Most Underrated Kamelot Songs


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1 Nothing Ever Dies

Is a great song, a pity they don't perform it live.

2 The Black Halo

Definitely an underrated masterpiece. Takes a few listens to get into but then you can't stop. Top song.

3 My Confession

It is one of my favorite song. It should be more popular

THIS SONG IS SO EPIC LIKE, why is it underrated?

Upvoted this song due to the presence of Eklipse, a brilliant string quartet who have shown they can add to metal perfectly.

4 Silverthorn

It is really great song!

5 Ashes to Ashes
6 Solitaire
7 The Zodiac
8 The Edge of Paradise

The preliminary shock and awe literally sweeps you off of your feet. And they keep the momentum. The chants are amazing

9 Mourning Star
10 Lunar Sanctum

The Contenders

11 Necropolis
12 Across the Highlands
13 Under Grey Skies
14 Anthem

I love Roy Khan's voice here... It's a beautiful slow song with an air of melancholy to it..

15 Abandoned
16 Millennium

Easily Kamelot's most underrated song. If you have never heard it before, check it out.

17 Wander
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