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21 History V 2 Comments
22 Speed Demon

The most powerful song ever!

How could this song be underrated?

This is my ABSOULUTE FAVORITE SONE EVER! especially the bunny in the video

This is my ABSOULUTE FAVORITE SONE EVER! especially the bunny in the video

23 Who is It

One of his best songs! Surprised it isn't in top 10 of all time...

Who is it is one of his greatest songs ever!

24 Someone in the Dark

Very emotional makes me wanna cry and I don't cry

This is an AMAZING song. The way his voice sounds hypnotizes me. Extremely emotional. Definitely one of the best.

25 Money

I just not understand why this track is not so talked about... I absolutely love it.. I heard it more than any other on the history album.. I just love the way MJ talks in the.. Song...

I love love love this song. It's a dark grove with a deep meaning. I feel like he's talking about the industry.

This song has a great message in it. Don't need much money.

26 What More Can I Give V 2 Comments
27 Sunset Driver

This song is so freeing and wild, it really makes you feel like you're in a car chase

28 2 Bad

It is such a funky song. It is so dope and great

29 Speechless

Jesus... the first time I heard this song I almost cried! I'm speechless!

Such a beautiful song. Shame it is so underrated.

30 You Rock My World

My favorite next to Billie Jean

31 Don't Walk Away

This song really makes me cry! It's just so great and I've never heard this song in the radio.. Most people don't even know this masterpiece. Underrated for sure.

V 1 Comment
32 Remember the Time

Who is it is one of his greatest songs ever!

33 Heaven Can Wait

This song is so beautiful, I don't understand why it's so underrated. The harmony and tune is wonderful.

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34 Leave Me Alone V 1 Comment
35 You are My Life

Very emotionl song Michael express his love toward his children

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36 Heartbreaker

This song is literally the best song from Michael Jackson. Please people listen to this song.. You'll get addicted to it

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37 Whatever Happens

Amazing song. Gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it, the pleading quality in Michael's voice...

The music of the song is very interesting and the whole song itself is very captivating.

One of Michael's most underrated song.. Why is it so low in this list? Must be @ number 1 or 2...

Completely underrated. Michael is just rocking with the Latin rhythm

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38 Baby Be Mine

You cannot sit still while this song is playing

Super great underrated song listen to the demo!

This song is wonderful & inspiring

This song should at least be top 3. Underrated masterpiece.

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39 With a Child's Heart
40 Is It Scary

The most underrated song of Michael Jackson... Got to be @ #1...

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