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1 Talk Me Down

Absolutely amazing

All the song of Troye are badass.

So peaceful.

2 Happy Little Pill

Although I love all of Troye's music, this would have to be my fave along with "for him". His voice is so amazing, and not to mention his adorable videos.

The live acoustic version is very touching; the studio version is amazing as well.

He rocks the notes and flows with the music! I go to youtube and look up this song whenever I feel like listening to Troye Sivan

The Best of The Best... I'm Really Addicted ti This Songs

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3 Wild

How is this not higher up? this song is so amazing the beat and his voice just go together so well in this song it should at least be in the top 10

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. - Selfiefan68

Definitely higher

Wild is just so perfect and it's so goalsss omtt

4 Youth

Not his deepest song but I can definitely relate my life to this song!

This should be on top

Simply the best...

5 Heaven

This song is so fantastic and beautiful. You're music has always been so reassuring and has really been an inspiration to me as a bi dude. I listened to this song once and said to myself I will never pretend to be something I am not for one more second. And then I came out

Do you understand how much this song warmed my sad bisexual heart? Enough so to accept myself thanks Troye

Beautiful and heartbreaking

6 Fools

The music video though

This is just amazing! Best Sivan's song in my opinion

This song is great, should be number 1

My favorite,love this song!

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7 Touch

By far my favourite song. This sing isn't about sex it is sex - happyhappyjoyjoy

8 Papercut

Best song ever

Papercut will forever remain in my heart. <3 Love you forever, Troye Sivan and Zedd!

9 The Fault in Our Stars V 1 Comment
10 Too Good

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11 Lost Boy

Best song by far!

I'm just a lost boy not ready to be found...😍

12 Fun

His best one yet! From one chorus to another, it grows and grows and become more powerful! Full of tenderness and nostalgia!

13 Ease

Broods is my favorite artist and Troye is my second favorite, and the mixture of their voices is amazing.

Troye and Broods's voices come together so perfectly...and the entire song just puts me into a another trance-like state.

Why on earth is this so low? it's the most beautiful and calming sing by troye ever

This is my favorite troye sivan song. why isn't it higher up? it's so calming

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14 Blue

This is Tyler x Troye level. Kill me please ;(

15 There for You

Dude this like the best song ever and you can listen to it any time and it will bring a smile to your face.

I can listen to this for hours and not get bored of it

How Come This isn't #1? - lmntrx

16 Gasoline
17 Suburbia

Such beautiful lyrics, a haunting yet tranquil vocal performance and the music is so soothing it gives me shivers every time. should be higher on the list in my opinion, extremely underrated song

18 Here
19 Make You Love Me
20 June Haverly
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1. Happy Little Pill
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