Most Underrated Deep Purple Albums

Deep purple has only 800,000 listeners on Pandora and I need your help to make alot of their songs more famous. So you think smoke on the water is the only song from them you can think of? Huh.

The Top Ten

1 Bananas

Their 17th studio album released in 2003. - LightningStrike

2 Now What?!

19th album released in 2013. - LightningStrike

3 Deep Purple

Great album, so underrated and full of gems

3rd album released in 1969. - LightningStrike

4 Rapture of the Deep

18th album released in 2005. - LightningStrike

5 The House Of Blue Light

12th album released in 1987. - LightningStrike

6 Slaves and Masters

13th album released in 1990. - LightningStrike

7 The Battle Rages On

14th album released in 1993. - LightningStrike

8 Purpendicular

15th album released in 1996. - LightningStrike

9 The Book of Taliesyn

2nd album released in 1968. - LightningStrike

10 Shades of Deep Purple

1st album released in 1968. - LightningStrike

The Contenders

11 Fireball
12 Burn
13 Stormbringer

If Earth, Wind, & Fire released this album it would be legend. Its not Hard Rock, but it is an Amazing Funk & Soul explosion. Just listen to the Glenn Hughes remaster of 'You Can't Do it Right'. Brilliant.

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