Top 10 Underrated Future Bass / Trap Songs

These are Future Bass or Trap songs I think are HIGHLY underrated, and you should definitely give them a listen right now.

The Top Ten

1 Soldier [WEKS Remix] - SCRVP Soldier [WEKS Remix] - SCRVP

Not many people know about SCRVP, WEKS, or Rico Act. The WEKS remix of Soldier is one of those POWERHOUSES, the ones that can get you through a 9 to 5 job flawlessly. - syntaxEDM

2 Figure It Out - Wild Cards & Joe Waller Figure It Out - Wild Cards & Joe Waller

Wild Cards is a highly underrated duo in general. Their latest hit details the struggles of life living with someone you love, someone you want to do anything for. Someday, you too will surely Figure It Out. - syntaxEDM

3 Superlove - Whethan Superlove - Whethan

This song just hits all the right notes for me. A chill trap with vocals about a Superlove that can be beaten by no other. - syntaxEDM

4 Tell You Why (G-REX Remix) - Dion Timmer

Minimal trap isn't something you see everyday. But that's exactly what this is. Or so I think. Either way it's amazing and you should have a look at it. - syntaxEDM

5 voice of reason - underscores

Underscores' newest EP, skin purifying treatment, is full of surprisingly good tracks, especially voice of reason. A song detailing an argument between two voices in your head, an emotional side and a logical side. The elevator break in the middle of the song had me laughing. - syntaxEDM

6 Rewind - Didrick

I'm not sure what the lyrics are about. I just really like the song because it hits all the right notes. - syntaxEDM

7 City Lights - Linus from the Stars

Fun Fact: Linus from the Stars is actually a side project by nanobii. Huge change for him, because he usually makes happy hardcore, but here he is on a Future Bass/Trap list. With vocals from Auxie, and lyrics about the beauty of city lights reflecting in your partner's eyes, nothing could come close to beauty here. - syntaxEDM

8 Twilight - Zero Hero

Zero Hero's first release on Monstercat was Psycore. They take a huge turn into Future Bass here, and it did not cease to amaze me, how two HARDCORE artists managed to make an actually good FUTURE BASS song. That's why this song is on this list. - syntaxEDM

9 Back When (1997) - Droeloe

DROELOE's intro track on A Moment In Time EP is beautiful, playing a home video from New Year 1997 in the background, just loud enought to be heard, and have some meaning. - syntaxEDM

10 Breathe - Prismo

A song about an unhealthy relationship and how Prismo just needs a little space to breathe after he discovers how. Such beautiful vocals from Prismo, which shows Future Bass is his forte. Absolutely breathtaking. - syntaxEDM

The Contenders

11 Flosstradamus x Fki 1st x Graves - Came Up (Feat. Post Malone & Key!)

Amazing vocals. I usually am not a fan of Post Malone, but pairing him with future bass was a pretty good combination. - syntaxEDM

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1. Soldier [WEKS Remix] - SCRVP
2. Figure It Out - Wild Cards & Joe Waller
3. Superlove - Whethan


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