Best Towers In Bloons Tower Defense 5

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1 Super Monkey

I've played Bloons Tower Defense for a while now, and I think that Super Monkey is okay. Not the best, just okay. It costs a lot, but that's reasonable considering its ability. The "Ancient" path (Path 1) is great. All upgrades pop lots of bloons, cost a reasonable amount, and look pleasant. The "Modern" Path(Path 2) is where the problems start. The range upgrades are overpriced and don't do much, Robo Monkey isn't very good without making it 2-3, and a 3-2 is more cost efficient than a 2-3. Tech Terror ability can't even pop camos. The camos have to be hit by something that de-camos them to be hit by Bloon Annihilation. Overall, Super Monkey is not that great.

I don't know what nutcase would vote otherwise than this expensive but extremely powerful tower. It's right side upgrades storm through bloons and MOAB-classes alike, and the left side upgrades, when the right towers are sacrificed, dominate the map with plasma ripping through rounds of ZOMGs and glue, blades, tornadoes and missiles hailing on the unfortunate bloons left behind to be melted by this insanely powerful monkey. There is no tower that unleashes hell just like the Super Monkey does.

This tower is a piece of crap. First all of its upgrade are expensive and can only pop lead when there is plasma shooter. In addition there was no camo defense so at DTT you are basically losing using only this. Second technology terror only does 1000 damage to ZOMG and sun god just make all other tower combine to it self for a great deal of money which is no worth. Last but not least it has best alternative for it like first strike capability and ray of doom or ground zero which is all cheaper and better.

This tower is probably the most used tower I've ever played with Once I used just a few other towers which all of them were in the range of a monkey village. I just put those towers and a bunch of technological terrors and almost fully maxed Sun god temple. All that on brick wall kept the bloons at the beginning with continuous ZOMG's coming at me on round 108. Oh yeah, I did have about 4 Cripple Moab snipers but you should have seen the power the super monkeys were doing. And that's why I think super monkeys are #1.

2 Banana Farm

In my opinion, decent but not op. I would rank it 10th on list as it gives u good income but the opponent could just rush u and they win the game

This tower is clearly the best as it provides additional income, allowing you to quickly upgrade your offensive towers to better deal with the bloons as well as providing the wherewithal to get enough towers to defeat the bloons. Without banana farms your income is not high enough to allow for you to get the best bloons. Personally I prefer to use the banks as it allows you to focus more on the bloons, but I accept that the other option is probably superior in terms of money making.

Only additional income in the game? I guess that could be useful. NO! Its more than useful, its literally the most important tower in the game! It's the only boost in income at all, how could you possibly afford the whatever is 1 and 2 on this list without some banana farms to pay for it.

THE best tower in my opinion, a lot of runs on impoppable would be literally impossible without monkey money. The only downside is how you have to manually collect bananas or spend 40 monkey money on a farmer. Still worth it though.

3 Dart Monkey

Does nobody actually REALISE how useful this tower is? When people say it loses firepower when near late game, they don't know what they're talking about, it's popping power can definitely beat some of the entries on this list as the juggernauts have an excellent coverage against ceramics while the smfc can take down bfbs with no problem. Combining this tower with the farm makes any level super easy.
And when I say it's better than other towers in this list, it's either on par with some examples or are better in general, these are some examples: the buccaneer is really good with special missions and can make them a breeze, while the dart monkey can do these same things while also being excellent for regular maps. The boomerang thrower, every upgrade in its path can be easily put down by the dart monkey's. The heli pilot takes too much space and costs too much for any advantages during actual rounds unless you go o free play. The spike factory may have advantages to cleaning up ...more

Irrefutabley the best and most efficient tower in the game. It may lack in power compared to many others towers, but it's utility and cheap cost is what counts. Dart monkeys are crucial to early game levels on extreme levels since they can be so easily spammed. It's upgrades prove to be effective at taking down bloons, especially using a group of triple dart monkeys to win. The jaugernaut is like an alternate to the lightning wizard but it is still better, it can kill any bloon type and do it well. Let's also not forget the supreme power of the SMFC! With enough dart monkeys, they can destroy as many MOABS/BFB's as you please. On top of one of the most cost effective upgrades in the game (that is if you use it right). Dart monkeys should be considered for players who focus on winning the game. You have to use strategy when using them, for their max potential in early, mid, and late game!

