Top 10 TV Shows With the Most Episodes (31st March 2016)

The shows that would take a really long time to binge watch.
Honorable mentions:
11- The Price is Right (USA) (9.600 episodes)
12- Tetsuko's Talking Room (Japan) (9.155 episodes)
13- Search for Tomorrow (USA) (9.130 episodes)
14- Another World (USA) (8.891 episodes)
15- Coronation Street (UK) (8.870 episodes)
16- Waratte litomo! (Japan) (8.054 episodes)
17- Love of Life (USA) (7.500 episodes)
18- Jeopardy! (USA) (7.200 episodes)
19- Emmerdale (UK) (7.460 episodes)
20- Barátok közt (Hungary) (7.450 episodes)
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The Top Ten

1 Guiding Light

With a staggering 18.262 episodes this USA show is the show with the most episodes in the world. - Martinglez

2 As the World Turns

A USA show with 13.858 episodes, while much shorter than the number 1 show with most episodes it still gets the second spot. - Martinglez

3 General Hospital

Another USA show, this one has 13.343 episodes. It's in production. - Martinglez

4 Days of our Lives

And yet another USA show, this one has 12.810 episodes. It's now in production. - Martinglez

5 The Tonight Show

Everyone in the USA knows this show. It has 11.462 episodes and is now in production. - Martinglez

6 One Life to Live

Another USA show which has 11.096 episodes. - Martinglez

7 Eat Bulaga!

A show from the Philippines that has 11.031 episodes and is in production. - Martinglez

8 All My Children

This USA show has 10.712 episodes. - Martinglez

9 The Young and the Restless

This USA show that's in production and currently has 10.702 episodes. - Martinglez

10 100 Huntley Street

A Canadian show that's in production and has 10.000 episodes. - Martinglez