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F•R•I•E•N•D•S is an American television sitcom, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which originally aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, lasting ten seasons. It now airs on Nick at Nite. more.


Its 3 in the morning... I just watched the last episode and the episode before that. I don't think I cried that much in years... You would be surprised but, I found the episode before the Last One sadder than any episode I've ever watched in my life...

I get a lot of you love Seinfeld and always say how much better it is because it's a classic, but Friends is special. You realize that having just a group of close friends gets you through any tough times and they will always be there for you. I mean, I was crying so hard that when Chandler cracked a joke while Rachel was saying goodbye I didn't know if I was laughing or crying. The connection between the audience and the actors and writers and directors and everyone that made this show happen, is very strong.

It's not even about which is #1 or which is funnier or sadder, it's a combination of all categories and put them together and friends is the best there is.

This show is so good it will teach you about comedy and what it truly is, about friendship, relationships, and heartbreak. if you watch it you will laugh and you will cry. it has scenes that are so funny, when Monica wears somebody's wedding dress, when joey shows chandler his clothes when 4 friends are trapped in a room, when Rachel and ross roll over a drink. it also can be sad when Rachel and ross were on a break, when the fake Monica went to jail, when chandler and Monica move. all I am saying is that this show meant a lot to me so if you have any sort of taste watch this amazing show. - avarocks101

Actually I never hear a joke in this show, I like all actors, but not a joke

When the show finished I felt like my life was too. You have Chandler the sarcastic one. Ross the Lover boy. Joey the dim player that's following his dream. Monica the freak, who always is interesting. Phoebe the very amazingly and hilariously weird one. Rachel the main girl, the aspired one. It is not a show, it is a lifestyle, a very hilarious, dramatic and amazing lifestyle. It most defiantly should be the the first. There is much more to it. I probably have watched it 7 times and it still puts a smile on my face. I would strenuously advice everyone to watch it.

There's never a dull moment when watching Friends. It is the best. You'll get really attached to the characters as they have different personalities which you'll be able to relate to. Most of all, I always find myself feeling happier and better after watching an episode (as if you can stop at one episode, you'll crave for more! ). THIS IS JUST THE BEST SHOW EVER! AT THE END OF THE SERIES, IT'S AS IF YOU GREW OLD WITH ROSS, RACHEL, CHANDLER, MONICA, JOEY AND PHOEBE. YOU'LL MISS THEM AND WATCH THE SHOW OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

In Chandler's words, there cannot be.. Any better comedy shows than Friends. This show is totally funny, addictive and unlike any other shows, is still funny on reruns. All the characters are amazing. They complete each other. Although Chandler is my favourite, but everyone have their own special moments. Can't have enough of this show. I would love a movie, too just to see those six friends in the center perk

Even up until now, I still enjoy Friends. Never gets old; always is gold. Really, NUMBER ONE GOLD! Favorite. Comedy T.V. show of all time. Not really sure of favorite character: they're all GOOD. But, Joey is hilarious: "Joey does not simply share food. " god, if only friends was back, then we wouldn't have so much other crappy, perverted T.V. shows.

P.S. also miss Mad T.V. and the old Two and a Half Men (where Charlie Sheen was still acting).

No comparison

I loved it all the way & will make my kids watch it..
I was not even born when Friends came out in 1994 and in 2004 when it ends I was a little kid.. But then a started seeing it and.. Whoa now I really love it, I enjoy every time I see it!

Comedy shows come and go but no one can touch this. Each and every character is perfectly played and you just can't pick a favorite. I have watched every episode like 10 times and I am still not bored. I laugh and smile and always end up wanting to watch more... Best show ever

I always enjoyed watching friend and I really have very good time with myself, my friends and my family and I just love it and it has to be the best comedy show for decade and next decades. Every moment of the show created a memorable time for me. That's all.

I watched friends from the beginning and loved it from it from the very start. The way it was written drew you into the characters and as a result for 10 years you became part of their lives. Funny, emotional, gripping and engaging are a few words I can use bit there is so much more. Thank you everyone who produced and starred in it.

It is the best for all the time. I have been watching this since 2008 everyday continuously. I think everyone has to watch it at least once in their life. I love character called monica a lot, phoebe is the best in comedy. The rose character tough me a lot. He is the best in out of three guys. Whom I kidding all the characters are awesome

This show is the worst the characters were lame, canned and cheesy laughs all the way through. The incestuous bond between all of them irritated and grossed me out. The excessive hype that all the untalented actors received with their one dimensional portrayal of sit com stereotypes drove me insane. I hated this show every other show on this list is funnier then this.

This T.V. Show deserves to be in the top spot. My favourite characters were Joey and Chandler. They were so funny individually and together. Whenever I feel sad, I watch this and it makes me laugh out loud. The only problem is that it is addictive.

I love 'Friends' it is the best show ever made it deserves to be number 1! I watch 'Friends' everyday when I am upset it cheers me up when I watch it. I wasnt even born when it started I was barely 4 when it ended I started watching it when I was about 8 I thought it was just a normal T.V. show and I didn't get into it until I was 10. Now I am obsessed with the show. Best show ever! They are all such great actors and I love them so much!

I guess, It's just the magic and the great level of humour that audiences all around the world can relate to. FRIENDS taught me a lot about my life and relationships, Probably this would remain my favourite show forever..

Friends is my favorite show of all time! Its just so incredible and hilarious. even though I wasn't even born when it started, they were like 4 seasons through when I was born. I think I've seen each episode at least 10 times! I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!

The world of all characters makes me feel so so happy... Kudos to this... And I can remember every part of this serial... Really nice... The worst part of it was after I saw the last episode of the last season.. So griefstricken that did not talk with anyone for a couple of days... Now also when I am in pensive mood I just pick any one of them... It makes me lively again to confront the real cruel world...

Friends show is so realistic its about normal people in quite normal situations represented in the funniest way every character has his faults but they make an excellent team

The number one comedy show that beats Seinfeld and everything else, It has the most heartwarming and funniest moments of any comedy, Friends is the capital of all comedies.

Awesome serial! Its really the best of all I have ever seen, It takes you in a diffrent world that no one would ever wish to leave after entering! Its really an amazing serial. All the characters are so friendly and unbelievably lovely. I still wish if it never have had ended. Thanks for giving us such wonderful memories for the rest of our lives.

It is easily the best show of all time... I have seen a lot of awesome Comedy Shows but none of them come even close to Friends... It has set such a high benchmark which no other show can match up to...

I started watching it four years back and have watched minimum two episodes daily! I know each and every dialogue, know what is going to happen next but its charm never fades no matter how many times you watch it!

Literally the best comedy show I had ever seen in my entire life.. U can't see just one episode of friends without thinking to watch next episode of it. Really wanna see season 11 of it...

The best show ever. It makes me take away my sorrows.
No matter how many times I watch it, it is always funny for me.
It's been 10 years since friend is off air but it still feels like yesterday.

Most amazing show ever! How I Met Your Mother is brilliant too, and is probably my 2nd favorite show of all time. I also love That 70's Show, but Friends will forever and always be number 1!