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41 vtmKzoom

The best commercial Flemish kids channel, a safe place for kids (and their parents) to stay, enjoy local and international entertainment. So much fun!


ESPN is a good sports channel that kids will like to watch. If your a parent you might want to block this channel because they do say some curse words but there not bad and they kind of say inappropriate stuff but its all good to check on your favorite team

43 Treehouse TV Treehouse TV
44 CBeebies

Hello? Who doesn't love 'In the Night Garden'? I'm 16; I don't even watch it, but I love it!

It isn't for teens! Toddler like it! I hate it because I am 8! - lizard302

45 Chutti TV
46 PBS Kids Go!
47 Pop

I like pop. My best show is Mona the vampire. - lizard302

I like 'Milly, Molly' and 'Timothy Goes to School' (though I'm not sure whether TGTS comes on Pop or Tiny Pop.

POP is a OK channel it not as good as nicktoons Cartoon Network or Disney

48 Tiny Pop V 2 Comments

I LOVE 'My Parents are Aliens', 'My Phone Genie', 'Horrid Henry', 'Pokemon', 'Mr Bean-the Animated Series', 'Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids' and 'Fort Boyard'. Although, they do seem to repeat episodes a lot.

I love horrid hennry it really the mane reason I wacht citv as for the channel it is bad it don't get me wrong its not as bad as tiny pop but it decently not as good as nick toons

V 1 Comment
50 Kidz

I've not heard of this show but it sounds amazing! - lizard302

51 Nick HD
52 Family Channel

Family channel is my childhood its Canadian television but it sucks ass now

I remember, I used to like 'The Latest Buzz'. Now, I like 'The Next Step' and 'Lost and Found Music Studios', although TNS is a LOT better than LAFMS.

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