Top 10 TV Tropes that Best Describe United States President Donald Trump

TV Trumps, if you will

(As for the three WORDS that describe him, they are exactly as follows, AND I QUOTE: Stink, stank, STUNK!)

The Top Ten TV Tropes that Best Describe United States President Donald Trump

1 Royal Brat
2 Anti-Role Model
3 Psychopathic Manchild
4 Hero With an F in Good
5 Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense
6 Fantastic Racism

Yup. - Synchronocity

Trump's not racist. He just doesn't like illegal immigrants.

Wrong he's very racist. He said that immigrants need to go back to their sh**hole countries he's very racist I sense it - Kevinsidis

7 Dumb Blonde

Yep he is dumb - Neonco31

8 Strawman Political
9 Ugly Guy, Hot Wife

Gee, I wonder how much of a PRICE he paid for Melania - xandermartin98

10 Fat Bastard

The Newcomers

? It's All About Me
? Ax-Crazy

The Contenders

11 Better than we Expected

After three years of President Trump, he has not stripped away the rights of women and minorities as his critics claimed he would, as well as ushering in a booming economy. - ColonelHogan

This guy made the DOW skyrocket to 26,000 and cut wasteful spending to the corrupt U.N.

Die dumbass - ihatetrump

12 Manipulative Bastard
13 Faux Affably Evil
14 Hoist By His Own Petard
15 Well-Intentioned Extremist

Noo he doesn't have well intentions - ihatetrump

16 Intelligent

One does not build a billion-dollar company and become President by being unintelligent. - ColonelHogan

Die dumbass - ihatetrump

17 Complete Monster

Nope, there is no 100% evil guy - Neonco31

yup - ihatetrump

18 Motor Mouth
19 Can't Take Criticism
20 Large Ham
21 Corrupt Corporate Executive
22 No Indoor Voice
23 Fat Idiot
24 Jerkass
25 Abhorrent Admirer
26 Jerk With a Heart Of Jerk
27 Drill Sergeant Nasty
28 Narcissist
29 Talkative Loon
30 Cloudcuckoolander
31 Brainwashed And Crazy

He isn't rainwashed - ihatetrump

32 Really 700 Years Old
33 Chivalrous Pervert
34 Foil
35 The Sociopath
36 Paper towel
37 Catchphrase
38 Jerk with a Heart of Gold
39 Evil is Hammy
40 Grumpy Old Man
41 Savior of the Economy
42 Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

Definitely applies to how he handled the coronavirus outbreak

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