Top 10 Best Warriors (Warrior Cat) Books

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1 The Darkest Hour

In my opinion, this is the only truly good Warrior Cats book. In this book, they focus less on romance and more on unity, which they need in order to defeat Scourge. It has a clever plot twist and exciting battle scenes, but even then it's still mediocre. 7/10 rating.

I just don't get it. The series is called Warrior Cats, but really it should be called Romantic Cats. Or Stupid Cats. The New Prophecy series, in my opinion, is absolute crap. They go on a journey with no idea where they're actually going, and then you are just following an apprentice who thinks that she always knows best, and a stupid tomcat who can't seem to recognize that his own father is a bloodthirsty murderer. The Darkest Hour proved a good dramatic end to an otherwise boring series. After that, it's just Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, and we're given no chance to find out about any other cats. And I hate both of them. Sorry, Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight fans.

2 Into the Wild

This book started off the series really well, I can't lie. Rusty is a lovable character from the start, and some of your absolute favorite characters are in this book (Whitestorm, Bluestar, Yellowfang, Graystripe), as well as your favorite villains (Tigerclaw/star).

I first found this book in a library, and I was getting tired of reading at this time, but something about a cat on the cover of the book really intrigued me, so I checked it out. I did not really think much of the book at first but then when I got deeper I could not stop reading, and this book made me want to read every book in the series.

I love a lot other Warriors books but it's this one that got me reading again.

3 The Last Hope

The end of the story that they had been building towards. While the books that follow are beloved, and many are on this list, it is undeniable that this was the ending the series initially set out to tell. Personally, I liked the fact that Firestar was the fourth cat in the prophecy. His role in this book, his image on the cover, and his death truly tie together everything the reader has experienced up until this point.

While the subsequent books are beloved, what sets the first four arcs apart is that they feel like one complete story, rather than a story and its sequels. It is the success of this book that creates this feeling and provides a massive payoff for reading the first 23 books. It is an incredible feat how a battle, which usually lasts for only one chapter in Warriors, lasts for over half the book without becoming boring.

I don't think it's possible for me to read this book in one sitting because of the way it captivates me. The powers and skills that have been honed finally come to fruition, and every character is forced to fight for their lives. No character is safe, including the protagonists and cats that have already died. While The Darkest Hour is in my top 10 for providing a shocking ending in which Firestar doesn't kill Tigerstar, I enjoy The Last Hope for the opposite reason - the fact that he finally does. Personally, I believe this to be far better.

It would have felt cliché if Firestar had killed Tigerstar twice, and now he gets to rid him from the Clans forever, after he had poisoned the minds of so many, even in death. The battle between these two characters, which had been promised 23 books and 9 years earlier, finally came to life, and it delivered on what it promised.

4 Forest of Secrets

THE ENDING WAS SO SAD, I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO CRY, Graystripe! I mean, amazing, I just finished it. Poor Fireheart, though, my heart is crying.

It's very dramatic, with Silverstream having the kits, Tigerclaw's exile, and Bluestar saying she's the mother to Mistyfoot and Stonefur.

Dude, how is this still number four? This was even better than The Darkest Hour and Into the Wild. It even made me sadder than those two. I mean, I guess The Last Hope is good, but this should be at least in the number two spot.

Even my friend is reading it and she is liking it A LOT. She keeps renewing it from the library, and she's only on chapter three, but she's loving it!

5 Bluestar's Prophecy

Bluestar has always been an interesting character. In the original Warriors series, she was conflicted but nevertheless confident. This story gave us the reason for this by giving us a window into her internal monologue and her past experiences.

The elaboration form was perfect, and I loved the flawless storyline to go along with it. By far, one of the Erin's best books.

I love reading about how Bluestar grows up. It's so sad when Moonflower and Snowfur die! And when she gives up on her kits, and Mosskit dies, all because of Thistleclaw! But if Thistleclaw weren't alive, Bluefur wouldn't become leader, and Firestar wouldn't join ThunderClan, nor would Cloudtail, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Ivypool, Dovewing, Whitewing, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Alderheart, Hollyleaf, Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, and all those other cats! Wow, I just realized how many cats joined ThunderClan because of Firestar!

