Community Debating Discussion #7 To Take A Kneel or not To take a Kneel?

htoutlaws2012 Alright you may already know my feelings about this topic, but something tells me this ain't over and what I ask is would you take a kneel for your national anthem? Here in america it's becoming a trend and in the weirdest of sense many famous people have either would voice there support or they would literally do this in which we be like protesting the anthem. So I know there are many different national Anthems out there I don't know all of them i'm not the expert of that, bit I bait oh that if the U.K's anthem would start would you kneel down in the cult following of what is going on here in america? If so what are your beliefs behind it we wanna know. To me if your defining the anthem that would indicate you are a attention hog, desperate, & just a flat out scumbag for what your intentions were yeah you sure as hell should lose your sponsors.

Oh speaking of that anybody watch the first regular season game of the NFL. Well it turns out Brandon Marshall (LB not the WR) was the only player to kneel down and once the game was over the following day or so he lost a potential sponsor he could been featured in for doing that act. Now look all lives matter right? Were all suppose to be equal by now. Why do these people think we live in the early 1960's the way they are portrayed it's ridiculous. Are you trying to rewrite history in the dumbest way possible by just standing for nothing and for what cause? I get everyone is entitled, but there are times you can't help feel that it's getting too absurd that the guy who pissed you off so bad accomplished what he wanted reminds me of a candidate whom ''Might'' win in November and who I already mentioned and will not revisit ever again. Anyways so look i'm caucasian I will admit that. Pretty much everything you just heard is a typical angry caucasian man who has no knowledge of this. No, there is a difference between just a caucasian and a caucasian supremacists who is careless of anything and is likely a Ku Klux clan member somewhere hiding. Okay is this too much? Indeed it is well back to this would you support the kneels or not be a kneeler that is the question? I don't mind what you say everything is voice free here.


Let's all sing the Spanish national anthem! Oh wait... - Martinglez

I'm going to say the truth: I don't care how good of an athlete you are, you will stand for the national anthem or be executed on spot - bobbythebrony

Thank You! - htoutlaws2012

Stand - 2storm

You stand for the Anthem. You came to this country; you stand. - visitor


Stand - RalphBob

Stand for the anthem. There are better ways of protesting a problem. - visitor

S T A N D - Maddox121

I say go ahead and kneel. National anthems are meaningless to me. - Archived