Top 10 Best Types of Teenagers


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1 Gravity Falls fans

I hate how teens always are fans of stuff plus this show is horrible

And what is the point of this list?

Yeah - 0744rose

2 Goths

I wish goths are more common in real life because I can really relate to their mysterious and quirky aspects of life.

3 Steven Universe fans

These are the people who don't suffer from nostalgia...

yes, yes...gravity falls IS good, but the crystal gems can NEVER lose a game against dipper...

4 Teenagers who hate feminism

Also known as "Teenagers who have functioning brains"

Some Feminists are good people, however their are some feminists who are crazy and rant on the dumbest things. - Powerfultekin

I'm sorry. I like going to school, not being married, and having the right to choose. - AnonymousChick

I do not hate feminism, I hate feminazis, they are different things - Martinglez

Good to know I am one of them. - Mrveteran

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5 Teenagers who love to watch their childhood shows

That's me.

That’s me too.

6 Privileged teenagers

Rich kid schools

7 The "I Brag About My Fandom, Childhood TV Shows, and Music Taste Online So that I Can Feel Accepted by a Bunch of People I Will Never Meet" Teens

No offense, but I kind of find this item funny and ironic at the same time since this probably accurately describes the creator of this list... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

AKA, 95% of the people on this site. - Jackamalio

Lol, I couldn't stop laughing at this. - Arcxia

ME. Well I'm 12 as I speak, but... - WonkeyDude98

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8 Adele fans
9 The Loud House fans

Nickelodeon is redeeming itself

10 Metalheads

Only item I agree with - bobbythebrony

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11 Highly Optimistic People

Awesome make you feel great

Should be 1#!

12 Teenagers who love anime

Best type

13 Teenagers that don't act like teenagers

Me... Most of the time at least - Martinglez

I'm still an immature little kid on the inside...

14 K Popers
15 Teenagers who idolize Kylie Jenner

This is extremely stupid. - Brobusky

Just another Kar-trash-ian.

.One of the worst people to idolize

16 Teenager who love metal
17 Teenagers who play guitar
18 Teenagers who watch Breaking Bad
19 Rock Fans

Me I like all rock but I only like some heavy metal music

20 Teenagers with a job

If every teenager had a job, the world would be a far better place.

21 Sexy Female Teenagers

That was extremely stupid. - DynastiNoble

I'm just going to asume that whoever added this is under the age of 18. - Martinglez

22 Gamer Teen
23 Teenagers who don't watch anime


24 Shippers
25 Tumblr Users

Kids who like to play assassin's creed/Grand Theft Auto/nfs

26 Legal Age Teenagers
27 Basic blonde girls

Dude. Stereotypes. No one looks at a girl and says, "Oh, she has blonde hair, she must be an idiot and love Starbucks." Hair does not define a person. And those you call "basic" can have other colors of hair. - Merilille

Basic and nice that's the way I like it

I don't even get why people think Blondes are stupid. - SeeU

1. Why blonde? It's just the stereotype.
2. Should be on the worst list. - Elina

28 Teenagers who hate Justin Bieber

I'm one of these

29 Teenagers who love rock
30 Teenagers who play drums
31 Teenagers who love mystery movies
32 Teenagers who love thriller movies
33 Teenagers who ship fictional characters

At least it was like the "I Brag About My Fandom, Childhood T.V. Shows, and Music Taste Online So that I Can Feel Accepted by a Bunch of People I Will Never Meet" ones. - DynastiNoble

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