The Life and Assumptions of SuperHyperDude

Puga SuperHyperDude was born sometime in 2001 as a ginger little Scot named Duncan Croucher. Not much is known about Duncan's years of wearing nappie-size kilts, but he was an average baby. Not much is known about Duncan's family but he must of got that brain from somewhere. Either that, or he doesn't reveal that because he's actually a 69 year-old orphan who gets whipped at night by the Scottish thistles while cry-playing the bagpipes.

When Duncan began his life as a derpy schoolboy, little did he know he was entering hell's gates. For the next seven or so years bullies acted like arseholes because they're bullies. His asthma constantly made him a target. But puberty started to kick in and when Duncan was twelve on April 1st 2014 he finished his dinner of haggis and stumbled upon two websites: TheTopTens and Twatter. I mean Twitthurtful. I mean Twitter. Duncan signed up for both, neing SuperHyperman (even though he had only started puberty) on TTT and as SuperHyper4.

When Duncan started the website, he was an idiot. He rushed, excited, onto his first list, one of the most embarrassing things ever created: The Most Controversial YouTubers! As ifHowToBasic being on the list wasn't bad enough, a well-known YouTuber saw the list and called him out for it. Duncan got called "hater" everywhere he went. After those fifteen minutes of fame, SuperHyperman was hacked in May and Duncan rode his national unicorn to SuperHyperDude.

After he settled down in the site, he became more mature, developing series such as In a Nutshell, Tragic Stories and Controversial Corners (gone but not forgotten). He developed some friends such as Positron, Archie and myself, and even though a good majority of users dislike him, as do bullies, and as do Tweeters who don't understand sarcasm, he's always gonna be well recognisable, with a blue flag and two diagonal white lines behind his back. Happy anniversary bro.

Moral of the Story: it's not easy being Scottish


I flagged this for racial slurs! - visitor

'I flagged this because I don't know what racist means! " That was your real comment. - DontMakeARookieMistake

SHD is supposed to be doing this, right? - Animefan12

Yes, I'm just doing him for his anniversary. - Puga

Congratulations on one year of membership, my friend. - PetSounds

Aw man, always curious what I missed before being a member! You got guts... dude! SuperHuperDyde to be exact. Congrats on one year! - keycha1n

Congratulations on 1 year of membership. Happy anniversary - Delgia2k

That moral is nothing new to me, and I'm English. - PositronWildhawk

Everyone congratulating SHD on my post, violins - Puga