Best cost to performance ratio in the game, get a village and add one more onto their popping power and have one tower to deal with leads, you can ride the entire game with just these guys, and I've done so.

Why is this 16 on the list! Definitely the best tower. Just spam 2-3 Dart Monkeys (especially with the specialty building with exploding darts! ) maybe some juggernauts, and you have the game won!

4 Ninja Monkey

Ninja monkey really, REALLY needs to be higher. It's so insane! Automatic camo detection, who doesn't want that?! The first path is commonly known to be insane, bloonjitsu's 5 shurikens perk helps in bad situations, it's just so so insane! The second path has higher costs but flash bomb is all the amazing and the Sabotage Flight Lines ability is insane, the slowness perk is fantastic! I guess a flaw would be high costs? Not reallly... Well by itself it won't do much to M.O.A.B.s unless it has Sabotage Flight Lines... Anyhow, a fantastic tower. Me, emerald, out.

Absolute best monkey tower. There is only one thing this monkey can't do, and that is pop lead balloons. Just on of these, 3/2, can get you all the way to around round 25. 4/2 is best, and because it can't pop lead, it isn't the only tower that matters...

Pair it with a 2/2 monkey apprentice, and you can beat Easy no problem, and most of the other modes.

Ninja monkey is the best tower to beat beginner and intermediate maps on hard. all you need is at least 10 ninjas upgraded to 4/2 by round 50 with a 2/2 apprentice at the very beginning to pop those leads. To get ultimate popping power you can even get the monkey village upgraded to 2/3 and sell the apprentice. As you go along just keep getting those 4/2 ninjas and as long as you have 22 ninjas by round 85, you will WIN!

Good popping power with 4/2, x/3 stuns area bloons and pops lead, good for area control. The Sabotage Supply Lines is one of THE best abilities it's cheap and slows all MOAB-class bloons so your towers have more time to damage them. And on top of that the Ninja can see camo, overall one of the best towers- way better than the apprentice, which is negative utility.

5 Monkey Apprentice

In my opinion, both paths are great! Use them correctly together and they can make a great team for many rounds to come. Though first, upgrade both paths to the 3rd tier, and that's when the real game begins. Dragon's Breath is DEVASTATING, being able to take simple red bloon rushes to those annoying player sent ceramic rushes. Make Dragon's Breath Apprentice even MORE devastating by teaming it up with the Summon Whirlwind Apprentice. If some of those sneaky bloons get past the fiery doom of Dragon's Breath send them back to the flames of hell with a powerful whirlwind. The Summon Phoenix and Tempest Tornado upgrades are great too! The powerful phoenix of the Summon Phoenix upgrade can fly around the map burning ceramic, zebra or rainbow rushes (plus more! ) using his/her powerful flames out of his/her mouth (plus the phoenix looks so ' cool! ). The Tempest Tornado hurls out an even MORE devastating tornado to those sneaky bloons who either sneaked out of the flames of hell or the ...more

The super monkey is better in damage output. I agree. Nobody said it wasn't. However, Damage isn't everything. The monkey apprentice can detect camos, pop leads without upgrades, as well as being very affordable in early / mid game. All of the super monkey voters tend to neglect the fact that just because a tower does insane damage doesn't make it the best. The tempest tornado can push balloons back, allowing for much more damage to be inflicted before the balloon can go out of range. Lightning storm can devistate those pesky packs of ceramics (or any other balloon for that matter.) And it is about the same price as a super monkey with epic range and laser vision when it is fully upgraded. For this reason, I believe the monkey apprentice is a great alternative to the super monkey.

Monkey Apprentice is the best tower, in my opinion. It's very cheap, extremely versatile, and powerful. I'm currently playing on "Deflation" and barely anything has gotten past the 2/4 Apprentice. Super Monkeys are good, at times, but it's 100,000 bananas to get a 4/2 Super Monkey and with that, you could have many more maxed apprentices, both Tempest and Dragon's Breath, with money to spare! Both of the paths are amazing together, as if anything was to get past the Dragon's Breath, the Tempest would send a tornado and send it right back into fire! I don't see how any other towers can beat this on a Top 5.

