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101 Kho Kho V 1 Comment
102 Tetherball

It's swell to play with my kids

103 Korfball

This is a fun mixed-gender sport similar to basketball. However, the varied rules give this popular European game a slightly more fun tone. - BobAlmightyYT

V 1 Comment
104 Pétanque

Petanque is the greatest and most intelligent sport when it goes to thinking. It is the ultimate game of strategy and tactics. Pétanque/Boule is the chess of sports!
When playing Pétanque, both the body and the mind are working. Long live Boule and Pétanque!

105 Patintero
106 Javelin
107 Real Tennis (or Royal Tennis)

Just a better version of tennis, and it's royal

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108 Wushu

Unbelievable sport

109 Throwball

IT SHOULD BE ON THE TOP TEN! ! SO GUYs PLEASE PLEASE VOTE! IT IS A GREAT SPORT BUT COULD BE ENJOYED BY ANYONE! IT WAS FIRST PLAYED IN CHENNAI, (India). rules are simple and easy but its really really much more better than game catch catch! ! Tournaments are only held in India but anyone can play it! All you need is just one ball and a volleyball type of court with a net! ! That's it and you'll surely enjoy the game

What weird sports you can find on this list

Not really only weird ohs play it

V 3 Comments
110 Muay Thai

Muay Thai is like MMA without the ground fighting that everyone considers "boring"

Muay Thai is the best martial arts and become withespread internationally.

111 Milan's Game V 1 Comment
112 Arena Football

Best sport ever it should be in first place

113 Rugby Fives
114 Softball

I know it's practically the same as baseball, but it's not because there are many different pitches and the pitches can be fast and really hurt when the ball hits you. I think it's a great sport because I played tee- ball
In kindergarten and worked my way up until now. Today My team won championship. Since softballs are bigger it doesn't mean they are easier to hit. You have to work on getting your sliding right, and baseball players don't slide, they dive to the base.

Softball should be number one have you ever of if it was easy everybody would well that's what makes softball number one in its quality

I think it should be in at least the top 5 I mean every girl I meet plays softball softball is fun and nice to get out there and feel free I love it I mean I said five but if not that top 10

Softball is awesome even though we have a bigger
Ball does not mean it's easier no baseball players should say it's easier and baseball is harder nu uh no way.Softball is harder than it looks so NEVER underestimate a Softball player!

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115 Slamball

have any of you seen this its amaing

Better than Quidditch!

116 Fencing

Fencing is one of the greatest sports I have ever played. The glorious combination of Tactics, Patience, Speed, and Footwork is put to work in this sport. Fencing is extremely underrated mainly because is is expensive, but otherwise it is the most enjoyable sport I have been a part of.

the coolist sport ever and surprisingly one of the most tiring

Great back and forth sport that is very interesting to watch. I don't know why circus sports such as juggling and unicycle hockey are higher than this.

The most strategic sport and very technical. A beautiful sport to watch and fence

V 2 Comments
117 Bouldering
118 DTM Motorsport

Best sport ever. Awesome to watch and faster and richer than any other sport in the woro e formula one

119 Orienteering

Everyone can do orienteering and it's really cool especially urban orienteering.

Much better than Quidditch!

Orienteering combines running, brainwork and nature. It's one of the most beautiful and all-around sports in the world.

120 Kabati

Being national sport of India and Nepal, it has not got much of attention as it should be

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