Top 10 Moments from Shrek the Third (2007)

Everyone talks about how great the first and second movies in the Shrek franchise are, and about the many amazing moments, but not too often to people talk about the other sequel, known as Shrek the Third, released in theaters in 2007. It was panned by critics and audiences, but honestly I beg to differ. I have a certain love for this movie, which I have expressed ever since I made an account on here, and now it's time to talk about the best moments from this movie. With that being said, here is the list.
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1 Dinner Theater Intro

We open up the movie immediately after the logo fanfare without a "Once Upon a Time" book. Instead it gets cloudy and the atmosphere is immediately much less welcoming, moreso dark. I like that already, and then we get to Prince Charming who's supposedly on a quest to save Fiona who's trapped in the tower. Turns out it's a play at a restaurant, as since the death of Fairy Godmother, this is his way of making money, but the audience taunts him constantly, leaving him to leave it and get to his room, where he swears to avenge the death of his mother by becoming king of Far Far Away no matter what it takes, before it cuts to Shrek and Fiona having woken up. Such a powerful yet badass opening and I dare to say it's better than the first Shrek's opening.

2 Prince Charming Delivers Speech to Villians

Prince Charming goes to the Poison Apple Tavern where all fairy tale supervillians spend their time hanging out, trying to convince them to help him overthrow the regime of Far Far Away, by telling how they never got their happily ever after and that he would give them what they sought if they helped him. It's better executed than what I said here, but it's pretty badass. Especially when he's done and takes a drink, that scene is absolutely chilling!

3 King Harold's Death

While this scene is opened up by a pretty tasteless joke, (whether or not you interpret it as a joke or just a way of Shrek telling how sick he is of being royal), and there are tasteless jokes during this particular scene, I found it overall to be a powerful scene. There has been deaths throughout the Shrek franchise, whether it'd been villains, but this is the only one which really has that emotion. Shrek and Harold talk about who should become the next king, as Shrek doesn't want to take the throne. It's a really powerful and sad scene overall.

4 Musical Theater Finale

Now sure, this is nowhere near the best finale out of the Shrek movies. Even as a fan, I think it's the weakest overall. That, of course doesn't mean it's bad. It just doesn't has nearly as much tension or drama. But it's good in its own right, and quite hilarious. Prince Charming performs in a musical theater where he will kill Shrek once and for all, with Shrek constantly interrupting and pulling the best laughs in the entire franchise. Then the friends come and save the day, and Arthur delivers a speech to the same villains I talked about on #2 and they switch side. Prince Charming then attempts to murder Arthur before being hit by the falling tower in his play, which led to his demise.

5 Royal Pain Opening

Right after Prince Charming swears to take over Far Far Away, we open up the movie with Shrek and Fiona, now the king and queen of Far Far Away, waking up on a morning, and Shrek sure doesn't like being a king, accidentally killing someone while knighting them, accidentally sinking an entire ship, and despising his new set of royal clothes. It's pretty relatable and thus is the reason for why this item is up here. It's not as iconic or great as Shrek 2's Accidentally in Love Opening, and debatably Shrek's All Stars opening, but it's pretty good.

6 Prince Charming Takes Over Far Far Away

I got the chills the first time this moment came on screen, with Prince Charming riding as a passenger on a witch's broom, with his whole army following. They then get down to town and terrorize the people, and in the end, break into the castle and steal the throne. It's pretty awesome.

7 Shrek and Fiona Get Babies Ending

The single biggest impact this movie left on the Shrek franchise. This is also where Shrek as a whole should've ended as a trilogy, as Shrek and Fiona has finally found happiness together, and they have one big happy family, after all these years. This scene also showed us that the Far Far Away plot has finally come to an end, and they can rest now.

8 Shrek and Arthur at the Campfire

One of in my opinion the most meaningful scenes in the whole Shrek franchise, where Shrek and Arthur discuss their daddy issues, and Shrek comforts him by telling how much he has developed since the first film, since he originally thought that he really was a monster because of the way people treated him. Overall, this is a great scene.

9 Revenge of the Nerd Arthur
10 Shrek Gets Attacked by Captain Hook

A bit of a minor moment, but a great nod to the first Shrek film where Shrek and Fiona got attacked by Monsieur Robin Hood. Now it's instead Prince Charming's minions who are attacking them, as soon as they wake up in the forest. Shrek of course, wins.

The Contenders
11 Donkey and Puss in Boots Switch Bodies

Nothing immediately significant, I mean this was only for the jokes, and so that Donkey and Puss could have more to do in the story than simply just being Shrek's two-dimensional sidekicks. But the stuff that happens due to this can be quite hilarious at times, as when Puss in Donkey's body tries to appear cute to the guards in order to not be arrested.

12 Princess Prisoners
13 The Ending Credits
14 Shrek's Nightmare

Because this is the funniest (in fact only) part of the entire movie. Go watch shrek 1 or 2 instead unless your into this stuff

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