After tons of playing, I've come to learn that every tower is amazing in its own way. This tower, however, takes the cake. This tower cannot tear through BFBs or ZOMGs, but are extremely powerful. You usually get your first Super Monkey around round 35-40, so what will you do until then? Well a monkey apprentice of course! Best part being that if you even have Super Monkey Mansion, with the effect of +5% costs to Monkey Apprentices, they are still easily obtainable! Master of fire absolutely rips the balloons, along with MOABs. Especially the fact that it can summon a phoenix. This phoenix doesn't last long, but it tears through MOABs and Ceramics like hot knives on butter. The whirlwind is also amazing too! It may not be as good as the Master of Fire in my opinion, but it's still amazing to keep at the end of a map, where it blows the balloons straight back to the beginning. Where if combined with Sun Gods, will make you unstoppable. Another amazing plus is the capability to destroy ...more

6 Monkey Buccaneer

With a fully upgraded pirate cove this is the only tower in the game that can pop lead camo at 0/0. If one of these rolls for me on a daily challenge of any difficulty I will do it with ease. By far my most used and favourite tower. Every special mission that can use these bad boys, even "No Escape" becomes child's play with them. The "Fast Upgrades" special mission can be done in ~2 minutes with the 0/4 version of these towers and a glue gunner. The cost and power of these towers, coupled with the cove giving them the ability to grant detection of camo to all other towers has provided this game with an extremely effective tower anywhere there is water.

The final upgrade on the bucaneer path can one-hit K.O. a MOAB, and the aircarft carrier, is well, an aircraft carrier. It is rather dissapointing to see this troop at sixteen, and I do hope that many see the true power it possess.

I love these towers, the sub boat combo is op. Once you have an aircraft carrier, you vaporize balloons

Once u get aircraft carrier with some ballistic missiles -monkey sub. U have already won the game.

7 Monkey Sub

Airburst darts spam is a cheap way to get insane popping power. Ballistic missile spam is a sustainable way to beat the midgame. Reactor is a pretty easy way to wipe cluster rushes in battles

As of BTD5 this was a great tower, max abilities at level 19. I personally refer to them as water dart monkeys. They start out with homing darts, and can eventually get all vision, and it gets camo detection if it is in vision with a camo detection tower. In BTD6 I use it because it gets round 5 no issue, gets lead popping,
fast and shoots fast. Submerge and support is good when you Upgrade to Bloontonium reactor or energizer. It can destoy BADs with the middle path, and Helpes other subs with the middle path.

The reactor is so good for early to mid game, it pops bloons, decamoizes bloons, I think it is better than the x/3 mortar. what not a lot of people don't know is that it can lower the cooldown of water tower abilities by 10%. When you have a lot of them, You can spam first strikes for days. It is also a good price too.

THIS SUB IS OVERPOWERED Bloontonium Reactor is great for popping weak balloons, but ballistic missile is deadly. I usually put 8 ballistic missiles and it destroys moab class with ease. Not to mention First Strike Capability-ONE shots ZOMGs, way better than monkey buccaneers swashbuckling ability.

8 Spike Factory

What is everyone's last resort tactic in BTD? To place road spikes, popping those last few bloons that snuck through your defenses. There's always a slight amount of guilt when you place the road spikes, because you know that they're not economical, and you know that the fact that you have to use them means that your defense isn't as strong as it should be. Spike factories eliminate this guilt, placing the road spikes for you. They are extremely powerful tools, and are ultimately the best tower in the game. The upgrades they possess aren't too shabby either. Exploding spiked balls, a special ability that allows spikes to be placed across the whole path, spikes that pop lead bloons, and spikes that wreak special havoc on MOAB class bloons are just a few of this amazing tower's many assets.