6 Crookedstar's Promise

Honestly, I think "Crookedstar's Promise" could be first in the top 10 saddest! Crookedstar is wrongly mistreated by his annoying mother, Rainflower. He's been cast aside by her almost all his life. Then he meets Mapleshade, and he believes everything will be okay. But it's not okay! Mapleshade makes everybody he loves die.

But in the end, in the manga excerpt, it's so sad, because Crookedstar is so brave. He says: "I may not have any loved ones anymore, but I have my clan, which I will take care of for the many moons to come." Crookedstar is a strong and brave leader who, like Mapleshade instructed him to, casts his own problems out of the way of his clan, but takes the time to satisfy his own small requests.

7 Fire and Ice

Okay, I just picked this book because this is where my Warriors obsession started. A long time ago, I read a Warrior's book. I don't remember which one, but I really liked it. Whenever I saw Warriors books at the library, I looked at them and tried to figure out which one was next, but I couldn't make sense of all the different series, so I just kind of gave up.

Then in May, after the pandemic started, my mom and I were looking for books to read on the online library. I love to read, so it was necessary to keep me stocked up on books. I saw Fire and Ice and remembered reading a Warriors book a long time ago and really liking it. So, I told my mom to get it, and she downloaded it onto my Kindle. I read the book and really liked it. This time, I actually kept going and read the rest of the first series except for Into the Wild. I didn't read that until I was already halfway through the New Prophecy. So, by that time, I was getting pretty obsessed with Warriors, but that was only the beginning.

Anyway, enough ranting. I don't think I would have picked this book for the list if it wasn't what started my current Warriors obsession, but it was good and deserves some praise. My favorite part that I can remember is probably when Fireheart saved Sandpaw, and it kind of started their relationship.

Sorry for the rant. If you made it this far and are reading this, thank you for putting up with me. I get carried away when I'm talking about Warriors. So, thanks again!

8 A Dangerous Path

I loved this book as it explained how Bluestar had gone through so much. I did not get over her heroic death until two weeks later.

I love this book and I hate it at the same time.

This is by far the best book in the series - no, ever written. It's a mixture of action, grief, and rage, and I love the entire thing. I've read it like 10 times, and each time it got better. No, I don't care that Bluestar died. I didn't care for her, I still don't care for her, and although her death is sad, I cried more when she renamed Brightpaw Lostface than I did when she died.

Swiftpaw's death is sad too, as he's one of my favorite characters, but Brightheart's injuries are just - wow! I have an OC based off her, except she has a broken paw too. Yes, I gave her Brightheart and Cinderpelt's injuries and combined them. The point is, I love this book, and it's my favorite one in the series! -FierceheartOfThunderClan

9 Midnight

I just love this one. It was the first Warrior Cat chapter book I read, and I just loved it. I love how Midnight was a badger, which I was not expecting. I love how Brambleclaw and Crowpaw fought but grew closer each time. I loved the end, where the cats were in shock when they saw Midnight. I thought Midnight was going to be... well, Midnight.

This is just such an interesting way to start the New Prophecy. I love how Brambleclaw received a message from Bluestar, which led to the six cats journeying to the sun-drown place to hear what Midnight told them, which turned out to be that the Clans had to find a new home.

10 Firestar's Quest

This book should be ranked higher on the list, as there was so much action and romance, and Firestar is the main character! (Firestar is the best, having saved all five clans and being an amazing leader.) There were so many new characters in this book, whose personalities were developed and improved. The suspense was intense. I just couldn't put this book down.

This is a very long book, and I read it in sections. It wasn't exactly a page-turner, and I struggled through until they reached SkyClan. It was very emotional, and I loved this book, but only for the part when they reached SkyClan. Sorry, Erin.

The Contenders
11 The Forgotten Warrior

I like this book because, I mean, DUH! Who wouldn't? I missed Hollyleaf throughout most of the Omen of the Stars series, so I got really excited when Lionblaze and Jayfeather started to suspect Hollyleaf wasn't dead after all, and then they were right! Hollyleaf is back! Sadly, Hawkfrost kills her in the Great Battle soon after, which is a big bummer.

I really enjoyed this book. It was suspenseful, enticing, and Hollyleaf's redemption arc... oddly pleasing. I hated her so much! So, so much, and then boom, I liked her again? What?!

More importantly, I really liked the plot, and seeing how great the rift between WindClan and ThunderClan has become (yeah, Onestar). There was a lot going on in this book, which made it great.

