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1 The Darkest Hour The Darkest Hour Product Image

Who knew we would have this awesome ending to the first arc ! So much action, so much struggle and the aftermath where Firestar loses his first life is just amazing ! Don't get me wrong, I like Firestar but you have to admit that this was an amazing conclusion ! No one saw this coming ! Also, I do love the quote "But this was not the time to be careful. The very future of the forest was at stake, balanced on the breadth of a hair between Tigerstar's bloodthirsty quest for power, and the whims of the unknown BloodClan." The only thing I disliked with this book was the death of Whitestorm ! May StarClan light his path ! -Rain Bogart/Rain Shadow

I just love this book! I also like how embarrassing Tigerstars death is. Scourge like just scratched him and BOOM Tigerstar's dead. But I'm glad that Tigerstar is dead because I never liked that he killed innocent cats for no reason.

In total, I feel that some parts are overrated (Firestar's 9 lives, please don't hate me), this was probably the third best book in the entire series, only behind The Last Hope and Path of Stars.

Easily the best book in the entire series. Firestar finally gets his moment in an epic close to the first arch. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

2 The Last Hope The Last Hope Product Image

People say that the Darkest Hour is what everyone was waiting for but really, it was all building up to this awesome climax! So much action, so much struggle and the aftermath where Firestar dies is just amazing! (Don't get me wrong, I like Firestar but you have to admit that this was an amazing conclusion)! The idea of a battle between living and dead cats is unreal! Also, I do love the quote "There are no true borders except between day and night, life and death, hope and loss. The only thing wrong with this book was the death of Hollyleaf! R.I.P. Hollyleaf! May your soul walk the stars forever!


I would say that this is the best book in the entire series. It has a lot more action then The Darkest Hour and less Firestar being insecure, and was a perfect ending to what I would call the first era of Warrior Cat books.

This is such a great book for so many reasons. I know Firestar died, and all that bad stuff, but I love how everything else has just been kind of leading up to this book. Also, this is when Cinderheart decides to be a warrior and Lionblaze’s mate. I love this book.

Dude this was soooo good. I loved the tension between the Clans, StarClan, and the Dark Forest, the Three finally doing something with their time, and the final battle! The Great Battle was really good because it actually gave me the feels. Even though I hate dovewing, I think that it was cool to view Firestar's death from a useless cat's point of view.

3 Into the Wild Into the Wild Product Image

This might be my favorite book. I’m reading it for the third time already now and I have been reading Warriors for less than a year. I think I just tend to love all the first books in a series and they are the ones I am most likely to reread. I love hearing about how Rusty met Graypaw and how they defeated Brokenstar. This is just such a good book!

Ah, yes. Where it all began. I loved rereading Rusty going into the forest, getting almost beat by Graypaw and Longtail, and I loved Ravenpaw's character. It was very interesting, along with different side stories and tons of plot twists and whatnot. Great book, and if I could rate it from 1-5 stars, I'd give it six.

this is one of the best warrior cat books ever. I love how firestar (then rusty) met graystripe (then graypaw) in the forest. I also like how right when firepaw came into thunderclan camp, ravenpaw came in and said that redtail is dead. that kept me intrested! it had ongoing action like the fight with longtail and firepaw fining yellowfang. then with spottedleaf dead I thought that was sad because she didn't even live the the first book! my favorite part, and I think the most detailed part, is when ravenpaw, firepaw, and graypaw were going out to find a safe place for ravenpaw to live. if I could reread any wc book (I can, but I'm on sunrise rn,)id reread into the wild.

The first original book. This is the book I started reading first, and I'll forget it last. It inspired me, taught me many morals, and guided into the WarriorS series.

4 Forest of Secrets Forest of Secrets Product Image

This is my favorite book. I cried a little bit when Silverstream died, even though it was, like, the first death I new of (I read Graystripe's Adventure first).

One of my favourite books (my 4th favourite) It was so sad when Silverstream died though. Featherkit and Stormkit (now dead Feathertail and Stormfur. I am up to Outcast, PoT.)

