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21 Ping Pong

The beauty of this game is overwhelming! Table Tennis is definitely my favourite sport, as it needs great mental strength and outstanding motivation skills. To play the game you need a highly committed mind set as well as a determined attitude! The precision of the game is excellent and it is a pleasure to not only play but to watch as well! I enjoy the adrenaline rush when I'm playing an opponent too! Its amazing, fantastic and everything a sport needs! I love Table Tennis and there comes no doubt to my mind that it deserves that number 1 spot!

Ping Pong answers the essential question of our time: how can you take a half-decent sport and make it even more pointless? Shrink it down!

I have been playing since I was 7 now I am 12 its awesome

super cool

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22 Formula 1 Formula 1

watchin true drivers race at 200mph to get back to 80mph in under 5 secs thats quite a fun thing to watch. now I know your gonna say thers no overtaking but in 2010 they changed it and shazam 5 people all could of won it in the last two races...

F1, drivers put their life on the line for our enjoyment. They have 200mph crashes and get into another car almost immediately, a footballer breaks a toe nail and has to take 3 months off. Footballers are wimps, F1 is a mans sport.

People... You have no idea how exciting this sport is. 2 hours full of speed and adrenalin? Formula 1 is your answer. - fnabilaghina

Formula 1 deserves to be first

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23 Kickball

Kickball is so fun. Its just like baseball, but you use it with your foot.

24 Cycling

By far the best sport. Unlike footballers, cyclists don't care about money, they compete to win. Cyclists aren't violent thugs either and they don't cry when their little finger gets hurt.

Cycling should be so much higher. The amount of training and passion goes into winning a race like the Tour de France. 3 weeks of cycling. Can't see footballers playing matches for 3 hours a day for 3 weeks.

The best sport and should be way higher

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25 Trampolining

Who doesn't love bouncing around!

Wow! Maybe everyone else can break their arms as well! Amazing!

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26 Field Hockey

The physicality and technicality of this sport are un rivaled. The incredible speed in which the sport is played at is amazing. It is a sport in which mental and physical fitness come into play. It is a worldwide game where teams from all continents play. A successful sport must be world wide. Not Grid iron which is only played in the US. No doubt this is the best sport on the planet

THE BEST SPORT EVER! It can be played on land, you don't need ice or water and it is super fun. Both men and woman can play and it requires skill, technique, and mental and physical strength. Field hockey is simply awesome. Get over it.

This sport definitely does not get the recognition that it deserves! Played by many, both men and women yet recognized but little to none.. What a shame.

So gooD!

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27 Skateboarding Skateboarding Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.

It's not a sport it's a lifestyle. Lance Mountain (a pro skateboarder) says "Riding a skateboard doesn't make you a skater, being unable to stop riding a skateboard is what makes you a skater." It's the most independent activity because you make your own goals and you get to decide what you want to do with your skateboard. Whether it's dropping in on huge bowls or kickfliping 12 stairs you can do what you want, you just have to build your self to the top of those things.

Creative, free, and limitless. No other sports can match it.

it is the second best afl is the best its fun easy and at the same time hard - james001

I enjoy skateboarding although I can't do any tricks. I like sports where there's no teams. - Catlover2004

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28 Fishing

Not a sport, quite bad, I think there is no skill, what?

Can someone catch my little fish.

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29 Skiing

Thrilling! Keeps you on your toes new places all the time love love love skiing! The only thing that keeps me not skiing is snow the ski boots and the poles it is just an amazing sport

It's so fun! It's thrilling and you can make it really easy or really hard yeah ASPEN GO ASPEN

Skiing! Is so fun I personally LOVE racing! Love it love it love it!

Oh my god ski people

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30 Nascar

You think NASCAR isn't a sport? Sure, it takes less physical ability than soccer, or baseball, but let me tell you this: racing at 200 MPH with cars inches away from yours isn't an easy thing to do. One wrong move and your car could end up obliterated. Drivers have to have good vision to see open opportunities, and get through crashes. Yes, they even have to work out, so they can move the wheel with ease. They have to be good multi-taskers, having to shift gears every few seconds, while still alternating between gas and brake, and moving the steering wheel quickly. They have to know a lot of things about the car that they drive, and how it handles. Also, the people in the garage and pits have to know a lot about the car. If the car is too loose, it will wobble sometimes on turns, losing you time and speed, and sometimes potentially losing the race for you, or making you crash. If it is too tight, you will have to brake more on turns. The pit crew have to change lugnuts, put in fuel, ...more - huskie44

One of the most underrated sports. There is an endless amount of math that is required to succeed in it. All sports are sports you should use your brain in, but NASCAR takes a lot of brain power. You have to know how to get a pit stop right, how fast you're going on the track so you can defend and gain positions, and how long you can go without pitting to win a race. Also in soccer, baseball, football, and basketball, you can recover from your mistakes. But in NASCAR, if you make a mistake, you're screwed. So guys, give NASCAR some more love. - greatesttop10s

People say racing isn't a sport it annoys me a lot. Its more then just going around in circles making 2 left turns one wrong move and you could be dead. it takes a lot of strategy you have to know how you cart/car is set up and you have to know how to pass block and so much more and if you don't have a good vehicle then your totally screwed so do NOT tell me racing isn't a sport because I do race and I know all this.