12 Sunrise

Okay, this isn't my number one choice, but it's good anyway. It's really interesting (and maybe a bit disturbing) to read about what Hollyleaf thinks about Sol, and you know, everything. So there you have it.

My only problem with this book is how Hollyleaf runs away and doesn't face her problems like a warrior. However, it did make me cry when I read the end of the book, so thumbs up.

This is my favorite Warrior book because the plot is so interesting! My heart always starts pounding out of my chest when I read this book.

13 Dark River

This was one of my favorites when I read it. It was the second Warrior book I ever read. I loved the introduction to the tunnels near the lake and the history of Fallen Leaves and Rock! Also, it was great exploring more of The Power of Three's life!

This is such an underrated book. Every time I re-read it, it gets better. I used to think this was a tier, now it's S, maybe SS. I really enjoy the things with the tunnels, and the forbidden romance was good. The best part by far, though, is when Hollypaw went to RiverClan. It just clicked with me, I don't know why.

14 Sunset

The beginning was boring, but then it got really good. I love the ending, one of the best fights between two characters. Also, I liked the way they did Dark Forest training in this book.

I just finished reading this one, and it's one of the best of the New Prophecy. I loved when Leafpool discovered the meaning of the prophecy, Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red. Love it so much.

I found this book very exciting. The tension really builds up throughout the book between Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost. There's a classic border battle, a fight at the gathering, and then obviously the ending (even though it felt a bit rushed). Overall, a good amount of action.

15 The Blazing Star

It is the best book ever! I love the plot, and I love how brave everyone is in that book, especially Sparrow Fur! I loved the plan that Gray Wing came up with too! This is the best book ever!

Ugh! I like the plot and everything about this book, except for Star Flower. I really don't like her.

The Dawn of the Clans series is the best hands down because it didn't focus on a prophecy!

16 Twilight

is one was very interesting. I like drama in Warrior Cats a lot. In this book, Crowfeather and Leafpool run away from the clans. Then Midnight tells them to go back. After that, Crowfeather is mates with Nightcloud, and Leafpool has kits. Cinderpelt is dead.

So many secrets! It makes us feel Leafpool's pain when she meets Crowfeather, and she eventually realizes what is wrong and what is right. I also love when Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw regret having quarreled and broken up.

This book will be forever remembered by me because I never cry during a book, yet I cried when Leafpool rejected Crowfeather and then Cinderpelt died. (Sorry to those who hadn't finished this book if I just spoiled it.)

17 Path of Stars

To be completely honest, I don't remember this book extremely well. It likely wouldn't have made my list of top 10 and would have been replaced with potentially another Dawn of the Clans book. However, it made it for one very important reason. This is the only Warriors book that's made me really cry.

The story that this arc told was magnificent, and exactly what the readers needed to know about the formation of clan life. Its characters were well-rounded and lovable, its stories impactful, its relationships perfectly complicated. When it ended with Gray Wing's death, I couldn't hold it back. I didn't realize how much I loved him as a character until that moment. When his kits named the five warrior clans, it was enough to make a grown man cry.

I can't express how well this arc did in setting up the life of my favorite story, and the five clans. I love that it was told not from the perspective of a Clan leader, but primarily from a cat who was just trying to do his best to keep everybody he knew safe - and that meant the whole forest. This arc's challenges, like the fire and Gray Wing's asthma, had real consequences that I appreciated.

This book is here not only for itself, but for the whole arc, and my favorite arc, which is represented by its final installment.

18 Yellowfang's Secret

This is my favorite of all time because it was the first one I read. I was at school, trying to find a book with a lot of points that I liked, then Kennedi showed me this book, Yellowfang's Secret. I was like, oh my goodness, 18 points! (I was the top reader in my class). I needed to read that. I loved it! This one book made me addicted to Warriors.

Yellowfang's Secret is literally my favorite book of all time. I remember when I first read it at 9 years old, reading it in the middle of the night in my hallway. Such good memories!

Yellowfang was a really sympathetic character in this, and this is the most exciting super edition the Erins made next to Crookedstar's Promise. I've read this three times. I can't get enough of Yellow and Broken and their troubles!

19 Shattered Sky

I like this book. It should be higher, and I like the fact that a rogue group is trying to take over the Clans. It was a very interesting book, except for the part where Twigbranch found SkyClan and then somehow it transferred into Alderheart saving them. I have no idea how that happened.

