Top Ten Superman Villains

Superman might not have the best villains, but these ones are some of the best.

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1 Lex Luthor Lex Luthor Alexander "Lex" Luthor is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Lex luthor is a big evil but also good

Lex Luthor is so good because he has no powers but can defeat Superman because he is so intelligent. In his suit, he is one of the most powerful villains in all comic book history. He is Superman's main enemy and is way better than Doomsday or Darkseid. Except for them, Lex Luthor is the most powerful villain on this list by a long shot.

He is extremely intelligent. He is basically DC's version of Norman Osborn. He is the perfect example of Brains BEATS Brawn. He, along with Batman, is the only human that is able to go toe-to-toe against the Man of Steel.

He is ruthless, cunning and can even keep the entire Legion of Doom in check. He was able to conquer the entire world (but of course gets defeated by Superman) and has caused the most pain towards Superman than all his other villains like Metallo, Darkseid, Brainiac, etc.

Lex Luthor is without a doubt the greatest Superman villain, one of the best DC villains overall and definitely OWNS the title as Superman's archenemy. - Daviddv0601

I used to hate Lex Luthor as a character, seeing him as boring and shallow. But after seeing him on Smallville, he is now my favorite Superman villain. - ShuhBanggg

2 Darkseid Darkseid Darkseid is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by writer-artist Jack Kirby, the character made a cameo appearance in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 before making his full first appearance in Forever People #1. He is the father of Orion, Kalibak, more.

Darkseid is utter personification of both pure evil, cruel intelligence and power. Frankly, every other villain, especially Luthor who always seems petty to me, can't really compare,

Darkseid is stronger than superman and more intelligent. Hope they put him maybe in the final superman movie because defeating the best villain is a good way to end a movie series

Overrated villain. He's cruel and evil, but in the last years he has been more a villain of Justice League than a Superman's villain. Superman has several villains better than him.

I prefer him as a Justice League villain but yeah, he has gotten the most personal with Superman out of the entire Justice League. Heck! Superman even believed that KILLING Darkseid was the only answer to stop him! - Daviddv0601

3 Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, usually depicted as an adversary of Superman.

Doomsday is the villain who killed superman

He is the villain who killed superman

He is just a superman villain no questions asked

He stabbed superman smashed him and electrocuted him nearly destroying him superman comes back alive you see superman killed him just before superman got knocked out with a kryptonite spear

4 General Zod General Zod

General sod can is the strongest he nearly beat superman has the same powers as superman he's just stronger than darkseid and doomsday if you want to see him in action what superman two or the man of steel

Zod is way better then every (Superman) villain, after you see Man of Steel you will know that he is the scariest and best villain!


Zod kicked Superman's ass in Man of Steel. Never thought so highly of him until I saw the new movie. - iamseiko

He has same powers of superman so therefore he is a very tough foe you do not want to mess with - -l-l-

5 Braniac

By far my favorite superman villain and would be my number one. His various incarnations are all good but his best is the "true" Braniac from the Superman: Braniac arc. Caused Pa Kent's death purely out of petty spite. Superman fantasizes about beating Braniac to death in one of the most badass sequences of dialog-free panels you'll ever see.

Why is he on here twice? Here he's listed as "Braniac" with 4% of the votes and down a little ways is listed "Brainiac" with 3% of the votes

It's ridiculous how low this character is. Not only is he one of Superman's top 3 villains, but I'd argue he's one of the best villains in all of DC Comics.

Okay, this guy shrinks cities, destroys planets, and in his spare time caused Convergence. How is he not higher?!

6 Bizarro

Not the most evil. Not the most dangerous. Not the most iconic. Why is Bizarro an awesome villain? Because he is all a villain shouldn't be. Bizarro represents the fun, the madness and the action that the comics are!

He's not really a villain in my opinion. He is more of an anti-villain. He believes that the villainous acts he does are heroic. He wants to be like Superman but does the opposite. He is so innocent. - Daviddv0601

Bizzaro is the evil twin of superman that tells people that belive in superman that superman is not real. He thinks he is better and happened to be a bad superhero at first before superman became superman

"He is the worst villain of all time. He loves superman and is much weaker. He is also completely sane and rational. He hates destroying everything and loves being a superhero." LOL #OppositeDayWithBizarro - DCfnaf

7 Metallo Metallo Metallo is a comic book supervillain and cyborg who appears in Superman stories published by DC Comics.

