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61 Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
62 Redacted Tonight
63 Piers Morgan's Life Stories

Piers show was very good I enjoyed listening to him he is a very talent man. he always would have different people on his show he is man who could make you laugh. and listen. I really enjoyed him.

64 Jeremy Kyle

I loved this show. he was a very good talk show host

I loved this talk show very good talk show host.

This was a great show and very interesting.

65 The View

Joy Behar is not only unprofessional but a total moron. I find them to be poorly informed about most topics. Had to stop watching not mentally stimulating.

Love this show. Only gets better with time.

The hosts are a good mix with often diverse views. Joy is the very intelligent one with plenty funny hits. Sherry is the real one to whom many women can relate. Elizabeth is the pretty one with strong Republican links and view. Whoopie and Barbarba are the anchors. I love this show mostly for their hot topic discussions.

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