Best Turkish Singers

I've included all top 10 most selling singers from Turkey

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1 Ibrahim Tatlises

Simply number 1.

2 Orhan Gencebay
3 Sezen Aksu

For those born in the 80s, it is the way they feel the love they lived in the 90s.

Little Sparrow. A great artist

4 Ahmet Kaya

one of the first names that come to mind. It has been on the agenda with its political identity rather than artist identity. When magazine journalists give their award at the association night, they declare that they will sing Kurdish and shoot Kurdish clips while making their speech; Following this declaration, first of all the guests invited to the night, and then the media's lynching campaign forces the artist to go abroad, news of death in the expatriate he goes to.

5 Ferdi Tayfur
6 Cem Karaca

its place is different for me, I am always sorry that I do not have the chance to watch their youth live together with erk koray. Happy birthday, you took a night and night to a balcony and lit a cigarette.

Anatolian Rock is a man who has given his heart to the genre of music. His voice is all dressed up and he gives peace to man. Rest in peace

Cem Karaca was an incredible singer. God is the greatest artist of the turkey mercy on her soul

How is it that far behind? I think it should be first. All the songs of this man are a legend

7 Tarkan Tarkan Tevetoğlu, known as Tarkan, is a Turkish pop singer. He was born in West Germany and raised in Turkey. Tarkan has been nicknamed the "Prince of Pop".

From pop music to Turkish Folk Art Music. He's a great artist. He did not fail at all. A complete POPSTAR

It's come on

The most worable singer of the era. no bad song


8 Bülent Ersoy
9 Barış Manço

very sympathetic

10 Zeki Müre

The Contenders

11 Neşet Ertaş

He has a very strong voice. His folk songs are indispensable.

going well with beer

12 Zeki Müren

I went to the diction course at the time, and in order to teach the pronunciation of the words, some words were used open or closed, and they used to listen to the interviews of the intelligent moray. he used it so flawlessly that I would be enchanted when listening to our language. There is also a rhyme subject. The bald blind hedgehog would sing the rhyme without any hesitation.
God rest the soul...

A few steps back from the generation where I was the clever murine. He is an interesting man, held by those who were found, and whose prophet was terrified.
we do not know much about itself, and do not shake the reason and how it deserves attention.
But, the piece of the basement pass, the clever muren, that went into the "heart of trouble, my clever murine", has been indexed by the Internet. everybody knows up and down.

The most master artist

rest when drinking

13 Aleyna Tilki

Turkish britney spears but young version. Very young version

Piremses Aleyna.

14 Erkin Koray

One of the best in Anatolian Rock music

15 Alper Erözer

Alper Erözer the best singer at Turkey come on people how youy dpnbt6 newfu alper he is th best of the best of the best

16 Sertab Erener
17 Hadise
18 Hayko Cepkin

In fact he is an Armenian. But that doesn't stop it from being great. An excellent artist

19 Gülsen
20 Gülden Karaböcek
21 Ceza
22 Haluk Levent

He is very good person

23 Kıraç

Sounds is good

24 Güncel Gürsel Artıktay

he is ameteur but really good

25 Teoman
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