- Mossfall of ThunderClan

I read this book when it first came out, and when I first read it, it instantly became my favorite. It likely still is. Wow, I don't even know what to say about this book. It was darker than most, which was an unexpected surprise. I was shocked by the lengths to which the publishers allowed Darktail and his rogues to go in this book, from holding hostages, making attempted escapees disappear, and even executing them.

The death of protagonists whom I thought would be with us for the rest of the arc, the hair-thin lines and narrow escapes which caused our characters to rally and win, and the dramatic reveals of claiming children and somehow giving two side characters a fight to the death. The main villain of this arc was defeated in book 3, and yet his influence destroyed the clans so much that they needed the second half of the arc to recover.

The dramatics of Warrior Cats have never been higher. The stakes have never been so big. At this point in the series, 2 clans had been overthrown, with more expected soon. Every little thing had to go right for our heroes to win, and that fact is not lost on the reader, forcing them to obsess over every word.

20 Moonrise

I didn't like that the mountain cats treated Stormfur way better than the other traveling cats, when Feathertail was the REAL silver cat, and she died right when she was starting to be my favorite character. I liked the mountain cats, though (not because they treated Stormfur better than the other traveling cats). Their camp is so cool!

It's also pretty cool that they hunt hawks.

I love how the Tribe is featured for the first time, and Feathertail's death is so sad! It's so sweet how Crowfeather named himself after her! Quoting the book:
Feathertail: "Think you have nine lives, do you? I saved you once, don't make me save you again."
Crowpaw: "No! Feathertail! Don't leave me! Please!"
Saddest Warrior Cat Death of ALL TIME!
Goodbye, Feathertail. May you find swift running, good hunting, and shelter when you sleep. May StarClan light your path for the rest of your days!

21 Eclipse

I don't really know why I find this book so interesting, but I do. I guess it's just interesting to hear how a solar eclipse stopped a battle. It's also when Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Cinderheart get their warrior names. How is that not exciting?

I like this one a lot, especially when Lionblaze almost kills Heathertail. She is such a spoiled brat.

I loved how all the clans fought for the sake of ThunderClan. And they just stop when the sun disappears. I love that they don't know what it is.

22 Fading Echoes

Each mini-arc within the book was great, but for the most part, the book as a whole was still scene-setting. Still, it's one of the best for the OOTS arc.

This is where Ivypaw and Dovewing's relationship starts to slowly break apart!

23 Long Shadows

This is the best book ever! I thought Ashfur was up to something when he was training with Lionblaze, the best, but I never expected him to do this! Ashfur carried this book hard, and I would still have sympathy for him if he had not killed like 15 cats and then possessed their spirits. Those were good cats! Also, he took over Bramblestar's body! He did so much more, but let's get back to "Long Shadows."

The fire scene was amazing! Additionally, Firestar getting sick added so much depth to the story. Everything about this book was just on the spot! Also, Lionblaze, Heathertail, and Tigerstar were pretty cool! I liked the Jay's Wing subplot because it connected all the way back to "Dark River!" Anyway, great book. I would rate it 9/10.

24 The Fourth Apprentice

This book should also be higher. I'm reading it right now, and I think it's awesome. I like how it actually features the Three. The quest was kind of boring, but otherwise, it was good.

- Mossfall of ThunderClan

The Fourth Apprentice was good, but the really bad part was most of it. The quest to find the beavers was boring! I hate when the cats go on quests because then it's just boring. They just do the normal stuff.

Rippletail died in vain, and I do not care whether he lived or died. He's just stupid. Dovepaw - sure, I can take her chapters. - Shadow and Thunder Studios

25 Warriors: The Ultimate Guide

I really like this book. Why? Because it tells you all about the warrior cats, the clans, and everything. My favorite is Brightheart, and she is in this, so I like it.

I loved Cats of the Clans. The drawings were perfect, and it gave you all you needed to know about the cats. Just one tiny problem: it was only updated to Eclipse!

So, when I found out that there was a book updated after Omen of the Stars, I freaked! It had everything! It also had stories about Tigerstar's and Bramblestar's nine lives. There is an updated one coming out in October 2023, and oh boy, am I excited for that! I give it a 10/10! Meow! Go Warriors!

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