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121 Racquetball
122 Floorball

It's like hockey but on concrete and no skates

What a flipping rubbish name for a sport

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123 Slamball

have any of you seen this its amaing

Better than Quidditch!

124 Orienteering

Everyone can do orienteering and it's really cool especially urban orienteering.

Much better than Quidditch!

Orienteering combines running, brainwork and nature. It's one of the most beautiful and all-around sports in the world.

125 Competitive Bodybuilding

Much better than Quidditch!

Absolutely, I 100% agree.

126 BMX racing

It's a fast pace dangerous sport that has only just been recognised

127 Softball

I know it's practically the same as baseball, but it's not because there are many different pitches and the pitches can be fast and really hurt when the ball hits you. I think it's a great sport because I played tee- ball
In kindergarten and worked my way up until now. Today My team won championship. Since softballs are bigger it doesn't mean they are easier to hit. You have to work on getting your sliding right, and baseball players don't slide, they dive to the base.

Softball should be number one have you ever of if it was easy everybody would well that's what makes softball number one in its quality

I think it should be in at least the top 5 I mean every girl I meet plays softball softball is fun and nice to get out there and feel free I love it I mean I said five but if not that top 10

Softball is awesome even though we have a bigger
Ball does not mean it's easier no baseball players should say it's easier and baseball is harder nu uh no way.Softball is harder than it looks so NEVER underestimate a Softball player!

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128 Weightlifting

Better than that muggliness!

for fat

129 Triple Jump

Way better than Quidditch!

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131 Fencing

Fencing is one of the greatest sports I have ever played. The glorious combination of Tactics, Patience, Speed, and Footwork is put to work in this sport. Fencing is extremely underrated mainly because is is expensive, but otherwise it is the most enjoyable sport I have been a part of.

the coolist sport ever and surprisingly one of the most tiring

Great back and forth sport that is very interesting to watch. I don't know why circus sports such as juggling and unicycle hockey are higher than this.

The most strategic sport and very technical. A beautiful sport to watch and fence

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132 Quidditch

Potter fans, This is what you need to vote for.

Please tell me that this is real Quidditch and not that lame muggle Quidditch crap.

You can really tell is running out of sports to put on here - DCnative211

It's awesome

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133 Extreme Ironing

I tried ironing my clothes "extremely" and I loved it! I'll never go back to the old way of doing things. Now I'm a changed human. And I highly, highly, suggest that you do the same and change your life like I changed mine. Just one little change makes all the difference. Like ironing your clothes "extremely" for a change.

Defiantly the most physically and mentally demanding sport out there. So much passion, skill, and persistence is required. - DCnative211

Is great. Feeling the smooth iron in your hand, smoothing out all of the wrinkles, there is nothing quite as amazing

Best sport, so extreme, I can feel the heat!

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134 Hurling

The greatest sport in the world, beyond question. It requires skill in ball handling, ball catching, ball striking and blocking. Combined with speed and the ability to balance and carry the ball on the hurling stick. That's just for a start. Nothing in any other field sport comes near the thrill and excitement of hurling at the top level.

All for the pride of the Parish. Intercounty players are just as fit as professional Soccer players. Train 4 nights a week, a game at the weekend and play for their club as well. If you don't know the game check it out on YouTube. Hurling, The fastest field game in the world. EPIC

Number 1 greatest sport and it's not even close. No game can match it for skill speed or sheer excitement. If hurling was American no one would play anything else.

Hurling is the best way more people should play it

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