Top 10 Best Typing Games on FreeTypingGame.Net

Typing games can help people improve their typing speed. With the right games, you can type faster and improve your WPM (Words Per Minute).

Below are the top 10 typing games on FreeTypingGame.Net.

The Top Ten

1 Meteor Typing Blast

Meteor Typing Blast is a game where you're typing words to destroy meteors that come on your screen. The 3 levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced. Te types of levels include homerow, letters, emphasizing certain fingers, Letters and numbers, letters and punctuation, classic tales, Spanish words, English words, French words, etc.

Or if you're very invested in typing, you can just go on 10fastfingers, nitrotype and typeracer. Those three websites optimize your wpm very effectively and you can go on typing competitions.

2 Desert Typing Racer

Desert Typing Racer is a game where you type the word on front of you which gets rid of the car on the side.

3 Keyboard Revolution

You have to type the letter on the top to get rid of the letter as the duck dances. You have to do it before the letter strikes the place.

4 Trick or Type

Candy rains from the sky with words added to them. In order to make them collect candy, you type the word in question.

5 Martian City Defender

Flying laser beams rain to to destroy the Martian Colony. You have to type the words falling from the sky to destroy them before they ruin the city.

6 Spacebar Invaders

There are aliens with words below them. To destroy them, you type the word right below them. You will get extra points for typing words of UFOs.

7 Save the Sailboat Race

Words rain from the sky, which could disrupt the sailboat race. Type the words to get rid of them before they ruin the sailboat race.

8 Outerspace Fleet Commander

Your objective is guiding the alien flee through the galaxy and typing the words before they ed up destroying you. When you type the word, they disappear from the screen.

9 Return of the Keyboard

You're equipped with a keyboard and you type words of obstructions to destroy. Your own rebel fighter is made to take on the dark forces and battle stars.

10 Keyboard Triathlon

You have to type the highlighted or indicated key. You either press the key or click the key directly on the screen, depending on the level. In the advanced level, the letters are removed from the keyboard to make it more challenging.

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