Top Ten Movies of the 1970s

The decade what started two movie giant: Star Wars and The Godfather.

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1 The Godfather

One of the most critically acclaimed films of all time, The Godfather is often known to many as the best Crime film of all time. Godfather certainly packs a punch. - jamienicholls

Easily #1 because it's the best of all time. When I'm adult I should watch the 3 best movies of all time Godfather, Citizen Kane, and Pulp Fiction and criticize them.

A superb movie about the underworld conflicts and it's influences on average people - MatrixGuy

No movie can beat this movie

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2 Star Wars

At the time of it's release, Star Wars was the highest-Grossing film of all time, by quite a large margin. Star Wars changed films forever and remains to this day a very influential film. - jamienicholls

Star Wars IV:A New Hope started the Star Wars mania all over the world and from that time every Star Wars movie had been expected as a sensation in the cinema - MatrixGuy

Nominated for best picture - Pixtol

It was the highest grossing movie of its time, became extremely iconic very fast, was nominated for best picture, and won 6 oscars for a reason - PeeledBanana

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3 Jaws

Good movie even though I haven't been in the water since I saw this movie.

Spielberg's suspence shark blockbuster - MatrixGuy

4 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Jack Nicholson made a brilliant job being a "normal" in a mental institution in this great 1975 academy award winning picture - MatrixGuy

5 The Godfather Part II
6 Alien

the beginning of the Alien saga with Sigourney Weaver as the big enemy of the one of the terrifying monster in the cinema history - MatrixGuy

This is one of my favorite movies ever

7 Taxi Driver
8 Apocalypse Now
9 The Exorcist

The greatest horror movie of all time!

10 A Clockwork Orange

A muddled mess of a movie, not a good adaptation of the book at all.

This movie is incomparable. Nothing beats it. - Beatlesboy9

Incredible movie. Totally changed my life!

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11 Monty Python and The Holy Grail V 1 Comment
12 Rocky

The film that arguably got Sylvester Stallone where he is today. The Rocky series has had five sequels which have all featured a foe that Rocky Balboa has to fight in the end. - jamienicholls

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13 Grease
14 Superman

The first movie of the man of steel in big screen is a memorable one with Christopher Reeve as the man from Krypton - MatrixGuy

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15 Halloween
16 Annie Hall
17 Saturday Night Fever
18 Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
19 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
20 Chinatown
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1. A Clockwork Orange
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