Most Underrated Lamb of God Songs


The Top Ten

1 Broken Hands V 1 Comment
2 Again We Rise

Very underrated song... The chorus was amazing - nooreldeen

3 11th Hour

Very underrated song I'm surpised not to see it in anywhere in top ten - nooreldeen

4 Forgotten (Lost Angels)
5 Now You've Got Something to Die For

Very amazing song it got awesome riffs and guitar work and the drums in it.. - nooreldeen

6 Shoulder of Your God

This song is so underrated that lot of die hard log fans have never even heard of it. It has amazing lyrics, awesome vocals and guitar riffs that are so POWERFUL. Definitely one of their best songs ever.

7 Set to Fail

Very underrated song and crazy riffs at the beginning makes it one of the best - nooreldeen

V 1 Comment
8 The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion
9 Terminally Unique
10 Hourglass

Awesome song really.. It got awesome lyrics really and the awesome guitar riffs.. - nooreldeen

The Contenders

11 In Your Words

Very underrated song really maybe randy blythe changed his vocal style a bit in it but it was unique song anyway : ) - nooreldeen

12 Pathetic
13 Hit the Wall
14 Vigil

The ausoctic guitar intro in the beginning and the awesome scream "our father thy will be done" - nooreldeen

15 Everything to Nothing
16 The Faded Line
17 What I've Become

Very very good song and so underrated

18 Reclamation
19 Black Label
20 Blacken the Cursed Sun
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