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21 Gabrielle Carteris
22 Bill Grundy

Bill Grundy made fun of the Sex Pistols for no reason while interviewing them. To quote Jones of the Sex Pistols: "dirty sod" and "dirty old man".

Somebody thought to put this guy here? Is he still on TV in England? - unclejoe1917

23 Steve Wilkos

hes Jerry Springers ex bodyguard

Nope he wont let guest talk I like his interesting topics I don't think he cares as he clames he makes $!

24 Carson Daly

One of the worst hosts I've seen... He doesn't know what to do with his hands, watches the clock, tries to hurry up the judges... Not to mention it's so obvious he's reading from the TelePrompTer..

25 Ben Mulroney

Ben Mulroney is possibly the most talentless pantie-waste on television. If his dad wasn't a former PM he would be selling ipod accessories at Future Shop.

26 Geraldo Rivera
27 Pat Sajak

Rude and a douche.

28 Kelly Ripa
29 Willie Revillame
30 Rachel Maddow Rachel Maddow
31 Al Sharpton

Why does he even have a T.V. show?!

32 Tyra Banks Tyra Banks Tyra Lynne Banks is an American model, television personality, talk show host, producer, author, actress, singer and business woman.

Makes the worst decisions ever. - ndog

33 Charles Stiles

Release the drone.

34 Craig Ferguson

This guy plain sucks! I can't even understand what he's saying half the time.

35 Greg Behrendt
36 Mariel Rodriguez
37 Montel Williams
38 KC Concepcion
39 Jian Ghomeshi
40 Anderson Cooper
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