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121 Rallycross
122 Unicycle Hockey

Only game I know where it's an achievement to get on the court

123 Competitive Bodybuilding

Much better than Quidditch!

Absolutely, I 100% agree.

124 Pankration

Ancient greek martial art. And the mother of all martial arts.

125 Jousting

Very fun to play... and also honorable

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126 Extreme Ironing

I tried ironing my clothes "extremely" and I loved it! I'll never go back to the old way of doing things. Now I'm a changed human. And I highly, highly, suggest that you do the same and change your life like I changed mine. Just one little change makes all the difference. Like ironing your clothes "extremely" for a change.

Defiantly the most physically and mentally demanding sport out there. So much passion, skill, and persistence is required. - DCnative211

Is great. Feeling the smooth iron in your hand, smoothing out all of the wrinkles, there is nothing quite as amazing

Best sport, so extreme, I can feel the heat!

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127 Sport Stacking

Probably the best alternative sport. Sport Stacking requires skill, practice and speed. Its unlike any other.

128 BMX racing

It's a fast pace dangerous sport that has only just been recognised

129 Racquetball
130 Quidditch

Potter fans, This is what you need to vote for.

Please tell me that this is real Quidditch and not that lame muggle Quidditch crap.

You can really tell is running out of sports to put on here - DCnative211

It's awesome

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131 Triple Jump

Way better than Quidditch!

Did you know: this sport is better than quidditch?
P.S. quidditch is bad

132 Floorball

It's like hockey but on concrete and no skates

What a flipping rubbish name for a sport

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133 Weightlifting

Better than that muggliness!

for fat

134 Athletics V 2 Comments
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