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1 Super Monkey

Super Monkey... Sorry. I got mesmerized for a second there. Some people say monkey apprentice is better... COME ON! Is it because it is cheaper!? This is a list for BEST towers, not mediocre towers that are cheap. So what is temple costs 100,000? Save up! Come on. Lets put this #1 on the list. VOTE SUPER MONKEY!

The super monkey has to be the best tower because I have played Bloons tower defense for a while and when people think that a monkey apprentice is better, just compare a temple of sun god to a summon Phoenix. Or tornado tempest to technological error. The best strateys always have super monkeys. And unlocking the upgrades for the monkey apprentice was kinda hard! With a super monkey it took 5 minutes to get plasma upgrades with only 1!

Super monkey is the best. Eve the wiki agrees to that. The super monkey is a hypersonic dart monkey throwing darts 13.55 times per second. Now that's fast. Even, the max temple is the most powerful tower in the game and the upgrade belongs to the super monkey. The max temple can destroy many ZOMGs with ease! The first strike capability can only destroy one. This is why super monkey is the best. VOTE FOR SUPERMONKEY.

Super monkey is overpriced. - g221

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2 Monkey Apprentice

In my opinion, both paths are great! Use them correctly together and they can make a great team for many rounds to come. Though first, upgrade both paths to the 3rd tier, and that's when the real game begins. Dragon's Breath is DEVASTATING, being able to take simple red bloon rushes to those annoying player sent ceramic rushes. Make Dragon's Breath Apprentice even MORE devastating by teaming it up with the Summon Whirlwind Apprentice. If some of those sneaky bloons get past the fiery doom of Dragon's Breath send them back to the flames of hell with a powerful whirlwind. The Summon Phoenix and Tempest Tornado upgrades are great too! The powerful phoenix of the Summon Phoenix upgrade can fly around the map burning ceramic, zebra or rainbow rushes (plus more! ) using his/her powerful flames out of his/her mouth (plus the phoenix looks so ' cool! ). The Tempest Tornado hurls out an even MORE devastating tornado to those sneaky bloons who either sneaked out of the flames of hell or the ...more

After tons of playing, I've come to learn that every tower is amazing in its own way. This tower, however, takes the cake. This tower cannot tear through BFBs or ZOMGs, but are extremely powerful. You usually get your first Super Monkey around round 35-40, so what will you do until then? Well a monkey apprentice of course! Best part being that if you even have Super Monkey Mansion, with the effect of +5% costs to Monkey Apprentices, they are still easily obtainable! Master of fire absolutely rips the balloons, along with MOABs. Especially the fact that it can summon a phoenix. This phoenix doesn't last long, but it tears through MOABs and Ceramics like hot knives on butter. The whirlwind is also amazing too! It may not be as good as the Master of Fire in my opinion, but it's still amazing to keep at the end of a map, where it blows the balloons straight back to the beginning. Where if combined with Sun Gods, will make you unstoppable. Another amazing plus is the capability to destroy ...more

The super monkey is better in damage output. I agree. Nobody said it wasn't. However, Damage isn't everything. The monkey apprentice can detect camos, pop leads without upgrades, as well as being very affordable in early / mid game. All of the super monkey voters tend to neglect the fact that just because a tower does insane damage doesn't make it the best. The tempest tornado can push balloons back, allowing for much more damage to be inflicted before the balloon can go out of range. Lightning storm can devistate those pesky packs of ceramics (or any other balloon for that matter.) And it is about the same price as a super monkey with epic range and laser vision when it is fully upgraded. For this reason, I believe the monkey apprentice is a great alternative to the super monkey.

I'm really experienced player in Bloon Tower defense 5 and Apprentices are the best other than super monkey. In fact, I like Apprentices so much, that I bought Mage Spire! Dragon Breath is super powerful. Plus, if you team up with Summon Whirlwind, it's just amazing. That's a great combo because Dragon Breath roasts and pops bloons with ease and if it get past by, the Disciple of Air will blow it back to the entrance while popping bloons too. If you upgrade it to MAX, the Summon Phoenix and Tempesto Tornado is just undescriable OP. The Summon Phoenix flys around in a circle popping bloons twice as much as Master of Fire and Tempesto Tornado blows more common than Disciple of Air, blows bloons further, faster, and pops it once before blowing.

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3 Ninja Monkey

Good popping power with 4/2, x/3 stuns area bloons and pops lead, good for area control. The Sabotage Supply Lines is one of THE best abilities it's cheap and slows all MOAB-class bloons so your towers have more time to damage them. And on top of that the Ninja can see camo, overall one of the best towers- way better than the apprentice, which is negative utility.

Best 4/2 with monkey village 2/4 is the bomb literally too it kills everything I use all of them and one monkey village to win

It is great on popping camo bloons, but it's about $130 more expensive than a 2/1 dart monkey on easy

Your early game is set when u have this and a cannon. In trouble? Use the double ability from the building and your set. Mid game also. Late game bloonjitsu plus sabotage = ez.

