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141 Life Is Strange

Life is strange is one of the best episodic games ever why is it here?

Okay, why? This was one of the best games of 2015, bro!

It sucks because the gameplay is very bland

142 Captain Novolin

This game was a sick and cruel trick to educate kids about diabetes. - ZZDOORAL

You know it's wrong playing a game with diabetes poisoned in your mind the entire time. - htoutlaws2012

Why would I want to play a game about diabetes

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143 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
144 Earthbound

This is an amazing game! Take this off.

I'd most likely criticize Paula, that bossy ass.

Amazing game come on! - htoutlaws2012


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145 Football Manager 2010
146 Super Mario 64 DS

Super Mario 64 was great. And this game was actually the same game but a little different. So I don't know why its here.

Super Mario 64 DS is the remastered version of the original Super Mario 64. It was hard but I love the gameplay. This is the best open world Mario game I played

No just no it is amazing.

This Game is Awesome, koopas got smoked - VideoGamefan5

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147 Grand Theft Auto Advance

This and Grand Theft Auto 5 should switch places - VideoGamefan5

If you played this you'd know

Grand Theft Auto yea

Are you serious? It's pixellated! I bet the kids didn't even know what they were looking at

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148 Pokemon Snap V 1 Comment
149 Mother

This is the best game series ever, don't listen to Dinosaur.

Oh come on I love earthbound who put this on here - Ghostcreeper123

Wow, Who The Heck Put This Masterpiece On Here, Take It Off! - VideoGamefan5

This rpg is amazing.

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150 Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge

Club penguin is an awesome game but the DSI games had bad memory they would forget whatever you did you had to redo everything every time

This was just a redo of the old missions, to be honest.

I remember this just being a kids chatroom on some website for hundreds of games (can't remember what its called haven't been on it for years)Then Disney gets Club Penguin and they make video games.

An Club Penguin video game? Uh oh, that's bad. - ZoriAlexandra08

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151 Bomberman: Act Zero

The worst bomberman game ever. - htoutlaws2012

What happened to the regular bomberman? This looks like a robot terrorist. - shawnmccaul22

Terrible, and Nothing Like Bomberman - VideoGamefan5

I thought I either misread the title or it was a silly naming coincidence. Nope, it's Bomberman. Sigh, help me Clorox bleach. - JMaster90x

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152 Cars

I actually think this game captures the spirit of the movie it's based on and it is also a fun racing game

Love cars 2, not this. Worse than sonic 06

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153 Donkey Kong 64

Whoever put this here should shoot himself with a coconut gun. - letcreate123

The best games list is that way.

Wow What This Game Is Amazing - VideoGamefan5

How can anyone hate this game :o - spodermanfan1000

154 Deadly Premonition
155 Justice League Heroes V 4 Comments
156 SpongeBob Heropants

Movie was dreck. This game seems to be just as bad.

There was a game off this crappy movie!?

Really Terrible Game - VideoGamefan5

What A Piece Of Waste - VideoGamefan5

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157 Mighty No. 9

This Game Deserves To Be Much Higher Than 396 - VideoGamefan5

The most disappointing game ever. No, really, it was crowdfunded and made about $4 million and the result was a giant mess with boring gameplay and filled with glitches.

Should be in top 10 - ikerevievs

The money for this game was probably spent on recore witch came out a few months after this game and was also made by the same guy who made mighty no 9 - ikerevievs

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158 Final Fantasy XII

A really mediocre experience. All gameplay has been completely stripped away and the characters are some of the most boring creations I have ever come across in ANY game, never mind Final Fantasy. Spend your time playing either FFVI, VII XI or X for a true Final Fantasy experience. - StevoK

Worst Final Fantasy ever created. What was Square Enix thinking? Terrible gameplay and characters ( VAAN ) and a uninteresting storyline that was like watching paint dry.

About 20 mins into the game I got trapped inside of a panda suit in some random circle that wouldn't let me leave.

Final fantasy isn't a game it's a piece of crap
- patisepic

159 Night Trap

All this game lets you do is watch videos of incredibly bad actors reciting bad dialogue and set off a trap when ever an enemy is near in order for the traps to actually work someone has to actually decide to walk into them meaning the Traps are only effective on people who actually want to be caught in a trap. - egnomac

When I was a kid, everyone said how awesome this game was. They never played it just knew Tipper Gore hated it.

One the biggest controversies in gaming in the 90's and it was a terrible game anyway. - htoutlaws2012

Still a better game where you watch Cameras Than FnaF lol - Aguythatpeopleignores

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160 Mario's Early Years: Preschool Fun

Worst Mario game ever! How is this 180? - noo7na7

The late 20th Century was a very refreshing couple of decades. Educational Mario games like Mario's Early Years are the cancer of Nintendo games and that was released in the 90s when we had Super Mario World duology, the Super Mario Land sequels, Super Mario RPG and etc. Go on and flame me for all of my opinions, I dare you! Yeah, I am being sarcastic. Why Mario games that are only for little kids?! - The Ultimate Daredevil, who is aware that while there are not much bad Mario games, he used to remember them haunting him by their childishness

The music! The voice! Ugh!
"You... Chouse... The... Triangle! "

This is a discrase, a parent of a 3 year old probably strapped Nitendo's CEO and made him create this one hell of an excuse for a "video game". - TopTenHaters

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