Superman 64


Superman 64 is the bane of the DC gaming enterprises. Yes, even worse then Aquaman. The very first stage is a borage of rings that you have to fly though, but is extremely difficult because the controls are horrendous. Once you manage to get through the rings, the on-screen instructions flash for a split-second. You need to be a speed-reader in order to comprehend what was just displayed. Once you piece together what to do with those two cars from context clues, guess what? Another ring maze. There are a total of FIVE ring mazes in the first stage alone! Second stage? Glitchtastic. You WILL fall through the floor or go through a wall. And after that, oh yeah! MORE RINGS. You are inundated with ring flying throughout the entire game. It's basically a series of unimaginative mini-games and flying through rings. This tedious, boring, bland game is joyless and barren of any entertainment value. And I'll be honest with you. I never made it past the fourth stage. Most people after the first ...more


2. So terrible that AniMat actually gained new depreciation for E. T.

3. Sonic Free Riders may be as broken as Dark Castle, but Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is the cancer of racing games.

4. You know how Super Mario 64 and Pac-Man World are phenomenal?! Well, Bubsy 3D is much more than the poor man's version of these games.

5. Action 52 is a compilation of over a half-hundred ridiculous games.

6. What was I even complaining about with Sonic Battle?! I know what it is, and Shaq Fu is not much better than Amy Rose's sisterly relation with Cream/arch-rivalry with Rouge which makes SEGA more sexist. Like Shaq-Fu, Catfight is a very cringeworthy game with half-strong presentations.

7. The only bad The Legend of Zelda games are the ones for the CD-I. They do not feel like The Legend of Zelda at all.

8. I understand exactly why I used to think Sonic Next-Gen was the worst game ...more

Fly Through Rings,... Pick Up Cars... Fly Through Rings... Pick Up Cars... WHAT THE HECK IS THIS CRAP!? Since When Does Superman Have Limited Space?!? AND A TIME LIMIT!?!? Why Should There Be A Time Limit?!? What happens If You Don't Get Though All The Rings!?! NOTHING! This Game Is Horrible! Plus It Has Horrible Controls, Complete Waste Of Attacks That Don't Even Come In Handy!, It's HORRIFYING! WORSE THEN E. T, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Call of Duty: Ghost, Sonic 06, Hotel Mario, Ride To Hell, And Link Faces Of Evil PUT IN A BLENDER!

The graphics are bad, the controls are atrocious, the level design is unfinished and uninspired, the concept is laughable, the gameplay has a seemingly endless amount of bugs and glitches, and 95% of the time you are struggling to fly through rings in such a limited amount of time. Also, what you're doing when you're not flying through wings is completely unreasonable, literally everything explodes and the explosions can hurt Superman even if the only thing that hurts him is Kryptonite. - thunderstar1124

This game sort of reminds me of Flappy Bird for some reason. All the objective is to fly through rings, in the case of Flappy Bird, fly through pipes. Got very boring, very quickly. - Crysis

I. I am stunned. At how this game. Is just. Wow. I am too stunned to actually play this game in which I did. This game is the pinnacle of video-games that should have never been made. Everything about this game is just so wrong, it is actually kind of sad.

You have punching abilities but there are no levels with fighting. Of course no one (almost) got through the first three levels. If you watch a Youtube video the levels repeat. Fly through rings, pick up police cars and crash them, and take the police car to the other side of the city. It sucks

Imagine playing Star Fox 64. Good memories. Now, imagine playing it when all you do is fly through rings, go faster than a celebrity marriage, controls that feel like you're having a seizure, and you only have two minutes to complete each level before the turbulence damages Fox's bloodstream and he goes unconscious and crashes.

Having only played this on an N64 emulator after reading all the negative hype it gets: it isn't really that bad. There are current-gen games less fun and versatile (and most handheld games are too), and the ring minigame is actually sort of fun if you like flying. My only complaint, recognizing that I didn't actually pay for this game (if I had I'd probably sing a different tune) is that mechanics and goals weren't explained well enough. The stages between flying levels are nearly impossible if you're not sure what you're supposed to be doing. - airbb

Hey look, I'm going through rings again! Hey look, lets pick up this car for no reason! Hey look, I'm going through rings again! Hey look, I'm blowing away a tornado that somehow doesn't kill me! Hey look, I'm going through rings again! Hey look, I'm... Wait, what does this have to do with the movies?

This game is crap. Fly through rings, fly through rings in 2 two seconds, fly through rings in two seconds with bad controls, fly through rings in two seconds with bad controls and bad graphics. - mtndew37

I am never usually one to jump on a bandwagon, but I can't disagree with this. I remember renting this when I was a kid and this was the absolute worst, frustrating, boring, stupid video game I have ever played in my entire life. I never rage at games, and this game was the first game ever to almost make me break a rental.

I can only think of one word about this game. Dreadful. The game is only flying through rings while being timed. THAT IS IT! Because this game made Superman and the Nintendo 64 look awful, I knew that this game would be number 1 as soon as I clicked on this.

You know what's better? Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door & Sonic Battle. Trust me, you won't hate them later.

Superman 64 is underrated. But I do dislike the gameplay

Oh dear God... Rings, rings, and more rings. Then a crappy minigame. Then more fun rings. Unfortunately, this does not work that well due to the AMAZING flight controls and incredible logic, like getting stuck in anything you get too close to, and doing gymnastics on the ground. Ugh. Overall, a boring, uninspired, glitchy mess of a game that should be blown off the face of the earth. - Ballistc

All you do is fly threw rings I'm not lying you get to do other missions to but after you complete them it's back to flying threw those stupid rings! Don't believe me go watch the Angry video Game Nerd's review of this game.

It should be called Superman: The Same Adventures (get it because the game is also called Superman: The New Adventures but you do the same thing in this game which is flying through rings so it should be called Superman: The Same Adventures)

You fly through rings for most of the game. They should not have have titled this Superman64 but rather Superman: The Lord Of The Rings, absurd? Yes but an accurate representation - YourWaifuSucks

I don't know which to vote for. Call of Duty is stupid, and screws with little kids minds. And Superman 64 you fly through rings on a time limited... I vote this.

Minecraft ( A really good game) playing for about, 5-8 hours will rot your mind, playing this for about, 15 minutes and you're practically brain dead

Flying threw rings, while being timed that's pretty much it. Don't believe me go watch the Angry Video Game Nerds, review of this game. Almost zero effort went into this game. - MJfan119

This game is a mockery to gaming itself. To think someone actually thought it was a good idea to publish is unbelievable. - SoraWolf

Its sad same with the guys who approved et duke nuke man forever and big rigs. - samanime

Wasted childhood, this is probably the least appealing game I've ever played, with big rigs you can get a few laughs but with this its only tears

You know this game is just like volley ball, it is just an all out terrible game to play and whenever I play either of them I just sit there and don't because I'm depressed that I'm doing anything actually interesting with my mind.