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4 Dartling Gun

Is this even a question?! The Dartling monkey is so versatile, fast, and powerful it can be used to solo run easy mode with support from a dart monkey for 5 turns. At 2-2 it can pop all bloons including leads. Although the ability to control them can be a pestilence at times the micro-management can save you at times. Keep in mind that there is a tower that allows you to lock their attacks. The 4th tier upgrades are some of the best despite their heavy price. You can solo run with a group of ray of dooms. Easily the best towers in the game (unlimited range by the way).

Definitely the best camo defense, way better than the ninja tower. I like to get the ray of doom upgrade and it is just ANNIHILATION. If it is strategically placed in a horizontal location and the beam is in line, it will incinerate all blimps. Good for mid to late game.

A great go to. Able to rip through packs of balloons, as well as the ability to pop camo. It rivals the power of the apache, and a hoard of them can rival the technological terror.

Lets just say it- the dartling gun IS the best tower in the game. Wanna know why? Let me list the ways...
-It has infinite range
-It can pop camo bloons
-It can pop camo lead when it's upgraded X-2
-It shoots about three darts per second-with the powerful darts upgrade it can pop, then, 9 bloons per second- MUCH cheaper and MUCH better than a super monkey (a dartling monkey upgraded 1-1 can pop 9 bloons per second and costs about 1,300- meanwhile, a 0-0 super monkey can pop 13.5 bloons per second and costs about 3,000).
-It is good for early, mid, and late game
-its fourth/third tier upgrades are ridiculously OP
-it can be controlled by YOU
-it can be used single-handedly(besides using dart monkeys at the beginning- such an op tower costs a lot of dough! ) to pass hard mode in expert maps- I know because I did so on 'tunnels'
Well, those are all the reasons I could think of at the current moment. I just have to say, this tower is one of the most underlooked ...more

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5 Monkey Sub

Advanced Intel can make your subscription shoot anywhere on the screen (if there areally other towers) and once you have rockets, this thing is op

Monkey sub is the best because it has cheap prices for powerful upgrades such as the first strike capability and the submerge ability

Monkey sub is horrible until you upgrade it. On maps like checkers with water lining up rows of subs and giving them rockets can make a huge difference

It can one shot a zomg does it even have to do anything else

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6 Monkey Engineer

This should definitely be #1. Once you upgrade the engineers workshop in the specialist buildings all the way up to get the red sentry guns, all you'll need is a monkey village to detect camos. Also, they are dirt cheap, so you will have hundreds of sentry guns before you get to the harder rounds.

This is by far my favorite tower. I believe it is by far the strongest tower (besides the super monkey) because of all its powerful turrets. It becomes very easy to beat any level when you get 10 or more monkey engineers.

This is so OP I use it a lot and sentries are taking care of every thing

So fare my favourite.Cheap,Good and easy to use.

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7 Monkey Ace

Just played a map with it made it to round 128 my new high score ITS CRAZY it should be number 3

Awesome upgrades with infinite range at a reasonable price.

The spectre is an amazing all rounder and the ground zero destroys all bloons (up to MOABs) on the screen.

Love spectre

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8 Spike Factory

Great for placing at the end of the map and upgrading it. recommended path-path 1 - favouredlist314

Op on apocalypse mode because they don't disappear and you can have almost infinite spikes.

Love how it can save up. Perfect against late-round bunches.

I'm in the middle of a game, full force, in easy mode. I am at round 85, but I have no trouble defeating the waves... I have 16 spike factories and two banana investments advisories. The only other tower I had was a ninja monkey, to take out the earlier rounds until I could afford a spike factory. 8 of them are maxed, and only 5 are not upgraded yet. If all of the spikes are on the ground (eventually they time out...) then the 8 maxed can take out about 6 ZOMGS, and quickly build up another set. Quite OP, and as to the monkey temple... 1. Eats some towers even if you don't want it to. 2. Incredibly expensive. Nothing more needs be said. 3. Start regen farming? No, that isn't really very fun... sit around and wait for money that no longer means anything? Play a cookie clicker instead, it's more fun. 4. So, let's get a monkey village and upgrade it to let the super monkey detect camos? Adding to the cost, not helping... The point is, this tower is cost-effective, useful, easy to get in ...more

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9 Heli Pilot

Reasonable prices for powerful upgrades (Both fourth tier upgrades, I prefer the apache) (similar to the monkey sub, however it can also be used on land). Tracking the bloons automatically makes it better than the dartling gun (in my opinion, some prefer to target very different sections of bloons rapidly, or hold a single spot with the dartling guns devastating power). One disadvantage I see however is that you need the paid version for the tower, sad not having it anymore.

From what I have tested the apache has one of the best if not the best popping power to money ratio. Makes impoppable easy like so ridiculous that it's not funny they are so much better then temples and you rate things like a ninja better umm... are you playing on easy because if so your opinion doesn't count so take this from an experienced player and just use it it is best

The Heli Pilot gives amazing damage and can follow balloons in pursuit mode. It's 4th tier second path with the packages can keep you in the game for the longest time, and allow you to move other towers.