All it is is people driving in a circle. SO INTERESTING!

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31 Bowling

In the top 10, possibly top 5 most participated sports in the World. Young and old, male or female can compete on an equal footing and it takes both mental and physical skill.

My favorite sport to play, lots of mental focus and the best part is that you don't have to mess up your body like those people with too much testosterone do.

Absolutely amazing sport. Requires mental focus, willingness to react to changing lane conditions, and major dexterity.

I remember Bowling Alley field trips... Ahh... good times...

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32 Australian Rules Football

It's got the speed of basketball, the skill of soccer, the toughness of ice hockey/rugby, the physicality of boxing it's high scoring and consistently draws 50/60/70/80/90 even 100,000 people to games. The players have to perfectly balance their aerobic capacity, raw strength, skill, finesse, vision, awareness and mental capacity.

If it was played/known anywhere outside Melbourne, it would surely become the greatest game on earth.

Go bombers

by far one of the most roughest games on earth. fast paced and you need a lot of skill to play with the AFL... Should be top 5 easily - Stewie

The fans make it even better, though I expect this is the same with most sports. Where else can you find the same collective joy in a bunch of people than in the 2013 finals where Hawthorn beat Geelong for the first time in 5 years? The tears of happiness and relief of the Hawthorn fans faces, pure happiness. GO THOSE HAWKERS!

Go bombers Footy is THE best

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33 Handball

One of the most popular indoor sports in Europe and northern Africa. And is also one of the most underrated sports.

Genuinely dynamic and thrilling game. You watch the match in great emotions from the first to the last minute. Players need to be strong, fast, flexible and inventive. 34th position on the list? I agree with the statement that this is very, very underrated sport

Needed to be invented

Most underrated sport in the world
one of the most popular sport in europe
in top 10 for sure

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34 Paintball

This is a sport that changes with technology. It's a sport like no other. I've never seen someone play paintball and not like it. It's the only sport people pay thousands of dollars to play. It's a Passion.

This sport shouldn't be this low on the list. I think it's better than all of the top ten in this list and should get the respect that it deserves instead of those stupid overrated sports that are not fun to play what-so-ever.

Why do people like paintball so much? In my opinion airsoft is so much better.

You go out and shoot people. Enough said.

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35 Karate

Karate is one of the best sports in the world (at least in my opinion).

Karate is the absolute best I am a black belt now!

Karate is more than sport, it,s life.

Demnands both reaciton, power, eye of situation and flexibility and good technique

36 Snowboarding

Snowboarding is really fun to watch and I know it's fun to do but I can't do it very well plus I know some good snowboarders and have cousins who like snowboarding and that makes it so much more cool. - katelyn

I've done snowboarding before and not only is it fun but is the only one on this list (apart from swimming and running) that can be used In the real world. It also looks awesome

Snowboarding rocks in UT and you can do it in many different mountains

Should be number 2. Number 1? Basketball

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37 Judo

On world base, judo is definitely the biggest sport in the world. It's In the olympic summer games and is 10 times more effective then any other "fighting sport" In the world. Most of the technics In UFC is based on Judo. Judo, more than sport!

Judo is the best! I have a green-orange belt. - Judo05


38 Ultimate Frisbee

The game with the most team spirit, if you wanna play you have to know how to pass, there is no possible way to be selfish in this game and it will always stay that way.

thsi game is so fun!!! it should be in the top ten

Ultimate Frisbee is undoubtedly the earths greatest sport it's about the team and you give your body for the game wining catch that is frisbee

I love sports - esp mainstream sports. But look my top 3 is definitely MMA, ultimate frisbee, and wrestling. Get with it people! - thetromboneninja

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39 Archery Archery Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus.

I am on the archery team at my school. It is a sport that requires changes and adjusting with every shot. It is graceful and calm... most of the time. One kid on my team our coaches jacket! Don't worry she was not harmed.

I played archery back when my fifth grade class went, and while it takes some learning, nothing comes to the thrill of firing an arrow.

Archery is not only AMAZING, but it makes you a total badass!

At least it gives you an advantage when a black bear is a metre away from you.

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