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61 Shooting
62 Waterpolo

I know, hardest sport ever too! People just don't know about it as well as football, basketball, and baseball. And swimming is a piece of Waterpolo, so Waterpolo should be higher than swimming.

Water polo is way better than most of the sports that are above. It is basically all of these sports combined into one so yeah

I think that all these sports are good and everything but if water polo had more popularity and people knew about it it would be in the top 10

Water polo is amazing for fitness! I know it's a bit aggressive but is so much fun!

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63 Netball

How is this 68 all the girls in my class play it except two! I love it so much, there's no contact, you can read the game and the feeling you get when shooting to win the game with an audience in front of you cheering for you is so exhilarating!

Basketball's baby sister. The definition of lame.

I play it at school I thought it would be on top20

This sport is one good sport.Popular at schools.

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64 Hurling

The greatest sport in the world, beyond question. It requires skill in ball handling, ball catching, ball striking and blocking. Combined with speed and the ability to balance and carry the ball on the hurling stick. That's just for a start. Nothing in any other field sport comes near the thrill and excitement of hurling at the top level.

All for the pride of the Parish. Intercounty players are just as fit as professional Soccer players. Train 4 nights a week, a game at the weekend and play for their club as well. If you don't know the game check it out on YouTube. Hurling, The fastest field game in the world. EPIC

Number 1 greatest sport and it's not even close. No game can match it for skill speed or sheer excitement. If hurling was American no one would play anything else.

It's the best game you'll ever play

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65 Curling

Best sport in the world so many things that you can do

It is actually a very fun sport to watch and if you like chess or checkers, give curling a shot. It miht take longer than a soccer match but it is definietly more interesting!

66 Snowskating
67 Hunting

Hunting is the best thing since everything the original people on earth did it to survive

Hunting is the best and its not murder stupid liberals

Hunting is not a sport. Its murder


68 Bull Riding

Bull riding is the best sport ever heaps of fun love doing it

Do u people know how dangerous this sport is. I went to a bull riding someone got ran over by a bull. Umhm it true this sport should not be this low.

69 Horse Racing

Horse racing is better than football it is also more dangerous. A single horse can earn 6 million dollars I ONE race. Or it can win the triple crown. Just so you know it is the hardest thing to do in American sports. Only 11 have won it since 1875 and none since 1978. Many great horses have tried it and failed. It is one of the only sports that is done all over the world

Therefor, I am not impressed. People have put sports unicle hockey (? ) in front of this beautiful sport, the only sprt where animal and human are working together. I would have been happy if it was ranked in the 20's, at least, but when I saw it here in 66th place, I was ashamed of the person who put it here. Yes, some people would say it's cruel, but if you and the horse have the right bond, you would never harm your horse. Horses are only nasty if someone was nasty to them, and horse riders know they can't blame the horse if they didn't win. So little people know the joyof working with an animal, and having such an amazing bond. Sure, this is one of the priciest sports, because you need a horse, for one, which probably costs around $2000 - madwamoose

How is this below sports people have never heard of this sport is more dangerous than football. And better than football. Not mention how fun it is if you are on the right horse. Riding is the best

68th place I so bad because horse racing I've seen more then cricket and cricket is fourth.i'm disappointed in the person who put this here eveni could do better and I'm young and I like horse racing more then any sport

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70 Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is a fun sport to play

71 Airsoft

Why is airsoft not on here? It's much more realistic, fun, and cheaper than paintball.

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72 Gatorball

It's cool, you can play it outside or inside

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73 Lawn Bowling
74 Speed Walking

Totally agree I won the walking Olympics in 97 too

Sport for lazy old guys why are trying to impress girls with their "elite" sporting skillage

Lmao this is how I walk at school. - Catacorn

Speed walking isn't a sport it's walking😊☺️

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75 Foosball V 1 Comment
76 Rally V 1 Comment
77 Snooker

Snooker bottom of the list?!?! I'm a football fan but anyone who has seen this game knows that this takes skill, Ronnie O'Sullivan is the most skilled sports person there is even more so than the likes of messi, tiger woods or Sebastian vettel. Yet here it is as I am writing last at 104 lower than the likes of mini golf the people who vote here just haven't got a clue, if the people who have contributed to this list are the sports audiences across the globe then there is no hope you guys have no idea!

Amazing sport

Best sport there is no argument!

Judd trump is the best - rhino10

78 Cross Country Skiing

This sport gives you the best fitness, Should be top 10.

The biggest individual sport in Norway. - torsja29

I HATE it, but it IS an AMAZING sport.

Why is this so far down!? XC skiing is by far the hardest and greatest sport. This sport needs more love. - skiskiski

79 Paddleboarding
80 Mountain Biking

This should be at least the 50 most popular sport and if you have stamina, speed and resistance you aero perfect for it.

Come on everyone should mountain bike!

It is adrenaline on rocks and dirt

Its not just MTB it is life

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