This was the first warrior cats book I have ever read, Because while I was looking for just grace in my library, I stumbled across warriors, forest of secrets, and I read the full thing, then I started reading them more and more.
It tells about yellowfang, bluestar, and silverstream and about these 3 shecats' kits. It also shows tigerstar's exilment and Graystripes separation with thunderclan, It also shows us when Fireheart and Graystripe fed riverclan, This was mentioned by an elder telling squirrelpaw tales about Graystripe and Firestar being caught feeding Riverclan.

Dude how is this still #4 this was even better than the darkest hour, and into the wild. It even made me more sad than those two. I mean, I guess that the last hope is good, but this should be at least in #2 place. Even my friend is reading it and she is liking it A LOT she would keep renewing it from the library and she is only on chapter three and she is loving it!

5 Crookedstar's Promise Crookedstar's Promise Product Image

Honestly, I think Crookedstar's Promise could be first in the top 10 saddest! Crookedstar is wrongly mistreated by his annoying mother, Rainflower. He's been cast aside by her almost all his life. Then he meets Mapleshade, and he believes everything will be okay. But it's not okay! Mapleshade makes everybody he loves die. But in the end, in the manga excerpt, it's so sad, because Crookedstar is so brave. He says: "I may not have any loved ones anymore, but I have my clan, which I will take care of for the many moons to come." Crookedstar is a strong and brave leader who, like Mapleshade instructed him to, casts his own problems out of the way of his clan, but takes the time to satisfy his own small requests.

This book was extremely depressing, but I still liked to hear about Crookedstar's sad life. The issues with Rainflower mistreating him, getting his jaw broken, his name being changed, how he listened to Mapleshade when she told him he could achieve his dreams of being RiverClan leader, when really he had to make terrible sacrifices, and his love for Willowbreeze, just makes for an amazing book.

~ Owlwhisper

This is hands down at least the best super edition, but in my opinion one of if not the best Warriors book. It's so sad and other than Tallstar's Revenge was the only one that made me cry. The only reason people like The Darkest Hour and The Last Hope is because they're both mini finales and because everything sorta resolves in the end but although the original series was the best in my opinion The Last Hope was super rushed. And Lionblaze's and Dovewing's narration wants to make me cry from boredom. Crookedstar's Promise features one of the most unfeatured leaders and his sad backstory; it features the hidden side to Riverclan, Mapleshade's twisted mind, and although it was quite rushed, it does kinda go over the features of his life; it kinda has to be.

This story was so sad because Crookedstar has been cast aside his whole life and blames himself for the deaths of everyone he cares about, his mother, father, mate, his kits, and his daughter. Plus, later in the series his grand daughter falls off a cliff. In Bluestar's Prophecy, his niece also freezes to death even though he doesn't know it. So many terrible things have happened to him, and he's been so brave, even in his final moments. This book shows real courage and perseverance. This is my ALL time favorite book in the series.

6 Bluestar's Prophecy Bluestar's Prophecy Product Image

It can be a little sad but it tells ALL ABOUT BLUESTAR/FUR Who is one of the best leaders ever! Winig to give up her kits?!? That takes a lot to do!

This was the book that just made me hate Bluestar more. How could the two books I HATE be so high on this list? Bluestar was mopey, whiny kit in this book. Also, why'd she give her kits away? We've seen Sorreltail and Squirrelflight give their kits for someone else to care for. Oh, yeah, I forgot-there's no Mistyfoot or Stonefur in ThunderClan. That's the problem with making the character's backstory before you actually make a complete structure for the book. Villainizing Thistleclaw was the wrong path to go. Ugh, this book just made me want to either cry or rip my hair out.

This book is so sad, but I love it anyway! It’s so great to read about Bluestar’s life. I can’t believe Snowfur died I almost cried. And Bluefur had to give up her kits to be deputy! That must’ve been such a hard decision to make. The constant drama between Bluestar and Thistleclaw is great, even though it’s not really, but it’s just so interesting to read about it. Sorry for the rant, I just really love this book :)

dis book good. It makes a reason bluestar is such a good character! the trauma and heartbreak led to bluestar being amazing! (I relate to her, not the deaths but I kinda blame myself for everything and my brain told me to be perfect or else)

7 Fire and Ice Fire and Ice Product Image

This is cruel when Fireheart goes to meet Princess, he dosen't have anyone to stop him, but Graystripe did, he had to be stopped!

