Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time

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461 The Rats

A very awful game that started on newgrounds with bad graphics and boring gameplay - ikerevievs

462 Can Your Pet?

This game made me crack for dayz

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463 Battleborn
464 Elf Bowling V 1 Comment
465 Battlefield 1

The one who added this game to the list is probably a squeaky 11-years old Call of Duty fanboy.

Why this masterpiece is here? - malamJONES

The game isn't out yet. - htoutlaws2012

466 Worms: Battle Islands

When I first saw Worms Game on a computer I was like what the hell is this?

467 Modern Combat 5: Blackout

*rolls eyeballs* Better than Call of Duty's becoming, at least.

468 Penn & Teller's Smoke & Mirrors

All six joke games in this collection (Desert Bus, Smoke & Mirrors, Buzz Bombers, Sun Scorcher, Mofo The Psychic Gorilla, What's Your Sign) contain material that makes fun of something to do with video games.

469 Half-Life

Huh...the PlayStation 2 cover...makes sense.

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470 ReCore V 1 Comment
471 7 Days to Die

This is the worst game ever Dude 7 days to die SUCKS look at the score only 1 I mean 1 critic gave it 4 stars while nearly 700 gave it 2 Pros and Cons about 7 Days to Die

Pros: Barley any the only pros about this game is that you can craft lockable doors without having to barricade creative mode which completes the pros you only get 5 bullets which means you don't have to look for a ak47 mag or smg mag. And more.


Too many glitches okay first of all how do I hold a shotgun as if it is an axe how do you rotate a car upwards while building why can you place signs everywhere why can't you drive a car? Why are the same cars everywhere? Oh my god all these questions are making my head hurt as if it is about to explode wide open how does a gun break down what did you make it out of ARTS AND CRAFTS?! No one plays it its deserted you can only make up to 4 worlds

I remember one time I was playing I crafted a knife and guess what I HELD IT BY THE BLADE *in ...more

472 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

There's now japanese anime games now these days

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473 Ghostbusters (2016)

This game is a travesty, and just like the feminazi movie, has a stupid plot, characters, graphics, controls, gameplay and music! how anyone can handle the new movie is surprising but the game!? It would be IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy this game.

Fanboys angry because they don't like women in a remake.

474 WWII Aces
475 Fran Bow

A great game if you ask, a nice twisted beginning and backstory. I loved the concept until the main characters are dragged into "tree world". That literally screwed up the whole storyline.

476 C: The Contra Adventure V 1 Comment
477 Movie Star Planet

Can we call this a video game? No. Can ten year olds spam the crap out of us by telling us it is a video game? Yes. This is probably the saddest excuse in online gaming. In fact you can just call it ONLINE DATING: THE GAME, and nothing would change. The animation and community makes me want to buy a lifetime supply of bleach. - peaceswagtv

Creepy 10 year old girls do online dating!

478 My Singing Monsters


479 ECW: Anarchy Rulz
480 Madden NFL 17 V 1 Comment
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