He is one of my favourite Superman villains. His heart is powered by Kryptonite and he is loyal towards Lex Luthor. He is also one of the few Superman villains to push Superman through his limit. That's how bad he is. - Daviddv0601

Metallo was a regular human being, which is always a good story for a villain. He's also powered by Superman's only weakness. You can't get any badder than that.

Metallo is indeed a very popular villain, he is super strength and can easily destroy buildings and fight superman at anytime and is also very smart and crule

8 Parasite Parasite The Parasite is the name of several fictional supervillains that appear in Superman comic book stories published by DC Comics.

As a kid I watch adventures of batman and superman. In the cartoon parasite was my favorite of all the villains

He just needs to grab you and you die. He is definitely one of Superman's most deadliest enemies. - Daviddv0601

He's awesome

Parasite is powerful, distructive, and creepy he is the mostly villain that has nothing to do with superman but he isn't very clever

9 Mr. Mxyptlk Mr. Mxyptlk

this guy was from another dimention and had the edge over superman, when I saw his premier in the superman television cartoon show I thought the show would never end superman and him were just going back and forth.

Long live Gilbert Gottfried for his voice work! - OnyxDash

A DC villain that many who have not heard of him think of him as a joke, but in reality is one of the most powerful DC villains to ever exist. He can alter reality itself! - Daviddv0601

10 Lobo Lobo Lobo is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The Lobo character was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, and first appeared in Omega Men #3. Lobo is an alien born on the utopian planet of Czarnia, and works as an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter.

I loved him in Injustice. Also, I believe he is Stan Lee's favorite DC character. - ShuhBanggg

I know lobo should not be number one but should be in the top ten.

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11 Toyman Toyman

Toyman has no goal or anything he is just some creepy character that hates superman and sometimes doesn't always act smart

It's because we all know the story of lex vs superman so

Over Cyborg Superman, Imperiex, and Kalibak? Really? - DCfnaf

12 Hank Henshaw Hank Henshaw Hank Henshaw is a fictional supervillain featured in the DC Comics universe. While originally featured primarily as an enemy of Superman, recent years have repositioned him as one of the main enemies of the Green Lantern Corps.

This is Cyborg Superman - DCfnaf

13 Ultraman
14 Silver Banshee

Silver Banshee is great because she turns one of Superman's strengths into a weakness.

Superman's big-mouth, screaming villian, but most of all she's also the enemy of Supergirl!

15 Superman Prime
16 Nigel St. John
17 Atomic Skull
18 Black Adam Black Adam Black Adam is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, and is a primary adversary of the superhero Shazam, formerly known as Captain Marvel.

Magic is what Black Adam is all about and Superman is practically vulnerable when it comes to Magic

19 Conduit

DC version of Whiplash powered by kryptonite.

20 Batman Batman Batman aka Bruce Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27. In film, he has been portrayed by Lewis Wilson, Robert Lowery, Adam West, Michael more.
21 Nuclear Man Nuclear Man
22 Imperiex

Come on man, this guy has powers of entropy (to destroy the universe at his will) he can do ANYTHING

23 Joker Joker The Joker is a fictional super villain created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson who first appeared in the debut issue of the comic book Batman (April 25, 1940) published by DC Comics. Credit for the Joker's creation is disputed; Kane and Robinson claimed responsibility for the Joker's design, more.
24 Poison Ivy Poison Ivy Poison Ivy is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman.
25 Mongul

Mongul is like all super villains in fact he is afraid of heroes and likes being a villain the best out of all superman characters

26 Livewire Livewire Livewire is a fictional character and supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in September 1997 in the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Livewire". Her first mainstream comic book appearance was in Action Comics #835.
27 Volcana
28 Manchester Black
29 H'el

Love him. I hope he appears again.

30 Composite Superman
31 Eradicator
32 Maxima
33 Hulk Hulk Robert Bruce Banner, also known as The Hulk or Bruce Banner, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and was portrayed by Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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