In second grade, I was looking in the library for a book. I saw the very first book in warriors and decided to read it. I then got so hooked into it. After I was finished, I searched everywhere in my classroom library for this book because I thought I saw it there before. I then even started to look through my classmates cubbies to see if they are reading it and one of them was. I was too shy to ask them if I could read the book(that person who was reading that book is now my bff) and I started to read forest of secrets. My birthday was coming up very soon so I saw this as a good opportunity to get this book. I then got the whole first set for my birthday. I loved this book so much! I loved Graystripe, Firestar, and Swiftpaw! As years passed by I am soooo close to being up to date on the books! Does anyone know if the books are supposed to end? I hope not soon. The first series will always be my favorite. No offense but I never liked the 4th series. I mean I feel like it’s just all ...more

Okay, I just picked this book because this is where my Warriors obsession started. A long time ago I read a Warrior’s book, I don’t rembember which one, and I really liked it, and whenever I saw Warriors books at the library I looked at them and tried to figure out which one was next, but I couldn’t make sense of all the different series so I just kinda gave up. Then in May, after the pandemic started, my mom and I were looking for books to read on the online library (I love to read, so it was necessary to keep me stocked up on books), and I saw Fire and Ice, and I remembered reading a Warriors book a long time ago and really liking it, so I told my mom to get it and she downloaded it onto my Kindle. So I read the book and I really liked it, and this time I actually kept going and read the rest of the first series except Into the Wild (I didn’t read that until I was already halfway through the New Prophecy). So by that time I was getting pretty obsessed with Warriors, but that ...more

This book excels with character arcs and relationships. The mixed allegiances between clan and family, and friendship and romance all make for a very complex and emotional depth in the story. Despite it being considered middle grade fiction, this book has character development that far exceeds many YA fiction stories.

8 Midnight Midnight Product Image

This is just such an interesting way to start the New Prophecy. I love how Brambleclaw received a message from Bluestar which led to the six cats journeying to the sun-drown place to hear what Midnight told them, which turned out to be that the Clans had to find a new home.

I love seeing from Brambleclaw's perspective, he is so interesting. And not evil (as a warrior). Squirrelpaw is so cute with Brambleclaw!

midnight is where it all began, the whole prophecy, also I love where they find out that midnight is a bager, its just hooking me up!

I have read book one and two of warriors the new prophecy and have a book report book choice due next week. Which book of the second sereis should I do? If you could respond immediatly then I could start reading the 3rd book.

9 Firestar's Quest Firestar's Quest Product Image

Okay, first of all, I DO NOT SEE HOW ANYONE COULD NOT LIKE FIRESTAR. I just recently read this book even though I’d been dying to read it for like three months, but it was great to read about how Firestar founded the new SkyClan, and I was actually really surprised by Sandstorm in this book. I mean, how could she think Firestar didn’t love her? But yeah, great book!

I actually liked it more than I thought! Firestar is the best. although the beginning was average, it got pretty climactic! -Brightrose05

This is a very long book and I read this in sections. It wasn't exactly a page turner and I was struggling through until they reached sky clan. It was very emotional and I loved this book but only for the part when they reached sky clan.
Sorry Erin

This was a great book! I love the romance. The way he (Firestar) put the clan together was very interesting. I greatly enjoyed this book, and hope you all will/have, too!

10 Sunrise Sunrise Product Image

Okay, this isn’t my #1 choice, but it’s good anyway. It’s really interesting (And maybe a bit disturbing) to read about what Hollyleaf thinks about Sol, and you know, everything. So there you have it.

