Community Debating Discussion #6 Overrated Vs Worst

htoutlaws2012 Why do people get confused when it comes to these two words sometimes? I get if someone is attack you constantly like a bitter rival I get it, but realistically when it Comes to overrated it doesn't mean you're a bad user by any means. Instead you'll be looked as if you gained too much popularity to the point users start to catch on what you do mostly on the site and find a flaw to pick out pretty much I myself as well. Yet we look at users like Positron Wildhawk and Britgirl as the most popular, but are also called overrated at the same time. Mainly for they are the only ones to ever have 600 followers and still going strong. If your someone who is new and can tell between a logical statement or just a moronic statement then your fine and we respect your opinion, but be warned it could really make a scene.

Examples - Logical: This user is 19th in followers, yet has very low content.
Moronic: This guy should be #1 cause he hates me, or oh dear lord please put this user #1 I'm getting severely frightened ahhhhh!!!!

Now let's use other examples of the types often called by this term.

EX #1 Final Fantasy VII, ''This game is very overhyped because it was the first 3-D Final Fantasy game, limit breaks were added, 3-D cut scenes, 3-D games were a huge deal in the 90's, and that's all I have to say. I strongly disagree that this is the best game of all time. I played many rpgs and the rpgs I enjoy more than this one.''

EX #2 Tom Brady, ''While Brady is a good QB that won 4 super bowls, you can't help but point a finger at spygate and deflategate which will tarnish the legacy of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.''

Ex #3 Titantic, '' It's lame and boring to sit through. Only way I'd watch it is as if my wife or girlfriend, though I don't have either one, forced me to. The more overrated a movie is to me, the less praise it deserves.'' Plus everyone knows what happens in the end.

Now when it comes to using worst it's very basic to use and very understandable right away (I would hope). Instead of using toptenners as examples instead i'll just show case good examples of worst whatever the subject maybe.

Examples of Worst used correctly, EX #1: Superman 64, ''You fly threw rings and pick up cars and it just isn't fun at all, too repetitive broken controls and is undoubtedly the worst game I've ever played.''

EX #2: Blood on the Dance Floor, '' Imagine if someone took Soft Cell, shoved them through a Color Run, took away their musical talent, replaced the singer's vocal cords with a 13-year-old girl's, converted them to Satanism, and gave them 30,000 estrogen pills. The result would still sound better than this band ever would be at it's worst ever.''

EX #3: The Last Airbender, ''The plot, which was fine in the show, was completely rushed and stupid in this movie. The special effects were despicable, as they were just as bad as the special effects in every Michael Bay movie. The acting, however, is where the movie reaches a entire new level of dread. The actor of Aang look like he didn't give give a crap about the role his portraying.''

There's the easy kind of worst and then there's the very tricky and hard to accept worst in which well be you think is the worst yet has valid points in the flaws while others are like huh really.

Ex #1: Christopher Columbus, '' He led expeditions that killed and enslaved civilizations in the name of imperialism and profit. If it weren't for him we'd have an entire continent full of diverse cultures and advanced civilizations. These people showered him in gifts having no concept of even owning land, let alone killing for it. It is truly a disgrace that we not only brush all this under the rug, but have a holiday for him.'' so if you were much younger in your elementary you have heard mr. Columbus being such a great guy well that isn't true you would be fool later on of what Columbus Day really was about.

Ex #2: Adam Sandler, '' I used to think he's funny but now... I don't know what the hell I saw on this guy back in my teenage years!
He is extremely juvenile which can be funny at times but that's what most of his movies consist of. Most of his humor relies on farting, pooping, and hitting on girls. There's no subtlety in his humor and he tries way too hard to be funny that it's just painful to watch. It just baffles my mind how he's been able to grab the attention of audiences for so long and even have his hand and footprints on the cement walk of the TLC Chinese Theater.'' I mean I was a fan of the guy, but at the same time has a point it's been a good 11 years since his last really good comedy movie to me in the remake of longest yard.

Ex #3: Pokemon the show, '' It's an endless loop of failure. Ash loses at the league, then tosses his Pokemon aside like their old toys. "I'm gonna get rid of my normal/flying bird just to go out and struggle with a new normal/flying bird! Progress!"

Okay now that you have seen the difference between Worst and overrated now here's what I want you to do. Comment your point of view of worst and overrated and hopefully it comes out the same as this. Until next time america!

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Yeah, why was the most overrated users list deleted? Overrated isn't worst. I really like users such as Britgirl, Pos and MSS but I feel like they are overrated anyways. - Martinglez

I used to think overrated meant worst, no longer do. - Skullkid755

It was deleted becuase some users couldn't handle it. If Overrated songs, overrated movies, overrated actors exists then why not users? - ProPanda

Yeah, I don't get why people hated it. - Martinglez

I heard they posted even mean comments on the overrated list. Probably, that's the answer why. - visitor

I have redemmed it with a blog post - Nateawesomeness

Overrated:Too much followers for their content,examples:ModernSpongebobSucks,Britgirl,Keyson,and Mew
Worst:Someone with a lack of maturity or respect,examples:Disney1994,Gamecubesarecool,Videogamefan,and BigBrotherSucks - Nateawesomeness

Why Am I On the worst? , I don't lack maturity or respect - VideoGamefan5

Overrated: Too Much Followers
For Content,
Examples: XanderMartin98, RockFashionista, Keyson, Britgirl, dinosaur
Worst: Users Who Lack Maturity And Respect
Examples: Danteem/Linnea/Metts, Disney1994, Gamecubes, Girlcool (She tries to piss me off), DarkenendBrutality (Not Morbid Though), Etc - VideoGamefan5

For the record, Britgirl is not overrated. When you make lists about certain topics like movies or music, you're limiting tour audience to people who actually are familiar with such hollywood media. Britgirl makes a lot of lists in the 'miscellaneous' category, therefore, she isn't limiting her audience to a certain group of people. That's pretty fair. - styLIShT