Top Ten Classic Metallica Songs

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21 The Unforgiven

Great song! This song should be int the first 10...

22 The Memory Remains
23 Until It Sleeps
24 Damage, Inc.

This Is The Fastest Metallica Song Ever!

25 Hit the Lights
26 The God That Failed
27 The Thing that Should Not Be

Leper and Damage is higher than this!? Come on this is the best track on the best album ever!

This is easily one of Metallica's greatest songs.

However, this list is automatically bull, seeing as how Seek & Destroy isn't #2 and Orion isn't #1.

28 Fight Fire with Fire

Why this is not up in the top ten along with Ride the Lightning and the call of Ktulu, well, I am not sure.

One of Metallica's best after Seek and destroy, trapped under ice, all nightmare long, and ride the lightning. - kity21

awesome 1st chorus. Love the intro as well

Best opening song besides battery!

29 Harvester of Sorrow

The best intro of any Metallica song and just keeps rocking from there.

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30 Disposable Heroes

There is no way this song should be this low... This is my favorite Hammet solo. Not the fastest, not the most technical, but it just sounds so good! Such an underrated song, obviously, as this one needs WAY more votes...

This song deserves to be in the first place: it is absolutely perfect, and such an underrated song. Stop making Master of Puppets or One seem the only masterpieces by Metallica.

This song is really underrated, but it is definitely better than other Metallica songs!

Unfortunatelly it's an underrated song... it�'s one of the best Metallica songs, fast and heavy, James sings with perfection. I love this song as much as Master of Puppets. Best album ever!

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31 Leper Messiah

Huge critic to cristian church. A MASTERPIECE.

32 The Unforgiven II
33 My Friend of Misery
34 King Nothing
35 So What
36 No Remorse
37 Motorbreath
38 Trapped Under Ice
39 Wherever I May Roam

This is one of their best songs, but it isn't appreciated as it should be. It should be in top 10.

40 Devil's Dance
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