Top Ten Most Underrated Songs by Good Artists


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1 To Live is to Die - Metallica
2 Killers - Iron Maiden

2nd best song from Paul. After phantom of the opera, of course. - gemcloben

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3 March of the Black Queen - Queen

I was SO glad when this was n number 1 on watchmojos list! - gemcloben

4 We've Had Enough - Michael Jackson
5 Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin
6 Dyers Eve - Metallica

... And justice for all is underrated! - gemcloben

7 Childhood - Michael Jackson
8 The Cut Runs Deep - Deep Purple

Deep Purple is a great band and quite underrated in general, and many songs are actually underrated. But I have a soft spot for this one. - Metal_Treasure

9 Rainbow Eyes - Rainbow

A very beautiful ballad. Everything's beautiful - vox, melody, lyrics - Metal_Treasure

10 Coma Black - Marilyn Manson

I may not like MM, but I have to say this song is just beautiful!

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11 Hungry Daze - Deep Purple
12 Guilty Conscience - Eminem

I Love This Song - BeatlesFan1964

13 Crying In the Rain - Whitesnake
14 Starrider - Foreigner
15 Blinded by Science - Foreigner
16 Hell Is for Children - Pat Benatar

This song is amazing. - Swellow

I kill this song

17 Fireman - Lil Wayne

You misread the title. it said UNDERRATED and good. - gemcloben

Lil Wayne? Good? Are you secretly Lil Wayne? - PositronWildhawk

I did not add this, seriously, I didn't. - McKing1003

I think this lists says good artists - the_only_sane_person_alive

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18 Blackbird - The Beatles
19 Now or Never - Three Days Grace
20 War? - System of a Down
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1. To Live is to Die - Metallica
2. Killers - Iron Maiden
3. March of the Black Queen - Queen
1. March of the Black Queen - Queen
2. Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin
3. Killers - Iron Maiden
1. Killers - Iron Maiden
2. Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin
3. Coma Black - Marilyn Manson

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