I didn’t really like this book. I loved Hollyleaf, she was cute and an adorable apprentice. But this was the book that made me dislike her. I never forgave her completely for all she did. What she did was totally uncalled for. This book just made me hate her... I don't know

I mean, I liked the book, it was very dramatic and all, and we get to find out who Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf's reall parents are but... it made me dislike Hollyleaf. She was so cute and nice when she was an apprentice, but telling your own mother to eat deathberries, and literally committing suicide, AND KILLING ASHFUR... LIKE YOU NEED TO CHILL OUTTTT

~ Owlwhisper

I loved the action and I cried so much when honeyfern died that was so sad and it was pretty entertaining reading the good she-cat go bad **only people who have read this book understand what I mean**

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11 The Forgotten Warrior The Forgotten Warrior Product Image

This is the best book ever, (better then every other) because it showed like lots of points of views and it was really interesting.

I like this book, because, I mean, DUH! Who wouldn’t? I missed Hollyleaf for most of the Omen of the Stars series, so I got really excited when Lionblaze and Jayfeather started to suspect Hollyleaf wasn’t dead after all, and then they were right! Hollyleaf is back! Sadly, Hawkfrost kills her in the Great Battle soon after so that is a big bummer.

This one was great! Hollyleaf came back, Cinderheart finds out the truth... Sol is nearly killed by Hollyleaf. (Nice if Sol died, but I understand why Hollyleaf didn't - no, couldn't kill him)

I love this book. This was the book that got me to change my opinion on Hollyleaf. I hated her before reading this, but after I did, I loved Hollyleaf.

12 A Dangerous Path A Dangerous Path Product Image

I loved the plot with this one. The dogs were such a great idea from the Erins! And Bluestar's death was so honourable... I loved how Oakheart was telling her how to swim and to come back up to the surface!

Loved this book probably one of the best books of the first series.I was reading this book in the basement and when I finished it I came up stairs crying because BlueStar died

This is no doubt one of my favorites. It was so action-packed and fun to read. The dog pack had you standing on edge, the love between Brightheart (Lostface at the time) and Cloudtail is so adorable, and just the feel of it makes you anxious!

Remember everyone- pack, pack, kill kill!

I love all the Warrior books, but this one got my heart beating. I read all the others like five times, and I read this one eight times! I recommend it to anyone who likes action packed adventures. I just love it!

13 Sunset Sunset Product Image

(SPOILERS) nice to see how they rebuilt the camp after the badgers attacked, cool to meet Daisy, I felt bad for Berrykit when his tail got caught in the fox trap, see Cloudtail and Brightheart’s relationship struggle bc of Daisy, see Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight make up, AND watch Firestar nearly get killed by Hawkfrost and (apparently) Ashfur and having Brambleclaw kill Hawkfrost, his own half-brother! Oh! Almost forgot to mention Brambleclaw training in the dark forest with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost and watching Brambleclaw betray his father’s evil ambitions! also good job Brambleclaw for becoming deputy wow I kinda gave a summary of the main events in the book whoops lol! -Brightrose05

Okay, the start was sad. Cinderpelt was my favourite character. But the good news is Sootfur is dead! I hated him! (No reason...) Brambleclaw is really annoying in this one but, it is so action-packed.

I just finished reading this one and it's one of the best of the new prophecy. I loved when LeafPool discovered the meaning of the prophecy, before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red. Love it so much.

I come from sweden and I LOVE the bok. The book has not so long ago being translated to Swedish and I love when brambelclaw saved fire star even when his brother and father was behind him and said KILL HIM

14 Dark River Dark River Product Image

This was one of my favourites when I read it, it was second warrior book I ever read. I loved the introduction to the tunnels near the lake and the history of Fallen Leaves and Rock! Also exploring more of The Power Of Three's life!

Actually I didn't like this that much just the fact there was no drama and it was boring
Glad it wasn't yet another journey to stupid mountains again!

This book literally made me cry, mainly for Fallen Leaves death. I seriously recommend reading Warriors.

This book is the introduction of the best ship in the Warriors series...

Ashfur x Scourge.
lol jk its jayfeather x stick

15 The Blazing Star The Blazing Star Product Image

Ugh! I like the plot and EVERYTHING about this book except for star flower. I really don't like her.

