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21 Write Me a Letter

I really like the sound of their earlier works.

22 Just Push Play

No one ever talks about or relizes how great this song is. That being said, it's not their all time best, but way way way underrated! Everyone, give this song a chance please!

23 Lord of the Thighs
24 Seasons of Wither

Aerosmith were still a young, struggling rock band in the winter of 1973 when Steven Tyler was holed up in a house he shared with drummer Joey Kramer in Needham, Massachusetts. Faced with a big tax bill he couldn't afford and bummed about the frigid weather, he headed into the basement and wrote a sad song. "I took a few Tuinals and a few Seconals," he said, "and I scooped up this guitar Joey gave me, this Dumpster guitar, and I lit some incense and wrote 'Seasons of Wither.'" The gorgeous ballad appears near the end of Get Your Wings, right after their cover of "Train Kept-A Rollin'." "Dream On" remains their most famous ballad (and one of the most famous ballads in rock history), but if radio had embraced "Seasons of Wither" back in the 1970s, it's easy to imagine it being equally beloved. - Cehrlich1

25 Sick as a Dog
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