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Jonas Erik Altberg (born December 22, 1984, in Halmstad, Sweden), better known by the pseudonym Basshunter, is a Swedish musician and DJ.

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1 All I Ever Wanted

It's an awesome song.
It's one of greatest club hits of all time,...
I wake up every morning listening to this song,...
It's my all time favorite.

Its just fantastic..
And very true and romantic.. (: - pritzzy

Its fantastic, a song that one would yearn to listen over and over again. I listened and unknowingly began dancing! Woots!

Song has an awesome tune which gives people lasting memory when they hear it. I myself, has never gotten bored of hearing this song at all. It is purely awesome and should be heard by everyone! =)

2 Now You're Gone

Now your gone, I realize my love for was strong. BEST SONG by Basshunter, hands down.

Best music, sound and text! Not only the best of Basshunter's but and the best dance and pop song EVER!

One of the best songs to listen to if you are heading to a party.

Best of Basshunter, amazing lyrics and music

3 DotA

This is the original song, All I Ever Wanted is just a copy of this awesome song, and yes this should be ranked #1 cause it's the song that got him in music industry along with Boten Anna.

The lyrics are actually pretty nerdy but I really like the beat of the song. It's always been one of my favorites.

I always enjoyed listening to this song. It has an excellent beat and is in my opinion the best song by Basshunter.

This is a epic song! It got awesome lyrics though cannot understand, flows with de techno music and has a mad tone.

4 I Can Walk on Water

awesome song and amazing lyrics!
this song should be ranked higher

It's the best of Basshunter. Amazing song with an amazing lyrics. Beats are too great. It should be at least on top five...
Come on guys vote for it right now.

Excellent song, one of the best they have made. It should be much higher on the list. Has a nice up beat to it.

I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. Don't get me wrong I love all of their songs but this one takes the cake.

5 Boten Anna

I love this song! It has such a unique sound in swedish and I think it is also very catchy even in a language I don't speak.

Even if this song has the same beat as Now you're gone, I think its much better cause of the nice swedish language and the music part is a bit slower than in now you're gone

Awesome beat and cool lyrics

This should be #1! Its simply the best!

6 Angel in the Night

Really Beautiful Song, It Really Reminds Me How Much I Love my Significant Other, Beautiful, Mesmerizing... Just Beautiful, Just Simply Beautiful, Magnificent Creation, The Best of Basshunter, Probably The Best Euro-Dance Singer's Romantic Song I Have Ever Heard...

It's better than now you're gone and dota! Should surely listen to this one!

Probably the best record ever, I heard it three weeks ago and can't stop singing it.

Easily his best song!

7 Russia Privjet

Sick hook and melody... Nostalgic.. Rocks my world.

Why is this not in the top ten, this list is void until this happens.

Awesome song feels like to dance

His russian is so cute

8 Bass Creator

I love this song - It's the bababababest!

9 Saturday

Its a cool song

The best song by basshunter deserves to be number 1

Should be 2nd! Must Listen and Very Catchy...

10 Please Don't Go

The Contenders

11 Don't Walk Away
12 Every Morning

Amazing album of remix's from other DJ's They seem to have made the song better with all their tweaking.

13 Heaven

Can listen all day long!

! Where was « Heaven » :O? -

14 In Her Eyes

This song should be higher too! It's awesome!

Such a good song... Should be so much higher :(

Probably their best song

Listen o ALL d time x

15 Vifta Med Handerna

the most hardcore of basshunter. with rappers patrick and lillen

16 Jingle Bells

I like this song when I hear it I want to dance xD

17 Camilla

It's the best song ever

This is a great song!

18 I Miss You
19 Dream Girl

Lets be honest.. One of his better songs.

Listen to this song... Why is it this low

20 Dream on the Dancefloor

One of the best original songs by Jonas! This song makes me dream and dance!

21 Day & Night
22 Oh, Sandra

.. Aww its so so much lovely song.. I don't know why its not on rank two at least.. Oh sandra

23 I Promised Myself
24 Welcome to Rainbow

HOW DOES THIS NOT HAVE ANY VOTES? Something about this one just makes me want to rave. It's so catchy.

Outside of the now your gone album this one is absolutely one of his best

This one is pretty awesome and I liked it...

"This song is so underrated"

25 Northern Light

Why this song isn't in the top 10?! This is the one with the best lyrics! And the vocals, the melody... So beautiful

26 Counter - Strike
27 Why
28 Without Stars
29 See You Smile
30 Between the Two of Us

You can tell who the real basshunter fans are by what song they vote for... Don't think I hate songs like all I ever wanted and now you're gone, but songs like this, the ones that the majority of "fans" don't know about are the most beautiful. The real fans bother to dig a little deeper into the huge collection of basshunter's songs and look up translations :) not trying to criticize, just saying'...

I didn't vote for this one, but I will agree that it is the most meaningful song of basshunter's. If you don't speak Swedish, just look up the translation... Very beautiful lyrics.

So beautiful. Not his usual upbeat style, but if you look up the translation of the lyrics into English, you'll see what I mean.

31 I Will Never Be Afraid Again
32 Plane to Spain

Come on! Does anyone else love the tetris remix in this?

33 Sverige

Best bass hunter song ever deserves 1st

Best Basshumter song even though it was only released in Sweden

34 I Still Love
35 Strand Tylösand

Just a great song and great beat, still love it today should be a lot higher

36 Crash & Burn
37 Halla Dar
38 Numbers

It was the "hidden" bonus track on the last album. It's classic!

39 Elinor
40 I Will Never Ever Turn Around

This is such a awesome song! Recommend you to listen!

41 Syndrome De Abstenencia
42 GPS
43 Beer In the Bar
44 The Beat
45 We Are the Waccos
46 Waiting for the Moon
47 Trance Up
48 Transformation Bass
49 From Lawnmower to Music
50 Pitchy

I really like this song

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