Community Debating Discussion #16 Movie Tastes

htoutlaws2012 For TTT's there very split on certain movies so popular, that they tend to just hate it regardless if they have seen the film or not. So today we discuss those films that have had mix rep with users to this day.

Frozen: This is a film that is one that is more lop sided then the others like you have users like me, Positon, therandom, VideoGamefan5 & bunch of others criticize the movie for being too weak in plot, but yet despise the songs more notably ''Let it go'' being played over and over everywhere you go (it seems like). Meanwhile those that do love this film Opnionsarenotwrong, megasoulhero, phillysports & others say that its not that bad as they are making it out to be. One is for sure when will this debate end with this movie if it is quality or not.

James Cameron's Avatar: One of those films I got confused about in 2009, because it was out around the same time of the god awful air bender movie which I regret seeing. People say its too overpraised, and others say its a great sci-fi movie. well its been a good 8 years, and by all means it must be better then that M. Night Shyamalan crap I witnessed. The story is not best, but its not the worst either. It all depends on how you look at it, but if I was to pin point for the time I'm leaning towards being overrated for how much grossing it brought in world wide. I mean if its at east original enough to not be the most overrated film, then maybe your doing something right.

The Hunger Games: I remember people flipping there pants for this film in 2012. While even I read the book, I had this weird feeling I would not like it as much as others. I went to see, and wow was I disappointed, yet it spawned off three other movies so apparently they still watch them I was done from the first one. Others will say oh its in the realm of Harry Potter great transition from the book to film. Well fine, but not in my view, but moving on.

Gravity: Initially looking at this film like okay Sandra Bullock & George Clooney in space. While those are two iconic stars I just looked at it like I am probably not going to be interested in this film. It reminds what I should be watching instead Apollo 13, but hey wait a minute there are some users who like this film like Jaytop10list, BKAllmighty, & among others say its a hard story to understand, but is good throughout.

La La Land: Oh my get ready for the flames on this, but I find this film severely overrated. I'm not the only who feels strongly of that claim. DCfnaf made a review of the movie itself saying '' La La Land went wrong somewhere along the line. The original idea might have been promising, but in practice this movie has failed.'' I can see his view point of the film, considering while he thinks its not a musical (although the premise is too obvious not assume that). then there is MegaSoulhero who absolutely loves the film said that ''I've always been a fan of musicals, and this is one of the best musicals I've seen! La La Land is very well written, very well shot, and the actors give excellent performances!'' No matter how your of this film is you either are with the great critical acclaims its got, or you just do not believe what others see in it whatsoever.

Well that's that any others you want mentioned, well you describe it to me in the comment section. Until next time from Hollywood California (not), i'm Jimmy Kemmel (not) this is fake post sincerely CNN.


I personally liked the Air Bender movie a bit, the series was one of my favorite animes as a kid. it stayed true to the story but it left out so much, I guess you can't fit a few hundred episodes into a 2 hour movie though. - visitor