Why is this in 9th place? A fleet of Apache Dartships can do the same damage as a Temple and for less cost. Plus you don't have to risk saving your money and losing. Apache is actually the fastest dart shooter without boosts added. Two of them can beat the 50 MOAB challenge. It has missiles that seek out bloons so you can have one near the end of the track and still help tackle bloons. Support Chinook is also really good by adding cash and extra lives.

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10 Monkey Bucaneer

With a fully upgraded pirate cove this is the only tower in the game that can pop lead camo at 0/0. If one of these rolls for me on a daily challenge of any difficulty I will do it with ease. By far my most used and favourite tower. Every special mission that can use these bad boys, even "No Escape" becomes child's play with them. The "Fast Upgrades" special mission can be done in ~2 minutes with the 0/4 version of these towers and a glue gunner. The cost and power of these towers, coupled with the cove giving them the ability to grant detection of camo to all other towers has provided this game with an extremely effective tower anywhere there is water.

I love these towers, the sub boat combo is op. Once you have an aircraft carrier, you vaporize balloons

OP and cheap. Path 1 is OP. Path 2 is OP

Its awesome a 3-2 path in TD its simply amazing

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11 Bomb Tower

Bomb towers suck against zebras and blacks unless you have 25 frag bomb towers.


Really good for early game, just destroys packs of bloons. Can't detect camo so I usually pair it up with M.I.B

It can destroy MOAB class bloons with the 2,3 bomb. It can also beat grouped normal bloons woth 3 or 4 to the left

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12 Bloonchipper

After destroying a big blue, red, or green balloon these machines are able to take out all the balloons that burst out of the bigger balloon. No doubt about it top 5.

Having a chipper is amazing in the bloons games. You can stall the things, which gives you more time to pop all of the bloons.

Having a bunch of these buys you a lot of time, should be higher on the list

ZOMG just suck it up. easy win on impopable. had I said that he can suck ZOMG

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13 Monkey Village

To me it is the best because when taking left side all the way through you have a plasma monkey that can see camo and it still generates boosting effects on fellow towers in it's radius. Also the right side can turn your super monkey into a lead-popping beast because of the Monkey Intelligence Bureau and if you get the final upgrade it can turn into a last second lifesaver.

I'm sorry is there another support tower

I don't use it often, but it definitely has late game advantages

Best support tower if upgrade to 4/2 arguably 2/4

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14 Banana Farm

Without the farm I doubt you could get any of the expensive upgrades or towers

The Farm is a way to increase your money early and late game.

The factory is so good

The advisory is OP

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15 Dart Monkey

One of the best cost-performance ratio. It begins to lack the firepower required for late-game rounds, but these are sufficient enough to carry you until you can get better towers.

Why is this 16 on the list! Definitely the best tower. Just spam 2-3 Dart Monkeys (especially with the specialty building with exploding darts! ) maybe some juggernauts, and you have the game won!

Definitely the best tower in my opinion. Gets you through the first 50 rounds easy and can still help in the later rounds with super monkey clubhouse

Irrefutabley the best and most efficient tower in the game. It may lack in power compared to many others towers, but it's utility and cheap cost is what counts. Dart monkeys are crucial to early game levels on extreme levels since they can be so easily spammed. It's upgrades prove to be effective at taking down bloons, especially using a group of triple dart monkeys to win. The jaugernaut is like an alternate to the lightning wizard but it is still better, it can kill any bloon type and do it well. Let's also not forget the supreme power of the SMFC! With enough dart monkeys, they can destroy as many MOABS/BFB's as you please. On top of one of the most cost effective upgrades in the game (that is if you use it right). Dart monkeys should be considered for players who focus on winning the game. You have to use strategy when using them, for their max potential in early, mid, and late game!

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16 Boomerang Thrower

One of my favorite towers in the game if you know how to use them

One thing I can say... 2/4 Boomerang Throwers + MIB Call To Arms + Radar = INSANE STRONG DEFENSE

I don't like them, when green balloons come around they always throw in between the balloons, missing.

Bad and Glaive Lord don't worth it.

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17 Super Op Dragon Lord

It's just 4/4 Masters and is OP



18 Glue Gunner

Max glue gunner is extremely good

When these are maxed out to splatter absolutely everything it makes it silly easy to take down everything up to a moab.

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19 Temple of the Monkey God

OP just find the Dark Secret and is OP

A sun god army is cheaper and more powerful. It would be great if it did not sacrifice towers or cost so much. 1 of these is more powerful than 1 sun god, but multiple sun gods are better, but for the same price.

It's powerful than Sun God in a good way.

This costs 85.000 cash and gets rid of all of your towers on the map so I think it should be band from the game.If you had 60 towers that were fully upgraded and you got the upgrade monkey god all of your fully upgraded towers will go

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20 Wizard Lord

I don't think this actually count since it is from a special mission and not really a tower itself.

The tower is plain evil, but it is powerful.

It's OP but you can't buy it. It's in a mission

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