringeworthy bad. - SelfDestruct

458 Halo: Reach

This game is incredible what's it doing here?

Because shooter games are crap and have awful gameplay and graphics while rpg games and platformers have actual gameplay

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459 Burnout 2: Point of Impact V 1 Comment
460 Need for Speed

This awful reboot of Need For Speed belongs in the trash can. - SelfDestruct

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