This is the second best warriors book and book in general I've ever read

Dawn of the clans is the most amazing warrior cats series.

I love this book! I finished Reading it a couple days ago!

16 Twilight Twilight Product Image

This book gives soo much information that's why I got lost in it and finished it in 2 days! it is such an amazing book and has loads of suspence. may starclan hunt with you Cinderpelt

I am a MASSIVE Leafpool x Crowfeather shipper. Crowfeather was never happy with Nightcloud and the fact that they have three kits is so adorable. Crowfeather (after Cinderpelt and Feathertail AND Silverstream AND Yellowfang died) is my favourite character.

How could this one be in 27th place? I love this book, it's the best book EVER! It's so emotional, every time I read it I always cry a lot, especially after chapter 17. That chapter is absolutely mind blowing. I cried even harder than I did when Cinderpelt died in chapter 23! I don't know if it was because of what Spottedleaf said ("Deep down inside, you know what is right. You must follow your heart."), what Crowfeather said ("I'll do whatever I can to make sure you won't regret this. I'll take care of you."), or what Leafpool said ("Once, being a medicine cat was where my heart led me, but Cinderpelt is young and healthy, she'll be able to train another apprentice after I've gone.") It's just so emotional and exhausting. Just the way I like it.

The first 15 Chapters were really boring and I just wanted to get it over and done with. Until LeafPool and CrowFeather sab away that's when it started to get interesting.

17 Path of Stars Path of Stars Product Image

The best book of Dawn of the Clans and possibly the entire Warriors franchise. Gray Wing's death is really sad, dying from asthma (according to Warriors Wiki).

One of the best warriors books ever. With one of my favorite characters. WHY did if have to be Gray Wing that died! I didn't think I would ever be the same again.("sniff"). An amazing book.

I cried so much when Graywing dies. He told his kits to be good and stuff like that and then his kits were like, it sounds like you are saying good bye! Graywing: I am. Noooooo! RIP Graywing I will miss you!

This one is the best becuase it's the last book in the Beginning of the Clans. I just think it brings out a lot, and there are very tragic parts! (Sniff Sniff). Gray Wing was one of my favorite charctors, and THE BEST LEADER EVER! He never actually came to be one of the leaders or else there would be a GrayClan, but Gray Wing ever since was known to be Gray WIng the Wise. He is tought to every cat mostly, especially in Windclan. Those agule cats were the greatests ancestors of Gray Wing the Wise.

18 Shattered Sky Shattered Sky Product Image

This is my favorite book! Spoiler alert! Needletail went is such a meaningful way, it impacted the rest of the set. And the part where the 5 clans fight side by side more memorable than t”the great battle” ever was!

So good and filled with action! It had a great plottwist, though I was sad to see Darktail go, I wished he would be a vilain longer!

This one was amazing and honestly my third favorite warriors book the first two being last hope and path of stars. The first one had a good adventure and the second one showed us how evil dark tail is but I really like this one because it’s the first time we got a war around the lake and oh yes it is a war. I hope the 4th one is good.

stupid darktail! I love twig and violet so much! I FELT violetpaw when needletail was killed! Why is this book not higher? I love climatic books!

19 Moonrise Moonrise Product Image

Oh my word! That book was the most emotional book I have ever read! It was so sad to see FeatherTail die. It was way to soon!
My favorite part of the boo was this -
FeatherTail: Think you have nine lives, do you? I saved you once, don't make me save you again.
Why was that the best line?...
Because every time FeatherTail got in danger Crow feather said that.
The authors did a grate connection!
I recommend reading this book.
(This book is my absolute favorite!)
- SilverFang

I love how the Tribe is featured for the first time, and Feathertail's death is so sad! It's so sweet how Crowfeather named himself after her! Quoting the book:
Feathertail: "Think you have nine lives, do you? I saved you once, don't make me save you again."
Crowpaw: "No! Feathertail! Dn't leave me! Please!"
Saddest Warrior Cat Death of ALL TIME!
Goodbye, Feathertail. May you find swift running, good hunting, and shelter when you sleep. May starClan light your path for the rest of your days!