I'm in the middle of a game, full force, in easy mode. I am at round 85, but I have no trouble defeating the waves... I have 16 spike factories and two banana investments advisories. The only other tower I had was a ninja monkey, to take out the earlier rounds until I could afford a spike factory. 8 of them are maxed, and only 5 are not upgraded yet. If all of the spikes are on the ground (eventually they time out...) then the 8 maxed can take out about 6 ZOMGS, and quickly build up another set. Quite OP, and as to the monkey temple... 1. Eats some towers even if you don't want it to. 2. Incredibly expensive. Nothing more needs be said. 3. Start regen farming? No, that isn't really very fun... sit around and wait for money that no longer means anything? Play a cookie clicker instead, it's more fun. 4. So, let's get a monkey village and upgrade it to let the super monkey detect camos? Adding to the cost, not helping... The point is, this tower is cost-effective, useful, easy to get in ...more

A good strategy to save up money for farther game because with 2/2 tier it can made endless spike that pop lead, zebra, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, and sometimes ceramics. To make it op in apocalypse bring a 3/2 tier ice tower, with a 2/3 boomerang tower. Put spike factory and some 3/2 wizard and a 2/4 bomb tower for ceramic and moab class in late game.

Perfect for the end of the stage, or at a loop. These make an infinite amount of spikes, and stop anything that gets in your way. These REALLY excel at the spiky ball route, 3/0. They are good with both, but the spiky ball one is where it is at.

9 Monkey Engineer

Bloon traps are op, especially with monkey town in midgame. With monkey knowledge 3, it can serve as camo detection straight away in bmc.

the MOST underrated tower and the best one by far. you can literally make towers with a tower. clensing forum can take care of camo, bloon trapper can trap annoying ceramics.

People say that the super monkey deserves #1 because of its strength. However this is a list for the best. Don't get me wrong super monkey and apprentice money are good. But monkey engineer is like have ing multiple towers at once And is cheap. When your saving up for the super monkey to help out who you think is pulling the weight.

This should definitely be #1. Once you upgrade the engineers workshop in the specialist buildings all the way up to get the red sentry guns, all you'll need is a monkey village to detect camos. Also, they are dirt cheap, so you will have hundreds of sentry guns before you get to the harder rounds.

10 Monkey Ace

For its cost the monkey ace has one of the most devastating abilities in the game. Able to wipe out the entire map of anything regular moabs and below and significantly damage the larger moabs. When combined with a monkey village, and engineers overclock you have a non-stop press and delete button. With 5 or more you become near invincible.

Operation: Dart Storm is surprisingly effective. Significantly more damage per price than any iteration of Super Monkeys. Test on the 100 MOAB challenge to see that Op: DS clears them before they get halfway while the Super Monkeys, Robo-Monkeys, and Sun Gods struggle with your given budget.

No doubt Monkey Ace is the best in the game. Spectre will SHRED any type of balloon or blimp for a good price. Just get one or two of these and you are good to go through round 85!

Spectre is the best because it is MUCH cheaper than Temple of the Monkey God and you don't lose towers buying it.

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11 Bomb Tower

When you don't want to use a monkey apprentice, use a bomb tower. Spectacular popping power, but can't shoot camo lead. That is why you use monkey Apprentices instead.

Bombs can both pop MOABSs and bloons. It plays an essential role in BTDB and BMC and can pair well with almost any tower because of its capabilities. The cluster bomb has a 560 bloon popping limit, easily taking care of large rushes. MOAB maulers are almost exclusively used to pop MOAB class bloons, and there is no other tower so commonly used among players.

Really good for early game, just destroys packs of bloons. Can't detect camo so I usually pair it up with M.I.B

Bomb towers suck against zebras and blacks unless you have 25 frag bomb towers.

12 Boomerang Thrower

Bionic boomer is cheapest way to get your popping power in earlier rounds and can pop frozen bloons to be paired with arctic wind for mid rounds. Only problem is camo detection, which can be covered by a simple spike factory.

The boomerang thrower has a rather big amount of capabilities. The first path is pretty cool, the ricochet is a Fantastic way to pop insane amounts of bloons and the glaive lord... Good lord this thing rocks. The orbit glaives are great bloon poppers! The second path fires glaives in a way that rivals the super monkey, turbo charge + glaives is 10x faster then normal, and add the double rang upgrade from a maxed boomerang dojo and you get a truly fantastic warrior. However, the boomerang thrower's weakness is it can't do a lot against M.O.A.B.s, but this flaw won't prevent this tower to be very, VERY good early and late game. Me, emerald, out.

