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61 Armenian

Archaic and extra sweet

62 Somali

It is so romantic language, especially for teenagers, well I would say in 21st century teenagers use or began to use very romantic words. And there is different types of uses like Huuno, Abaayo, and so many other romantic words.

63 Estonian

Its a language what was first spoked from the end of the 13th century

Estonian language is more romantic than French

64 Afrikaans

It puzzles me that Afrikaans remains so low on this prestigious list, for it is a tongue that possesses qualities that few others do. I often roll out a deck chair in Johannesburg and simply listen to the soaring melodies of the native speakers, they take me on a delightful journey through the rocky suffixes and edgy prefixes that rise and fall with the very beat of my heart, and the strokes of my breath.

65 Sardinian
66 Czech

A little rough on the edges, but has linguistically unique sounds only found in the language. It's filled with Constanants, so there's a lot of volunteer invisible vowels that come and smooth the language out.

67 Waray-Waray
68 Venetian

The most spoken dialect in Veneto region of Italy and one of most known dialect in Italy. Very nice to speak, it sounds good and it looks very similar with Italian and Spanish language. There are over 2,000,000 speakers. (take info from Wikipedia)

69 Taiwanese
70 Assamese

It's a awesome & very simple language.

Amar axomiya vakhatu bhut dhuniya...

71 Interlingua
72 Tahitian

Its awesome bruh

73 Hawaiian
74 Berber
75 Javanese

Javanese is ancient language, it is used generation by generation. There are a lot of varieties in Javanese, although all is intelligible to each other; mostly. There are levels in Javanese, like Ngoko or Madya or Krama and anything between them. I myself speaking Ngoko daily, but also can have commands of Kromo. It is very beautiful language, and Old Javanese is still used a little bit in like Keroncong; though most people likely don't understand words by words. What amazing about Javanese is that, even if you read/listen to old javanese, you don't know the word meaning, but you can try to guess the word meaning. I usually did that. It is exactly the language I want the world to know. Psstt... It is very very difficult! I really say it, Wikipedia said that not all Javanese even master fully their language. It is, totally, difficult (but worth the try).

76 Oriya

Oriya people can express there feeling in systmatic way.

77 Azerbaijani

Are you kidding? In Azerbaijanian language have 9 vowel. This language is more romantic than others. Except Persian and Italian

78 Kiswahili

Spoken in east African countries

79 Bhojpuri

Many people in India use this language... It's a very sweet and simple language to express your feeling...

It is a very sweet language... India's most populat and romantic language is bhojpuri...

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80 Silbo Gomero

Silbo Gomero is a language spoke by whistling. It's pretty stinking beautiful

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