I didn't like that the mountain cats treated Stormfur way better than the other traveling cats, when Feathertail was the REAL silver cat, and she died RIGHT when she was starting to be my favorite character, I liked the mountain cats though( Not because they treated Stormfur better than the other traveling cats.), Their camp is so cool! It's also pretty cool that they hunt hawks.

loved their journey back to The Clans and the Tribe is so freakin cool! (SPOILERS) Feathertail’s death was extremely depressing (for me at least) because I loved her! poor Greystripe and Crowfeather too. So sweet Crowfeather named his warrior name after her -Brightrose05

20 Eclipse Eclipse Product Image

I don’t really know why I find this book so interesting, but I do. I guess it’s just interesting to hear how a solar eclipse stopped a battle, I guess, and it’s when Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Cinderheart get their warrior names. How is that not exciting?

I loved how all the clans fought for the sake of Thunder Clan. And they just stop when the sun dissapears. I love that they don't know what it is.

This is so good! Why I still it 32?! Eclipse is so suspenseful and I can't believe that Erin finally made shadowclan good! I finished it in one day

This was also really cool! The power of three books are so low. I loved Power Of three.

21 Fading Echoes Fading Echoes Product Image

This is where Ivypo- PAW and Dove...PAW's relationship starts to slowly break apart!

Oh lord. I don't like this book

In this book, Ivypaw/pool and Dovepaw/wing's relationship gets damaged

Ivypaw os way better than dovepaw but it is cinda sad

22 Yellowfang's Secret Yellowfang's Secret Product Image

This book really opens you up to Yellowfang I read this book before the third book in the first series so I cried so hard when yellowfang died, and some might think this is a little creepy but after yellofang died I refused to look at the 4rth book and I slept with this one. R.I.P Yellowfang

A super edition on my favorite female character that goes into depth on her relation to Brokenstar and why she was exiled from ShadowClan. You should definitely read this if you are in the part of The Prophecies Begin arc where she reveals her past.

IT WAS SO GOOD TO LEARN HOW AND WHY YELLOWFANG BECAME A MEDICINE CAT! I was always curious why she did what she did, and I find it cool how she had “powers”.

This book was the BEST! It made me cry and also made me smile and it was just so realistic compared to all the others I've read (though most of them were)

23 Warriors: The Ultimate Guide Warriors: The Ultimate Guide Product Image

Came out on November 5th, 2013. Complete insight into the whole world of the Warriors! Detailed pictures and descriptions of 75 important cats/animals in the "serieses", information about everything you want to know, and contains never-before heard of short stories detailing Bramblestar and Tigerstar's leader ceremonies. AWESOME I LOVE WARRIORS TO DEATH

Why is cats of the clans rated higher? Its just an Intended version of that

Warriors is the best book series I ever read I would give it a 10 out of 10. Meow!

I think it was cool to go back and meet all the cats all over again.

24 Long Shadows Long Shadows Product Image

This is like the best actual book. SPOILER ALERT! This book is the one that the three learn that their mother isn’t Squirrelflught and Ashfur becomes a murderer

Hollyleaf... who is so evil murders Ashfur.
I like the plot and Sol. Also Furled Bracken, Stone Song, Dark Whisker, and Half Moon make debuts. Jaypaw becomes Jayfeather

By far the best I shook me to the core
although kind if ruined by the existence of the last hope

I hate the fire and that they aren't squrrilflights kits wow I cried ten minutes

25 Skyclan's Destiny Skyclan's Destiny Product Image

I’m not quite sure why I like this book so much, but I do. I love reading about Leafstar’s struggles in her first moons as leader of SkyClan. I think I just really like reading from Leafstar’s point of view. And I just realized while I was writing this, Leafstar is one of my favorite characters.

Amazing book. It's fun to laugh at all of Leafstars horribly-chosen names and cry about what happened to SkyClan in the past. It has the perfect amount of drama and battles to keep me satisfied.

If you hated this, you're going to LOVE the fact that yet another SkyClan book is coming out this year! Yay...

It was really sad how the warriors judged the daylight warriors

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