This is a really nice tower with full Boomerang Dojo upgrades (cheaper, faster, boomerangs fly around 2 times, throws 2 at once) it is basically as good as a super monkey with low upgrades and monkey village 2,2 makes it better than a super monkey* as long as it has the speciality building. If you use this tower right, you are a legend. *super monkey is pretty awesome too ( honourable mentions go to - apprentice, ace, engineer, sub, sniper and finally farm )

Excellent with the Boomerang Dojo, were he throws two boomerangs. Only weakness is no camo detection.

13 Monkey Village

Makes towers cheaper and op. MIB arctic wind bionic boomer (kinda expensive but worth) basically gives infinite popping power.

To me it is the best because when taking left side all the way through you have a plasma monkey that can see camo and it still generates boosting effects on fellow towers in it's radius. Also the right side can turn your super monkey into a lead-popping beast because of the Monkey Intelligence Bureau and if you get the final upgrade it can turn into a last second lifesaver.

When I started playing the game I would always lose on a level 50 something level when the regen camo bloons came. They would tear through my defenses because only half can target them. This can get bomb towers and super monkeys target camos. It saves lots of money and improves range. By far the most valuable structure.

Absolutely Insane! The upgrade that gives you 50% more cash goes a long way in the late game. Stuff as many super monkeys a single you can and it'll get you to round 200+.

14 Heli Pilot

Support chinook is not to be underestimated. After a while, you get enough lives to survive multiple moabs and get so much cash while pushing back stray bloons with pursuit. Apache dartship is quite formidable too, but in my opinion decreases in usefulness in later rounds (cluster zomgs and higher).

The apache airship is just insane! On round 60 Just one is enough to keep the balloons at the start. It's a bit expensive but definitely worth it. And the fact that it tracks the balloons makes it one of the best towers. With the Enhanced IFR Instruments It can pop any balloons. The Support Chinook Is also amazing with the two abilities. On a high round when you want Temples Of the Monkey Gods but don't want them to sacrifice all your towers, you can move them away. The other ability can get you more health, and tons of money. More health can save you so many times. Once I replaced my Technological Terrors with Apache Airships on round 200 and they annihilated the ZOMG's

Reasonable prices for powerful upgrades (Both fourth tier upgrades, I prefer the apache) (similar to the monkey sub, however it can also be used on land). Tracking the bloons automatically makes it better than the dartling gun (in my opinion, some prefer to target very different sections of bloons rapidly, or hold a single spot with the dartling guns devastating power). One disadvantage I see however is that you need the paid version for the tower, sad not having it anymore.

This tower is easily better than the ninja, engineer, and possible the apprentice. You can buy 3 or 4 of these for the cost of temple and they fire faster than any other tower. It deserves higher than rank 10. Sure you need to have the Apache upgrade for it to be phenomenal but it is still a pretty decent tower without it. I would have thought it was gonna be higher than rank 10 but everyone has their own opinions.

15 Bloonchipper

Broken midgame moab killer with 4-0, essential for cheap way to chip away at zomg hoards. Triple barrel not as good, but can serve as a fairly cheap ceramics staller.

Can suck up EVERYTHING including a ZOMG! With radar or monkey village it can dominate. If you upgrade it in the "specialities" it can pick up bananas for you! Super OP if you know how to use it! Should be in top 3

After destroying a big blue, red, or green balloon these machines are able to take out all the balloons that burst out of the bigger balloon. No doubt about it top 5.

Having a chipper is amazing in the bloons games. You can stall the things, which gives you more time to pop all of the bloons.

16 Dartling Gun

Is this even a question?! The Dartling monkey is so versatile, fast, and powerful it can be used to solo run easy mode with support from a dart monkey for 5 turns. At 2-2 it can pop all bloons including leads. Although the ability to control them can be a pestilence at times the micro-management can save you at times. Keep in mind that there is a tower that allows you to lock their attacks. The 4th tier upgrades are some of the best despite their heavy price. You can solo run with a group of ray of dooms. Easily the best towers in the game (unlimited range by the way).

