EA'S Versus: 03# Mclaren P1 vs Porsche 918 Spyder vs Ferrari LaFerrari / 02# results

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In 02# you decided that Batman would defeat Spiderman in a battle using his preparation, intelligence, and arsenal. Interestingly, ScrewAttax the popular death match youtube channel disagreed, deciding Spiderman would win based on their facts. I would definitely agree with them if batman couldn't prepare or it was a simple fist fight.

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Mclaren P1 vs Porsche 918 Spyder vs Ferrari LaFerrari

In 2013 and 2014, the three fastest road legal cars ALL ROUND were being made. Though they can't come close to the fastest car in the world the Hennessey Venom GT in a straight line (which reaches 200mph six seconds faster than a Bugatti Veyron SS does), they would however obliterate it around a track, along with any Veyron and any other road legal car. These three cars, as well as having insane performance and looks, also pave the way for the future of supercars, an example being the LaFerrari: being a hybrid, with both a Petrol engine and an electric system, as well as crazy technology throughout. These are three cars which, if one had been the only one to be released, would have been easily the maddest road car to exist around a track, but all three were released at a similar time due to the three manufacturers competing.

Mclaren P1
When it comes to looks, I think most of us can agree the Mclaren is not only the coolest and fastest looking of the three, but is also one of the best looking cars there has ever been. It's lines are absolutely stunning, look at the front. . . In fact look from any angle. It's absolutely breathtaking, looks like it can't possibly exist. This is the long awaited successor to the Mclaren F1 which held the speed record for a road legal car for years. The P1 therfore has much on its shoulders, and therefore is the most famous of these three cars. And it's gorgeous. It also has possibly the most race-spec technology of the three.
Price: £866,000
Total power: 903bhp
Torque: 900Nm
Top speed: 217 Mph
Weight: 1450kg
0-62mph: 2.8s

Porsche 918 Spyder
The spiritual and visual successor to the Carrera GT, this car has INSANE torque, and as a result of it it would more than likely be the fastest of the three in a straight line, followed by the Ferrari due to its lower weight and higher power. The Porsche is beautiful, curves rather than the Mclarens harsh lines. The two are FAR better looking than the rather ugly and bizarre LaFerrari, though beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The 918 Spyder is convertible hence the name, and has a massive amount of technology and innovation crammed into it.
Price: £712,088
Power: 887bhp
Torque: 1,275Nm!
Top speed: 214 Mph
0-62mph: 2.5s
Weight: 1640kg

Ferrari LaFerrari
Many see this as the F70, the Enzo replacement, it is easily the fastest road legal Ferrari as of 2016. This car is insane in stats, and even more insane to drive. If you want a taste of it, play the massively realistic Forza 6, it is one of the best driving cars. However, it is ugly compared to the other two, but that doesn't decide speed or spirit.
Price: £1,150,000
Power: 950bhp
Torque: 970nm
Top speed: 230mph est
0-62mph: 2.9s
Weight: 1255kg

My verdict: Each of these cars actually win in different ways. In a straight line the PORSCHE would take it for me due to the crazy torque which is what pulls the car forward in a drag of power through the revs, and would be the easiest to drive fast. Around a track the FERRARI would take it for me due to it having an insanely low weight, especially for something so wide, and also the most power. And for my actual favourite out of the three, though I love the Porsche too, the Mclaren P1 is possibly my new favourite car ever, it is absolutely insanely beautiful and follows such a legacy, it is my favourite of the three and many people agree.

Now, this post is a special in the series, not only because it has three competitors instead of two, but also because you have TWO choices to make: first, vote for your FASTEST AROUND A TRACK. Any track of decent length with several corners. Then, VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE OF THE THREE.
So that is two votes. Fastest and favourite.


I think the Porsche would be the fastest if it weren't for the weight difference.. it is 400kg heavier than the LaFerrari, making the Ferrari more nimble.
But in order of my favourites, the Mclaren definitely takes first, the Porsche definitely takes second, and the Ferrari third. - EvilAngel

Favourite: Mclaren
Fastest: Ferrari

The Porche 918 is good too. - IronSabbathPriest

I know nothing about cars but based on states
Favorite is the McLaren
Fastest is the Ferrari - 2storm

I know virtually nothing about cars, so the Ferarri. - RiverClanRocks

Ferrari. - Therandom

Favorite: McLaren P1
Fastest: Ferrari LaFerrari - visitor

Favorite: McLaren
Fastest: Farrari - bobbythebrony

I would definitely take the McLaren any day. It's motoring perfection. - PositronWildhawk

Mclaren is stunning, also fastest I think - Forsaken