In all honesty, the Dartling Gun should be higher than #4. All though its first few upgrades make it more accurate and powerful, its 2-2 setting is great at tearing through bloons of all types. If a MOAB comes your way and you Apprentices and Ninja Monkeys can't keep up, YOU have the power to decide its fate with the Dartling Gun. Never rely on short ranges with the Dartling gun, because wherever you want it to shoot, it will! If BFBs ruin the party, the 3-2 and 2-3 Dartling guns will help out immensely. If and when the mighty ZOMGs come calling, just pop in a couple of 4-2 Dartling guns, and nothing will get past. Plus, the 2-4 Dartling gun can easily deal with Ceramic rushes. All in all, this tower, if used correctly, is one of the deadliest towers of all time.

this tower just got introduced in BTD6, and its quite op. 2/5/0 is godlike. and in btd5, 4/2 or 2/4 is really good. also, it has automatic camo detection.

Definitely the best camo defense, way better than the ninja tower. I like to get the ray of doom upgrade and it is just ANNIHILATION. If it is strategically placed in a horizontal location and the beam is in line, it will incinerate all blimps. Good for mid to late game.

17 Tack Shooter

Not the best tower but blade storm is good ring of fire bad late game sucks agenst camo

Ring of fire/ blade maelstrom+ monkey village radar scanar=

Just good against non camo bloons

The fire path is good

18 Sniper Monkey

Supply drop is a solid source of income, since in just a few rounds it makes the 10k back. Cripple moab is good for zomg stalling for just a little bit more of an edge. Semi-auto rifle can serve as a good ceram cleanup tower after taking down a moab if that's what you're struggling with.

When you have it targeting strong, it can quickly pick off large targets in crowds that might otherwise cause trouble later on down the path. Even better on longer paths as it's range is everywhere. One 2/3 sniper can mean you don't even see any bloons some early-mid rounds and 4/2 can stop MOABs in their tracks. Great when combined with Apprentice monkeys or supers for the wave clear.

Number 2 supply drop is op get 10+ and a 4-2 village, you can get a ton of 0-4 snipers and eventually it lags out to give you more than you actually have. much better than banana farms, so much smaller, cheaper, and more money in late game as rounds are much longer and ability can be used 5-10 times each per round.

Probably one of my favorites because of the ability to stop moabs, bfbs, and zomg's for a short period of time and insta-kill ceramics. The semi automatic side turns it into a long range, high damage dart monkey/banana farm

19 Mortar Tower

With the mortar specialist tower it becomes one of the most powerful towers. A self aiming cannon on steroids with unlimited range that either shoots super fast and reveals camp or shoots huge explosions that take off 3 layers at a time! What more could you ask for?

To me this is one of the worst because it can only attack in one specific spot and even though it does reveal camo with signal flares it wont hit them all with it's incredibly slow attacks. Also none of the upgrades deal massive damage to moabs.

The Big One annihilates rainbows.

Bad SUCKS. My opinion

20 Wizard Lord

All round beast

Lololololol its not even a tower

These Guys Are Amazing!


It can give you extra health. best ever! 1

basicially bloons td battles banana farm but better. wired funds and attrition is god tier.

22 First Strike Capability

'it can destroy upto a zomb in a hit

23 Monkey Beacon

you are stupit

24 Glue Gunner

When these are maxed out to splatter absolutely everything it makes it silly easy to take down everything up to a moab.

On maps that have hidden track, the glue gunner can hit the bloons with glue and it will pop wherever as long as it is on. 20000 pops on round 72

Max glue gunner is extremely good

It is good in later upgrades

25 Ice Tower

Arctic wind+ice shard=infinite popping power (if whites and zebras didn't exist). With mib, can pop everything reliably below a moab. 2-4 also can slow down all bloons including moab class.

It's totally not a bad tower. The ice tower is terrible with ice shards and Absolute Zero, but the Arctic Wind ice tower is super cool and underrated. Pair the arctic wind with a Ring of Fire, and watch the near infinite bloon slowing and popping power

The ice tower is the "coolest" troop ever it the best

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